How to create comfort in the office?

Comfort in the office sometimes is not less important than in the house. This is not surprising because most of us spend in the workplace for 8-9 hours daily.

That is why it is desirable that the office was mobilized to the atmosphere, which will depend not only performance, but also the mood of employees.

And because the site “” prepared for you the best tips on how to create comfort in the office.

For good performance

Good atmosphere for office is the one in which it’s easy and fun to work with.

If you want your performance has improved, you should, first and foremost, to understand how to create coziness and pleasant atmosphere in the office. And here are a few secrets on how to organize optimal work environment.

  • Note the location of the workplace. It is desirable that Desk was placed so that you could see their colleagues. Most unfortunate is the seat backs to the door, when you have to constantly look at your Inbox. Also, do not sit in the AC, because it is fraught with frequent colds.
  • Pay attention to the lighting. This is perhaps one of the main answers to the question how to create a cozy office. If the room is too dark, it will sooner or later lead to depression. If the sun is too strong, it will have a hotspot on a computer monitor. Of course, the angle of incidence of sunlight at the window you can not influence in any way they can. But you can adjust the brightness of the light through the blinds and table lamps.
  • Try to properly equip your workplace. Free it from clutter, leaving only the really necessary things. Each of them must be exclusively assigned to her. Just so if necessary, you can easily find what you need without spending time on it.

  • If you find it hard to focus and you don’t know how to create comfort in the office, you will provide on your desktop where the concentration of the accessory. For example, it can be a metronome or a water fountain. The rhythmic sounds will allow you to escape from annoying noise in the office and focus on work.
  • If you spend hours at the computer, you should take care of their posture in order to avoid potential back problems. Unfortunately, employers often purchase for their employees the cheapest chairs back support which is simply not available. Of Directors the question of how to create comfort in the office, often care about less than ordinary people. To solve this problem with minimal cost — just buy a small orthopedic pillow under the back. You’ll see how much more comfortable you will work with it.
  • Perhaps each of us can find a couple of awards and diplomas testifying to the completion of a higher education institution, attending an important seminar or receive prizes in intra-office competitions. Hang them on the wall next to my Desk. These awards are both to decorate the room, and remind you that if you wish, you are able to achieve much. A great solution to create comfort for employees in the office!

For a good mood

Even if the office you work good and comfortable, sometimes you want to go to work not only for the sake of productivity.

For many, the office is also a source of inspiration and good mood, the place where you can have a Cup of tea to share a couple of ideas with those close to you in spirit people. And if you also want every morning to go to work in a good mood, it is important to create coziness and pleasant atmosphere in the office.

  • It is unlikely that your guide will mind if you bring in the office and will use (at least sometimes!) instead of office chair futbolny the ball. It is very useful for the back, trains the muscles of the legs and buttocks, and his slow rocking soothing and helps to focus. In addition, it will make a fun variety to the boring decoration of the office.

What other exercises can be done in the office, to keep the body in good shape, read here.

  • Almost every office has a whiteboard and markers for presentations. In the interval between business meetings, you can find them more fun purpose. Draw a funny picture, think of him funny inscription or simply keep a count of days that are left before the holiday.
  • Scroll on the desktop is also the place for our personal space. Put pictures of loved ones in beautiful frames, lovely figurines and gifts from friends. No matter how hard and stressful your job, you will always be able to look at these lovely heart items and relax a bit.
  • If you can figure out how to create comfort in your office, there are a few indoor plants never hurts. First, they considerably enliven the room and make it more attractive. Second, some types of plants are able to absorb harmful radiation coming from computers. And because even a small cactus next to the monitor to put it will be useful.

Thus, to pick up ideas that help to create comfort in the office is a snap. But, nevertheless, you will have to work hard to improve the surrounding area for their own tastes and needs.

And female site wishes you a comfortable and pleasant experience in the workplace and outside it.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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