How to cure a runny nose in a child!

Rhinitis is a very frequent phenomenon. But whenever it occurs, many mothers fall into despair. How to deal with the copious snot and help your baby to breathe normally? How to remove this unpleasant condition as quickly as possible? How to cure a runny nose in a child, if he delayed for a long time? Will reply in detail to all these questions.

The common cold is an abundant secretion of mucus from the nose, which is caused by irritation of the mucosa. The cause of the irritation can be acute respiratory infections (acute respiratory disease) or allergic reaction. So before you start looking for the cure for the common cold for children, you need to figure out what led to its development.

How to find out the cause of runny nose in a child

Watch the child. If rhinitis (so-called common cold in medical practice) is accompanied by fever, General malaise, refusal of baby food, redness and pain in the throat, swelling of the tonsils, then it is likely to become a virus.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis doctors believe clear, watery nasal discharge, shortness of breath and regular sneezing for itching of the mucosa.

However, to start the treatment without consulting a doctor is not necessary, as in viral runny nose other symptoms may be not expressed, and the non-specialist to notice them is extremely difficult. But in allergic rhinitis requires participation as a mom and an allergist, who can recommend medication.

How to cure a runny nose in a child with ARI

  • Humidify the room. During the heating season, the humidity in homes is reduced to almost 0, whereas for the normal condition of the mucous membranes requires humidity of 50-70%. Dry air will cause drying of the mucus in the nose of the child. And instead of emerging, it will gather in the sinuses, causing further inflammation and swelling. The result may be sinusitis or acute otitis media. To prevent this, include in the nursery humidifier, regularly and do daily wet cleaning.
  • Provide cool air. The temperature in the room of the sick child should not exceed 20oC. Well put the baby, or cover with a warm blanket. When the temperature of the body do not coddle the child — these will violate the condition.
  • Use nasal drops for children. They can help relieve nasal congestion. But it can be done no more than 3-5 days. As a rule, on the sixth day, even the strong swelling of the mucous membrane comes down, and the question of how to cure a runny nose in a child is less sharp.
  • Abundantly give. When the temperature of the body the human body is actively losing fluids. Your task is to fill, which will fit any drink-warm weak tea, stewed fruit, juices.
  • Don’t experiment. Perhaps your mother is actively used by inhalation at a cold for children. But can you be sure that the fragrance oil will not provoke more swelling of the mucous? Or that inhalation of hot potato will not cause burns of the upper respiratory tract? Inhalation not relieve congestion of the sinuses. But I can help deduce the stagnation of mucus. For this fit soda inhalation of warm (not hot!) water.
  • Allow the immune system to get stronger. Do not rush to send a child to kindergarten or school, he will feel better. The fact that recovery of the mucosa occurs within approximately two weeks. As much time you need your immune system to return to a state of “combat readiness”. If the immature child will meet the new virus, he will again get sick. And after a couple of such “experiments” on health, you is likely to be concerned about the treatment of adenoids in children.

How to cure a runny nose in a child with allergies

To get rid of allergic rhinitis, need the help of an allergist. It will help to identify the allergen, which causes rhinitis, recommend drug treatment and hypoallergenic diet.

The frequent causative agents of allergic reactions:

  • the pollen of plants and trees in the flowering period,
  • pet dander,
  • dust mites
  • mold.

For the treatment of rhinitis is necessary to completely eliminate the child’s contact with the allergen. But if this is not possible, try to limit it as much as possible: sit at home at the time of flowering of poplars or ambrosia or take a few weeks to her grandmother in the village. If you are allergic to dust, remove carpets and soft toys, peristerite bed linen, blankets and pillows, often ventilate the room and make wet cleaning.

And finally, remember a famous saying: if to treat a runny nose, it will be held for a week, if not 7 days? It is not quite correct, as the idleness in the period of allergies may cause chronic rhinitis, adenoids and bronchial asthma. And acute respiratory infections — inflammatory processes. If the mother knows how to help the child to cope with the cold, it will pass quickly and without consequences!

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