How to curl hair with a straightening iron?

Being a woman is not always easy. Because women often experience mild dissatisfaction with their own appearance. And the most common cause of this discontent are our hair. All holders of straight hair dream of curls. Just as girls with curly locks periodically, carefully straighten them. And since the topic “How to straighten hair with a straightening ironin our website, we have already discussed, it is time to talk about how to curl hair with a straightening iron. Because “” knows the answers to different questions.

The perfect curls. Where to start?

In fact there are a huge number of different ways how to curl your hair with a straightening iron and to build a head of lovely curls. To do this you can use curlers, Curling iron or hair dryer with diffuser.

But if you have a house there with a normal hair iron-straightener, it will do the job no worse than any other means.

So, first you’ll need the irons.

Better to buy a straightener with ceramic or Teflon plates. Unlike metal tool he’s not so bad for the health of your hair. The fact that metal conducts heat unevenly, so the plaques arise from time to time zone to excessive heat, which burn and damage the hair.

But since any even the most perfect pad still exerts a thermal influence on the hair, then buy immediately and a special shampoo, conditioner and heat tool for hair.

So, how to curl your hair with a straightening iron?

Before the formation of lush curls, wash and dry her hair. On the still damp strands, apply a protectant. In any case, do not use the pad on the still wet hair. Under the influence of high temperature remaining in the water starts to boil, it will make your hair brittle and split.

While blow-drying hair, turn the iron on maximum power. He must have time to properly warm up before using, because the curl always requires a greater temperature than the alignment.

How to curl hair with a straightening iron? Technique

There are a number of different ways of Curling hair with hot iron. They are all simple and quite effective. We will focus on three of them — the most rapid, easy to perform and effective.

Option 1. Lush curls

Remember that the bigger the hair, the larger work you have created curls. This is the most common method, how to curl long hair with a straightening iron.

  • Divide the hair into several strands. They can be from 5 to 8 depending on the density of your hair.
  • Grab each section of hair flat irons on the altitude at which to begin your Perm. At first, hold the iron horizontally, but then they make one rotation around its axis and move it in a horizontal position. Slowly pull the flat iron down the strand.
  • Repeat the same on all the curls.
  • You should get spiral curls. Flatten them with your hands and secure with varnish.
  • Option 2. Delicate strands

    The easiest way how to easily curl hair with flat iron. Your curls will look with ease. An ideal option for hairstyles for the holidays.

  • Divide hair into small strands and thin.
  • Each of the resulting curls twist into a tight flagellum.
  • Each of the flagella poprinimat a good flat iron across the hair length.
  • Straighten the hair with your fingers and fasten varnish.
  • Option 3. Playful curls

    This method will tell you how to not only curl your hair with a straightening iron, but to give with it the splendor of even a very thin hair.

  • Again divide hair into strands — maximum small.
  • Each of the spin order in the thick flagellum wound on the finger and with a hairpin or invisible fasten the roots of the hair.
  • Each twisted in order to be clamped between the plates of the hair straightener.
  • Gently raspyleniem obtained curls.
  • Fix the hair lacquer.
  • Pay attention to a hair straightener

    What girl does not dream about curly hair, intricately scattered over her shoulders? At that, the more attractive it seems to us the effect, the more we are willing to resort to well-proven method.

    But in the pursuit of beauty we, unfortunately, forget that any thermal effect not useful for our hair. But irons somehow burn and dry out our precious locks.

    To somehow diminish the harm from them, to purchase a flat iron too is necessary to approach responsibly.

    Before you consider how best to curl your hair with a straightening iron, pay attention to what material is made of a plate of the device and what temperature regimes it supports.

    Lately the market for the goods replenished irons that allow you to straighten not only dry, but also wet hair. These models of irons and will reduce the time for styling and protect your hair from the negative effects of high temperatures.

    Become the owner of lush wavy curls to date is a snap. As we can see, this is a very simple hair straightener. But everything else — the result of your imagination and a few simple secrets. At least, how to curl your hair with a straightening iron, you now know.

    The website wishes you always look absolutely — with any hair style!

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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