How to create a winter garden on the balcony in the apartment?

For those wishing to create home a piece of nature will tell you today how to organize a winter garden in the apartment. All that is needed is just a little bit of desire and preparation.

Winter garden on the balcony

If you want to spice up your home, and to allocate the area for landscaping, it is ideal for this purpose, suitable is a common loggia. However, it is worth remembering that this part of the apartment needs to meet certain requirements, whereby it will be possible all year round to grow a variety of plants.

So, what should ideally be a loggia or a balcony?

  • Insulated. If you decide to build a winter garden on the balcony or loggia, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature at which your plants will feel most comfortable with. That’s why to be glazed loggia and all relevant joints should be thoroughly treated with a sealant. Also it is useful to insulate this space with mineral wool or foam, otherwise in winter the temperature on the balcony will still be significantly down.
  • Heated. The simplest option is to install the loggia or the balcony of a conventional electric fireplace. However, the constant operation of this heating equipment can cost you a pretty penny. That’s why experts recommend the use of water heating. Place along the glazed part of a balcony, radiator and enjoy the warmth of the stable.
  • Ventilated. Plants, like people, need fresh air, so if you decide to create a winter garden on the balcony in the apartment, then take care of installation and good air-conditioning system. After all, if the summer just open the window to let inside fresh air, in the winter it is not always possible.

What plants to plant in your winter garden?

So basically, we figured out how to make a winter garden on the balcony. However, the website recalls that the flowers for the winter garden in the apartment should be chosen wisely.

What to look for when choosing?

  • Some plants love intense light, while others feel most comfortable in the shadows. Think, what conditions are you able to provide? If your Windows face South or East, you may prefer plants that prefer light. They will feel in your Conservatory the most comfortable. If your Windows look to the West or North, it is better to buy those plants that do not need strong lighting. Plants for southern window should include a dracaena, tsiperus, bocarnea and adenium. In the shade of the comfortable feel of fuchsia, cyclamen, ferns and violets.
  • Do not install on balconies too large plants, as they soon fill almost all the space. Prefer compact variants — the balsams, begonias, fuchsia, geraniums. When you do this, be sure to install tall plants for the low, so they do not block each other from sunlight.
  • If you like plants that bloom long and colorful, you’ll like geranium, hydrangea, cyclamen, and various types of orchids. It is not necessary to put them in too deep pots, as these massive pots are ugly look in the limited space of the balcony or loggia.
  • If you want to know how to equip a winter garden in the apartment, but I prefer desert landscapes, then you should look to such plants as cacti, agave, Yucca, and various types of succulents. Their main advantage is that they are completely unpretentious, and therefore does not require special care. In addition, thanks to its exotic beauty of these plants will fit perfectly with almost any decor and even become its main highlight.

If you are just beginning to engage the plants and still do not have enough experience, I advise you to read other articles on the website “” to choose those plants that will like you and will not require complex care. For example, Greens in the interior: how to make a house more beautiful and Which plants are useful to have at home.

Additional decoration of the winter garden

If you want to make your Conservatory unique, install a fountain or decorative pond. Relevant elements of decor, you can easily find in specialized stores.

They would like to serve as an original decoration, and effectively humidify the air, which is also important for growing on your balcony plants.

You can also place your plants in a tray filled with homogeneous sand, creating a winter garden in the Japanese style. If instead of sand you use gravel, you get a perfect imitation of the rock garden.

Now you know how to make a winter garden in the apartment. Moreover, as you know, there’s absolutely nothing complicated. All that is required is to create optimal conditions in which your plants will feel comfortable and also to pick up those flowers that will delight you with its uniqueness and beauty.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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