How to deal with overeating

Chocolate cake, mouth-watering cakes, delicious grilled chicken sandwiches, pate – each of us has our own “sworn friends” ? to Resist not to eat an extra serving almost impossible. And then, sadly looking at the new folds of fat in the mirror, we fall into depression and do another March to the side of the fridge… a Vicious circle? Women’s website “” will tell you how to deal with overeating.

I eat, and I do a little…

Psychologists have long told us that 9 times out of 10 the reasons for overeating — emotional-psychological. Frantic pace of life metropolis, a strained relationship with a loved one, family, colleagues, constant anxiety… And now, the food becomes our only shelter. It relaxes and soothes, especially sweets and other calorie food. She even cheers up and improves health for some time. And favorite food is double the fun!

What to do?

To find an effective wayhow to deal with overeating, to get started, try to determine the cause of the overeating or the situationin which you regularly “fall” into gluttony. Remember, when was the last time and what preceded it.

You yelled at the boss, you went for lunch, bathed in tears, and to calm down, took a double dessert? Or after a long and hard day finally relaxed in front of the TV and didn’t even notice as it ate poltora? This means that you have fallen victim to “emotional” eating.

5 tips: how to deal with overeating?
Tip # 1. Remove the temptations

Try not to keep the house in a large number of foods that cause you to overeat. If your kitchen has an abundance of confectionery – cakes and pastries in the refrigerator, a carton of ice cream in the freezer, candy in the vase on the table, admit it — you’ve got to have an iron will power to resist.

Tip # 2. Replace high-calorie useful

If overeating usually visit you when you came home from work, prepare low-calorie and healthy versions of the snack.

Generally, if you often wonder how to deal with overeating, you must stick to the strategy of replacing high-calorie and light on useful counterparts everywhere – in the kitchen and in the store. Eat a small Apple or a cucumber before dinner, it will help you to numb the hunger and fill the stomach.

Tip # 3. Drink water before eating

Of the same series is a very useful habit to drink before meals. Train yourself to drink a glass of water before Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is easier to perform recommended by all nutritionists and beauticians rate – 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day ?

Tip # 4. Remove the stress in other ways

If you overeat after quarrels, tensions, and the food for you – “seizing up” of stress, try to replace it with other ways to relax. Helping someone to throw out the negative energy of exercise, someone takes the psychological tension of a bath with aromatic oils… Remember some pleasant experience, not connected with food, which always works on you calming.

Tip # 5. Reduce portion sizes.

If you can’t live without your favorite cake, set a condition: “I’m not going to completely abandon your favorite treats. But I have to take care of your health and think about how to deal with overeating. So today I eat the cake and enjoy every bite!” Auditory training is a great thing, the main thing – correctly to adjust itself ?

Tip # 6. Do not mix food and other activities!

If you have and watch the TV or surf the Internet, it is likely not time to notice that you already ate. And how to deal with overeating in this case? Focus on what and how you eat! Sounds corny, but it’s the only way to learn to enjoy the small amount of food and not mindlessly load the body with fats and sugars!

Set yourself a certain time to transition to a correct and healthy diet. The first month of spring could not be better suited for this ? Habit to eat right, like other good habits, is produced gradually and imperceptibly. We hope that by April the question of how to deal with overeating, has lost relevance for you!

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