How to deal with procrastination?

In this article, “” will tell you how to deal with procrastination, in other words, to stop postpone important things for later.

To procrastinate can periodically or continuously, but the result of this condition is always the same – mICTY remain just plans, and current Affairs are run in an emergency mode.

Does not help even a periodic “magic ass” of superiors, quarrels with friends or loved ones about broken promises, constant stress and guilt.

Moving on tomorrow – a real epidemic of XXI century.

You need to have a responsible project, but instead, you parse the letters can wait, clean on the desktop, or even schedule a business meeting.

The “trick” of procrastination that you seem to be busy (don’t sit in social networks, not doing a manicure), but for “that” it is not taken.

Deadlines become the norm, the work is done hastily, and often poorly, personal growth, and higher wages do not exist, chronic fatigue and gastritis are present. So this behavior is firmly in the habit, fighting with a congenital procrastination, you must start as early as possible.

Why we procrastinate?

“Capotosto”, according to statistics, the chronically affects about 25% of adults in the world.

Scientists describe procrastination as a conflict between two areas of the brain: the unconscious limbic (responsible for pleasure) and the prefrontal (decision-making, internal control). If force of will not to activate the second, the winner is the first – and the person ignores the important things.

Psychological procrastination: causes

  • perfectionism (you think it will make the matter worse than tomorrow)
  • the uncertainty in the forces
  • the inability to correctly estimate time
  • lack of rewards or too long before receiving it.
  • the inability to effectively organize work time, prioritize
  • the fear of a big project, fear of discomfort during long work
  • the fear of failure

Certainly, a scientist who comes up with the pills from procrastination, will receive the Nobel prize. Well, while they are not nothing else but how to beat procrastination on its own.

How to get rid of procrastination
Eat the frog

Many a time managers referred to this method of time management that way. The bottom line is that every morning, first of all, to do one important thing or a bad thing. If it is too large, divide it into several stages, and each of them tell some time, but every day.

For example, for the author of this “frog” is an appeal to official institutions. Today, you can call and find out schedule tomorrow to clarify what documents need to bring, the next day – to collect documents in a folder. And so on, until the obtained result.

Praise yourself

After you fulfill your main chore for today, do not rush to take on all the rest.

Allow yourself half an hour to work a pleasant thing to read your favorite website or go shopping. Praise and small rewards will give you motivation for doing the things that perform not want to.

Before performing the following important things to figure out in advance what you’ll treat myself after completing it.

The two-minute rule

If the case is that you always put off, you can run for two minutes, then it can be done right now, because it only takes two minutes. Because of such small Affairs and consist of large projects.

Then inertia could work: you set to work, overclocked, got a taste of struggle with procrastination continues ?

Do the important things in advance

At first glance, the Board seems inappropriate, because chronic procrastinator and timely execution of tasks are simply incompatible.

Psychologists believe that people ignore important thing when it comes time to execute it.

By starting early, you free yourself from the obligation to continue to do it for a certain length of time, reserve the right at any time to cease to implement it.

This “self-deception”, the coercion is a good way to get rid of constant procrastination, if you don’t like rush jobs at work.

Going to procrastinate? Get some rest!

During the procrastination of man spends his energy, despite the fact that it seems to be nothing important does. So if you don’t want to do important things, don’t have any, but better to just get some rest – take a walk or take a NAP, if possible.

The influx of new forces and a “reboot” of consciousness will give you new strength and confidence.

With all of this, of course, do not forget (or rather, remember) about the time-killers: social networks, phone calls, news sites.

The main thing – to struggle with procrastination started right after reading this article. Do not postpone this important business for later!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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