How to decorate a house for Christmas with his own hands: photo step by step

Fashion natural scenery

Famous artists and designers presented at exhibitions and in catalogues interesting ideas of how to decorate the house at Christmas with their hands in both budget and expensive options.

The entire decor is done in a natural color palette and emphasis are placed on:

  • green;
  • dark blue;
  • grey;
  • brown;
  • a deep Burgundy.

Supplement can be not out of fashion metallic shades of platinum, rust, yellowish and characteristic red, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort:

  • If you follow these fashion trends to decorate the house for Christmas can an abundance of green spruce and pine branches. Fasten them on the ceiling, walls and window frames, allowing to droop, creating the illusion of elven dwellings.
  • Make wreaths made up of one or several rings, or with wire fasten branches therefore, to make a kind of bowl for candles or metal decor.
  • If there is a free table or surface, you can spread them natural green grass from the pet store or artificial substitutes. Complement natural meadow can be normal or semi-precious stones, artificial Christmas trees and toys, hidden under a glass or plastic flasks.
  • If you have potted plants, they can be used as a variant for original fast and the budget to decorate the house for Christmas. They can be issued with ribbons and toys that easily clip on the pots and branches. So you can quickly and easily transform a home without any financial investment.
  • Very interesting will look Christmas tree decorations metal frosted shade hanging from green branches. They can do with their hands, cut out decorative leaves, silhouettes of animals, stars, themed patterns, foil or cardboard. To give them the desired metallic shade, cover DIY with acrylic paint.
  • All is also relevant in the design is the abundance of candles of various lengths and diameter in white color.
  • Remains in fashion decoration artificial and fresh flowers. You can make wreaths for candles or just used as decorative scenery.
  • The final touch to the design of the house will be a decoration in the form of citrus and cinnamon, giving cheerfulness and good mood. If it is not possible to use these natural flavors in large quantity, can be placed in rooms scented lamp oils.
  • Orthodox themes in the design

    In Europe the day when Christ was born, the believers put great value and traditionally invites all members of the family. In Russia, where the predominant Orthodoxy celebration is more spiritual than family.

    However, if you wish to arrange accommodation in this category, it is possible to implement interesting ideas of how to decorate the house for Christmas with his own hands:

  • Spruce branches and natural decorations in the form of the branches of ordinary trees, decorated with statuettes of angels, or made their own out of paper, felt and other materials remain relevant. You can Supplement it with tapes in any color scheme.
  • Themed decorations in the form of bells, trumpets of the archangels, magis, beads, nuts, balls, tangerine and other natural materials hanging on spruce, walls and Windows will look unusual and festive. Some of the decorations you can decorate with spices or painted with special paints.
  • Hay and fake snow, which posted figures of sheep and other domestic animals will look impressive on the sills, under the tree, on the surface of tables and cabinets.
  • Candle sconces made from natural materials or metal. Traditionally the child is given in the Church consecrated candle and he, along with his parents passes the house, praying to Christ and the virgin Mary. And then lights her placed in the house of candles.
  • Den. It can be purchased in the store or make your own. It’s enough to make a base of cardboard and insert a picture of the Apostles who brought gifts to Jesus, printed on the printer. Decorate this hack can hay and snow, as well as thematic decorations.
  • Table decoration for Christmas

    Relatives and friends gathered at the holiday table will love the modern appointments in a thematic way. Traditionally it is made with cloth and arranged dishes of food, napkins and Cutlery, limited only this. However, there are so many options of how to decorate a festive table so to charge all present excellent mood for the evening.

    • And you know how to do crafts with their hands?



      According to the tutorials I got


    The trend for Christmas 2019 lists the main colors for the design that includes the combination of:

    • green and red;
    • white, blue, metal;
    • Golden and tender white;
    • Burgundy, pink and pastel shades.
  • Taking the base tones, they can be tastefully combined with the main color scheme of the decorations, which decorated the house for Christmas.
  • The most beautiful and unobtrusive decorations to decorate the table is the abundance of natural decorative elements. Combine them in the following way:
  • Branches of pine and fir trees, artificial or natural moss and grass placed between the plates and dishes with food. Additionally, you can decorate them with red and pink berries, cones, ribbons and beads.
  • Christmas wreaths, made of unpainted, stacked in a circle and fastened with wire twigs of birch, cherry and other trees. Can be placed inside the candle, citrus and cinnamon sticks.
  • Artificial gold, silver, and shades of rust colors with decorative beads will look chic and elegant.
  • In order to beautifully decorate the table, not necessarily to buy the Christmas themed utensils or other jewelry. Natural materials are always at hand will be a great solution for budget clearance.

    The charming star of the test

    Make delightful decorations with the children, as they are very easy to perform. The only thing to prepare in advance is the dough for making crafts.

    You will need:

    • flour — 150 g;
    • salt “Extra” — 150 g;
    • brew 1 tbsp tea, coffee and spices — 100 ml;
    • tube for juice;
    • spices.


  • Knead the dough until smooth and roll out into a layer up to 1 cm.
  • Cut at the figures and immediately pierce the wand or tube, to be able to hang.
  • Insert in the blanks any spices: star anise, cloves, pepper or other.
  • Dry the shapes in the oven for about an hour at a temperature of 150 degrees when the door is open.
  • Additionally, stars or other workpiece can be coated with glue or clear varnish and cover the sequins with salt. Also as material for painting, you can use different shades of nail Polish or acrylic paint.
  • Orange decoration

    Order blanks are not folded, they should not be cut into very thin plates. Otherwise, they are easily deformed during drying.

    Otherwise, they are very simple:

  • Cut citrus slices 5-7 mm thick.
  • Insert the spices are cloves in a random order.
  • Spread on paper and dry them on the radiator or in the oven at a temperature of 100-120 degrees with an open door. Periodically turn over to the workpiece should not be burnt.
  • To thread the twine, enough to pull one clove of citrus and embed it in the thread. You can use them for decorating rooms in the house or for decorating the holiday table.

  • To make the decor of citrus, spices and natural materials simply. For this we need to show imagination and allow yourself to experiment a bit. From citrus peel can cut a variety of figures and dry them on the radiator or cut into strips and twist into spirals. Look these crafts are quite interesting.

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