How to create comfort quickly: original ideas for your home

Cozy house is a home, ideally suited for life, convenient, comfortable and beautiful, and today women’s site “” will talk about how to create comfort quickly, having spent a minimum of effort, time and money.

In fact, to create a pleasant atmosphere in the house is important, not as a financial investment (though without, of course, does), how many fantasy owners, their taste and, of course, love to his dwelling.

Smell, creating an atmosphere at home

Know what first drew the attention of the person who entered the house? It may not always recognized, but is remembered for a long time? It is the smell.

You see, the aromas that filled the childhood home, even years later you will be amazed. Not by chance in order to convey the impression of a lodging, use the phrase “home atmosphere”. It is the air that fills the space of the apartment, the aromas floating in it, play in creating the atmosphere of coziness a crucial role.

The easiest way to make the house comfortable is to start cooking something tasty.

A particularly attractive aroma of fresh hot baking, filling the house with a feeling of quiet warmth. But, of course, bake every day can afford not every woman.

However, this does not prevent to fill the house with delicious aromas. It smells like a pastry? Vanilla, cinnamon, fruits… Buy scented oil and fill your home with these scents.

Quickly to create a cozy atmosphere will also help the flavors of wood and coffee, lemon and mint, bergamot and Jasmine. You can use aroma lamp, armakuni located in different parts of the house, Sasha.

Add a few drops of essential oil in water when you wash the floor or wipe the kitchen table – and the room will be filled with your favorite flavor! But artificial flavors use undesirable: they are not as good for health as natural.

And, of course, it is worth remembering that the spread pleasant scents should not interfere with the odors that arise in uncleared area. Therefore, before using essential oils or incense sticks, do the cleaning and properly ventilate the room.

Order is the Foundation of a comfortable environment

Any house will look comfortable and attractive, it is not contained in the order – will agree with any owner. In contrast, a clean and tidy house, not even equipped with the latest design ideas, creating pleasant sensations.

Learn how to clean and comfort in the house quickly and without Herculean effort is not too difficult. For example, you can use the principles of the system the fly Lady, which was described on the website or to devise a different strategy that you prefer.

The most difficult part in maintaining order is to develop all domestic habit of putting things in their places.

A special nuisance call fines: carelessly scattered toys, started crafts, books or magazines, forgotten on the couch or on the table. Meanwhile it is enough to buy or make yourself a simple “storage system” that will help to quickly restore comfort and order.

So, woven boxes and chests look very organic in almost any interior. Put one of them in the sofa or chair and put back nedochitannaya books or knitting.

You can use a cheaper option: plain cardboard boxes, neatly covered with a self-adhesive film, covered with cloth or decorated in another way in accordance with the General layout of a particular room. They can be used in the nursery to put toys in the hallway for storage of various sorts of little things, in a word, everywhere, where most often you find accumulation of “extra” items.

To create comfort quickly will help the textile

The “live” material in the home interior textiles. This window curtains, upholstery, various kinds of bedspreads, rugs, mats, tablecloths and kitchen towels. And if, for example, to pull the upholstered furniture is difficult to change “clothes” for Windows or covers labour is usually at the same time allows you to quickly give a cozy look to the decoration of the room.

Pick up several sets of curtains that you can change depending on the time of year.

For warm summer days, you can choose flying light curtains that let in light and create an atmosphere of lightness. For cold winter or autumn nights more suitable heavy blackout curtains that help to keep you warm and offering a sense of peace.

A feeling of softness and comfort create plaids, flowing with chairs and sofas. Buy several and cover them with soft furnishings: get fast and comfortable! If you do not find the plaid is large enough, you can stitch together two identical – and you have a wonderful bedspread.

A special atmosphere is created blankets associated manually, but the method is time consuming and is suitable only for those who are knitting a real pleasure.

If you are a little know how to sew, buy the fabric and make own blankets or furniture covers in the same style and color – it will immediately give your room a peculiar charm.

By the way, the chairs also should not forget that can be made from the same fabric covers for them. When choosing colors, prefer not too colorful or plain fabrics, matching with the overall color scheme of the room. You can choose the material to match or to play on the contrast. It is better to prefer the texture that does not slip: velour, faux suede, corduroy. Will fit solid linen or denim.

Cushions – another way to quickly create a cozy environment.

Laid on the couch, the couch or even on the soft carpet, as if they were invited to settle down comfortably, to relax and unwind. Cushion covers for them can make or associate themselves: the time it will take a bit, and the result will delight you and guests, and will also allow.

And, of course, do not forget about the little things: for example, kitchen curtains, tablecloth or napkins on the dining table, towels, and even oven mitts are designed in the same style, leaves a very good impression. The same can be said about the other areas of the house.

Plants in design

Another way to quickly create a cosiness in the house known since ancient times: it is necessary to “settle” in it live plants. Pick up the “green friends” so in order to stay comfortable in your home – and they will thank you with its flowering.

Remember to place the plants not only on the windowsills. Use hanging pots for a basket of species and vines; stands and small tables on which to place the whole flower arrangement.

The kitchen will look organic beautifully decorated box with herbs, which, incidentally, will serve as a vitamin seasoning for your dishes!

It is important not only that the plants were healthy and well groomed. Matters where they are planted. No need to buy designer pot for each flower.

To create in your bedroom “green Kingdom” comfort without the cost and quick to transform ordinary clay or plastic pots, you can decorate them yourself.

Here are just a few ways:

  • paint with acrylic paints and varnish;
  • arrange them in the technique of “decoupage”;
  • decorate with beads, buttons, small stones or shells;
  • to make a fabric or to connect them;

Original look used as pots, porcelain, earthenware or clay salad bowls, bowls and even cups and teapots.

Trivia: “heart of the home”

And, of course, to make the house really homely, native, and quickly and easily create a cosiness in it help details peculiar only to your home.

Originally designed of cherished photographs, Souvenirs, reminiscent of a pleasant travel and a warm, homemade, made with your hands or your kids – without this it is impossible to imagine a really warm homely atmosphere.

Just do not get carried away excessively these cute little things: too overloading their interior, you risk turning your home into a kind of Museum, but to live in a Museum hardly anyone will like it.

Trust their own sense of proportion and taste, don’t forget to listen to your intuition and, of course, consider the interests and inclinations of those who live with you under one roof – and your dwelling place will be in the full sense of the word home – good, warm and cozy.

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