How to create a summer mood

“Outside the window the summer, and my mood is still not summer. Hope women’s website “” throw me some ideas for how to create a summer mood? ?

Of course, Svetlana, we will throw ideas for a summer mood, and not a few, and much more! Well, when You read our ideas and maybe come up with my own idea ?

What things will help create the summer mood?

Interior summer

An excellent solution to feel the summer is to create the summer mood at home! We already wrote about the interior and its variants – well, You can invent something different and special!

Photos of the sea and rest

Even if a vacation you won’t get such pictures can create an atmosphere of joy and relaxation. But if the rest is not far off, the photos are “suds” in theme!

Your photos from the sea, you can arrange in a beautiful “summer” frame – for example, decorated with shells. Moreover, it can create a summer mood not only at home but at work – just choose not too risque photo ?

Summer Wallpapers, pictures and posters

Most of us are visual creatures, so very easy to create the summer mood with beautiful pictures. It can be a Wallpaper on your desktop computer (summer, beach, sea… Again, why not put as Wallpaper your own photos on the beach?!)

Bright pictures and posters will help You decorate the room.

But if You tend to be creative, and You have a large photo frame, you can make a collage of “My summer dream”. Take the piece of paper, a pile of magazines, scissors and glue. All that I want, cut and paste on the drawing paper in any order. Place our collage in a frame and voila! Women’s website “” confidence this collage certainly will create You a summer mood! Who knows – maybe all of you made this summer will come true?

Summer music

Music lovers can easily choose something of the background to create a summer mood. Summer music – she we each have our own. It can be any incendiary Latin dances for a day, a lounge to relax in the evening. Suitable Blues, and rock and roll, and reggae in General, everything you associate with summer!

And of course – dance!!! This is the best fitness for the summer!

The smell of summer

If you are fond of aromatherapy – great! Refresh the room with citrus smells with the help of aroma lamp. In the workplace, you can use the aromakamnya – a small stone from clay, which very well keeps the smell of the essential oil.

Create a summer mood and help spirits – why not to use them at home? Summer perfume is definitely easy, and not necessarily floral, fresh, herbal, citrus, marine…

Personally, I have bought a summer fragrance from Escada. I wear it at home, along with a short bright dress ?

Summer outfits and accessories

Summer vacation can be approximated, if you already use all the summer accessories. This large beach bags, and all sorts of bracelets and beads nautical, and key chains, and sunglasses

The summer mood will create a flying light clothing or bright colors – hide dark things to fall!

Well, if the cold and bad weather, why not wear a bright summer outfits at home? After all, the house itself, you can afford much of anything bright, unimaginable colors, which on the street would look defiantly.

Someone even walks around the house in a new swimsuit. This is a great uplifting and motivating classes figure ?

Bright and light food

Summer ease really feel if you eat the same as winter – heavy high-calorie dishes. So type in the diet of more colourful fruits and vegetables, do yourself a fasting day, for example, on the Ira – we wrote about it here: lose Weight on the Ira. Adjust and drinking regime – especially for you, our article Water diet.

Maybe someone of you have your proprietary method, how to create a summer mood? Share in the comments, please!

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