How to create an ethnic style in the interior?

Ethnic style in the interior never goes out of fashion – it is suitable for different premises and provides a large expanse of imagination in the design.

The website offers conditionally to divide the interior in ethnic style on three areas: authentic ethnics (i.e., accurately recreated the interior in the folk style of a particular country), ethnic mix (interior, including ethnic motifs and elements from different cultures), and the interior, only supplemented by some emphasis in ethnic style.

Authentic ethno interior

Perhaps this is the most rare type of ethnic interior, and, understandably, the most difficult to create.

Most often the decision to recreate an authentic interior take in the design of cafes, restaurants, etc., although this is possible in a residential building – if the owners really are “obsessed” with a particular culture and are aware of what difficulties they have.

First, you need to spend time and collect the maximum amount of information: how looked one or another interior in the country of interest, or culture — recreate “rural hut” or “the Palace of the Raja”, the southern “cabin on the coast” or the Northern “house in mountains”, etc and the finished floors, walls, ceilings, some furniture that was inside of a destination which household and decorative items used…

Of course, we do not propose to reproduce the old traditional techniques of repair in normal urban environments – the basis for the authentic interior in ethnic style in 99% of cases you can take a neutrally painted walls and ceilings, laminate or parquet floor.

But always looks very advantageous, if some area is decorated exactly as it was done in the original – for example, one wall, a niche or a ledge to make a mosaic, if it’s Eastern interior, folk painting, if the Ukrainian hut, walls of rough stone, Scandinavian house, etc.

The issue of registration of sex can usually, solve the carpet or other covering.

In most of the Eastern (Arabic) interior fit carpets, Indian, Chinese or Japanese interior Mat, in the Slavic and Eastern European and the South American interior – woven wool rugs-“track”, etc.

Next, you will accurately choose furniture is to buy authentic or book similar and fill the interior with household items and decor. It is difficult and expensive!

Another issue authentic interiors — where to store things, because the cabinets are not always appropriate?

The solution is to make “caches” for storing things: a mezzanine near the ceiling, the podium (top can be a sleeper alternative to a regular bed!), tabs-“cabinets” in the walls (plasterboard?). Also help screens, decorative curtains, which can hide some areas (for example, those where modern appliances – a niche in the wall with the TV, etc.).

“Mixed” ethnic style in the interior

The mix of ethnic motifs of different peoples, cultures and countries – a fairly common solution to the interior in ethnic style.

However, there is a risk to arrange instead a harmonious interior flea market. How to avoid it?

Think that you may combine different items into a single concept. “” can give a few hints:

  • Colors. Choose 3-5 colors that will be present in the interior (preferably one light, one dark, one bright, one or two muted middle tone). All the items that are included must come under this scheme.
  • The range of materials. Determine what shade and texture of the wood will be used, what fabrics, what else, for example, ceramics, or glass woven or wickerwork objects… a Large variety of materials and textures also creates “noise”.
  • Theme. Example: sea animals (maybe even specifically – elephants, peacocks, etc.), night (for the bedroom), spring, hunting or something else close to you. Optional, but you can collect in the interior of those things that are associated with the selected theme, plus to emphasize the Association of colors and prints: for example, the theme of the night “requests” deep dark colors, statues or pictures of sleeping men, gods or goddesses of the night in view of different peoples, etc. — that will tell you a fantasy.
  • Prints and designs. Of course, you can combine large and small prints, but it is better to choose the General style geometric ethnic ornaments, intricate or ornate or floral motifs, etc. Well, do not get along Turkish “cucumbers” with a striped South American poncho, and that’s it!

And another rule of mixed ethnic style in the interior – objects and decorative items need not be much. In a harmonious interior ethnic style all plays a role – not good looks like lots of furniture and large items, and very often studded with small trinkets the room.

Interior with ethnic accents

This interior is quite possible to create in an apartment, and not even undertaking large-scale repairs. Ethnic flavor of the interior may acquire by parts, sometimes it can change just a few things!

Remember, we are talking about a fairly neutral modern interior.

Ethnic style will not fit into the aggressive high-tech, or in simple English classicism, the more fail to start with the “Soviet style” (Yes, Polish the wall, bought by my grandmother in the 70s, it’s time to send on a dump – alas!).

What can be done?

  • Buy textile in ethno style for the interior, for example a bedspread with Oriental motifs, Indian curtains with embroidery and beads, cushions with applique-elephants, bright cloth and here in the house wafted the Eastern tale!
  • To pick up a few decorative items in the selected style, combined with each other. This does not refer to the entire collection of magnets and plates with the inscription Egypt that you and your friends are dragged into the house over the last 10 years! Namely, several blends harmoniously into specific interior items of different sizes. For example – table lamp, floor vase, statue on the coffee table, murals on the wall, 2-3 small suvenirchik on shelves. This will be enough.
  • To purchase one big catchy subject which will be the “highlight” of the interior. For example, in the bedroom – bed linen with ethnic ornament in the living room – a tablecloth on the dining room table, etc.

If you show high taste, ethnic style in the interior of your home will certainly describe you as creative and imaginative people!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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