How to create your own style of Bon ton?

Bon ton “good tone” or “high tone”. The concept of elegance, feminity, at the same time, the rigor and conciseness of colors, silhouettes, finishes… a Woman who chooses Bon ton, probably successful, intelligent, confident in herself and her attractiveness so that you can afford to flaunt it! What is the style Bon ton and how to stick with it – will tell women’s website ““!

Create an image in the style of Bon ton

A woman dressed in the style of Bon ton is a real lady! No wonder it is so fond of dress of the wife of princes and presidents, today’s young businesswomen, TV personalities, many famous Actresses, other public persons who want to convey to the audience the image of the stylish, expensive, strict, but at the same time feminine and not vulgar!

What things belong to the style Bon ton, is difficult to answer – its peculiarity is that it is created by a combination of “ordinary” clothes and accessories!

The main principles of the stylewhich you have to follow when composing an image:

  • Modesty and simplicity. At the same time – in any case not a cheap and low quality! Will not fit overly decorated, colorful, shiny, etc. things. That is, no sequins, beads, in fifteen rows, Gypsy skirts with crimson roses on a green background, and other stuff like that! Welcome plain things calm shades, simple and neat prints – polka dots, small geometry, thin strip, and sometimes in small proportions, a small floral print.
  • Classic fit. Everything that is considered to be a classic, successfully fit into Bon ton, for example, white shirts and blouses, shoes pumps, pencil dresses, pencil skirts, high-waisted pants, jackets no shorter than mid-thigh, etc. However, sometimes, fashion designers come up with unusual and difficult variants of cut of individual things, but the silhouettes remain classic, and images in General, obviously, and go back to the classics.
  • Femininity – Yes, sexy – no! As strange as it sounds, but the style of Bon ton, highlighting a woman’s beauty and especially female figures, excludes all things in which there is excessive sexuality – a short, transparent, with cuts and neckline, etc. General openness of the body is minimal – always worn tights or stockings, not welcomed shoes with open toe and heel, are very rare off the shoulder or deep cuts (except cocktail dresses in this direction), the length of skirts and dresses are usually knee length or below.
  • Vintage motifs. Generally the style is very common with new onions, with silhouettes of the 40-ies and 50-ies. Therefore, Bon ton it is perfectly fitted dresses, jackets with straight shoulders etc.

In General, Bon ton style may vary slightly – for example, depending on the age of the woman. A young girl may choose the image of “ingenue” — fresh pastel hues, this fitted dress and some bows accessories, etc., and for business women, for example, pants with a blouse and jacket.

How to dress in the style of Bon ton?

So, with the General thrust was clear.

How to build a coherent image? To begin to define, on the basis of what things will be built the way. So:

  • Dress. A case or close-fitting, silhouette new look, perhaps a-line dress. Rare Maxi – Bon ton typical MIDI-length and length to mid-knee.
  • Pants. Only classic – denim Bon ton does not use never! Style — waist or just above the hips, no low options! Direct, perhaps with the arrow. As a less stringent option – Capri length just above the ankle.
  • Jacket. Not cropped – just to mid-thigh or below! In General, the classic jackets here always have a green light!
  • Skirt. Pencil, bell, trapezoid, with the smell. Again – as without radical mini, and without Maxi.
  • Blouse. Not Mike, not t-shirts, namely, blouses (at least – turtleneck). Blouses and shirts here is also appropriate to almost any – it can be severe options with collars-racks and a feminine blouse with lace…

Now, think of something to add to such simple things:

  • Shoes. Not sandals – the openness of the legs is not welcome. Option pumps, ankle boots. Usually, this style involves a heel but not very high and no platform. In General, a reference to the feminine and elegant shoes for the season (although a real woman in the style of Bon ton goes on foot and rarely can afford to do without heavy winter boots…).
  • Handbags. When selecting inspiring ideas handbags Chanel. No bulky shapeless sack!
  • Tights, stockings. Always! Not fabric, not colored! Young girls can wear a Flirty knee socks or socks in the warmer time of the year.
  • Scarves or scarves, preferably silk. They are complemented by almost any combination of clothes!
  • Gloves. Maybe even high, and not only in winter! In the spring and summer season elegant ladies can wear bright fishnet gloves with dresses (in this case, of course, short)!
  • Brooches, stud earrings and etc. Decoration in the style of Bon ton are always present, but they are modest, delicate, few in number, and do not allow the cheapness and plastmassovaja! In the help article on the “Beautiful and Successful” – what and how to wear a brooch.
  • Hats. Yes, Bon ton is a good opportunity to acquire a beautiful hat (and preferably several – in different seasons!).

Despite its apparent impracticality, Bon ton style are applicable in real life! Because it allows you to create more or less severe, more or less elegant images for all occasions, from everyday work to evening wear!

But the style of Bon ton to get used to learn to keep posture, graceful walk, not to make jerky movements – as befits a true lady! Otherwise, no clothes will not save you.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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