How to decorate a room for Christmas with his own hands: photo step by step

Candle holder in star shape

If you have no talent for drawing, you can download a template for crafts and cut him a piece. Or to enlarge the image to the desired size and copy computer screen, circled in pencil along the contours.

You will need:

  • cardboard box;
  • glue (hot and PVA);
  • scissors and a pencil;
  • corrugated paper — 40 cm;
  • wine corks — 19 PCs.;
  • stationery knife;
  • candle in a glass beaker;
  • sisal is a small package;
  • acrylic paint (white) and the brush;
  • sequins;
  • artificial branches;
  • cones, nuts and other natural materials;
  • tape any pattern or without him.


  • Cut out a star the size of 20*20 cm strips along the length of the beams 4 cm in height. putting the base with the glue gun and give to dry completely.

  • The remains of the cardboard record between and put in crafts, filling a void. If there is foam, cut out the blank and insert inside. So the star will become more dense and will not deform.

  • Glue the second blank, closing the hack.

  • The lower part of the stars of the paste corrugated paper. You can replace it with burlap or any suitable fabric.

  • Cut the excess, leaving 2 cm of paper around the edges.
  • Raise up the corrugation which encircles and fix with glue.
  • Measure out a strip of paper about 1-1,5 cm wider than the side of the star. Glue.

  • The remaining folded edge on the cardboard and carefully glue fix to be seen the place of gluing of corrugated paper.
  • Cut wine corks in half using a hobby knife. Glue on the side of the hot star silicone.

  • Fix the glass with the candle in the middle of the crafts.
  • Take out the sisal long fibres and decorate the edge of the star, hiding bumps when bonding tubes.

  • Dismantle artificial branches into separate parts and glue on top of the sisal under it.
  • Supplemented candle holder pine cones and other natural materials.

  • Glue the tubes on top of the ribbon and hide the edges in the joints between them.
  • Progressivem natural elements with white paint and leave to dry completely.
  • Put on dyed parts PVA glue and cover with glitter.

Spruce branches and cars

One of the most fashionable ideas how to decorate a room for Christmas in the European countries have become the scenery from the car. Use them to decorate pillows, walls and toys in the winter theme.

You will need:

  • plastic machine;
  • red, black, silver acrylic paint;
  • brushes (thin and wide);
  • artificial branches with snow;
  • PVA glue;
  • thread twine;
  • a pair of scissors.

  • And you know how to do crafts with their hands?



    According to the tutorials I got



  • Primed the machine, overlapping the main color is black. Trying to paint glass and other parts of the car. Leave to dry completely.
  • Paint the body with red acrylic. Make uneven strokes, allowing you to look through small black stripes.
  • We print on a fine brush silver color and prograsive lights, glass, wheels and draw handles on the doors.
  • Lubricates the body by the auto-adhesive and covered with snow which can be collected from branches artificial branches.
  • Cut off a small twig and made her a mini-tree. To do this, cut away the excess foliage, reducing it in volume, if necessary.
  • Tying the tree with twine to make the garland realism. Fastened on the roof.
  • Use retro machines in table arrangements to decorate a room for Christmas or to hang on the wall, curtains or spruce branches.
  • Decorations under glass

    In order to make an interesting European decoration, you will need candle holders of glass or plastic and cans called the Cloche. You can find them in stores for artists or those that sell things in the range of from 50 to 200 rubles. To connect the parts and you can glue gun, but such a hack will be less durable.

    You will need:

    • the Cloche;
    • candlesticks;
    • epoxy glue.


  • Glue the saucer from the Cloche candle holder with epoxy glue.
  • If you want to make a foot. above, combine the two candlesticks by a narrow parts. Wait until the glue is completely dry and only then proceed to further decoration.
  • Under bell jars affixed to any decor that will appeal. It can be artificial snow, natural materials or toys. You can also use led candles, bows of satin ribbons, berries and more. Starting the creative process, it is possible to invent new possibilities for how to decorate a room for Christmas with his own hands using scrap materials.
  • Houses with a metallic sheen

    These interesting decorations are made from steel and sold in online stores at unbelievable prices. Durable and fabulously beautiful houses occupy a leading place as decorations for Christmas. But how to work with metal, not everyone can be simulated using ordinary office materials.

    You will need:

    • cardboard;
    • stationery knife;
    • ruler and pencil;
    • glue gun;
    • paint dark gray and silvery color;
    • brush;
    • corrugated cardboard and red acrylic.


  • Download and transfer to cardboard templates any houses.
  • Apply a ruler and cut out large parts with a utility knife so all edges are turned smooth.
  • Carefully cut out small Windows. Make them such that you could not see a candle, which then occupy a space within the crafts.
  • Bendable at the line of the roof and the pipe.
  • To give the houses the realism, glue on the roof of corrugated cardboard, painted red. Thus, we obtain a very nice tiling.
  • Glue all the walls with hot silicone.
  • In the same way fix the roof and the pipe.
  • Assemble the house with an extension and then fasten on top of the roof, which make corrugated cardboard.
  • Primed DIY dark gray or black. Give to dry completely.
  • Cover the acrylic with a silver metallic acrylic. Put his chaotic brush strokes, alternating below and above the shaded area. Thus, get the natural metal sheen.
  • Leave to dry and then placed in the room as decor.
  • A real candle in these houses to put dangerous, so you can use the led. Or you can arrange them on the windowsill and the surfaces of the furniture, making a real village.

  • To figure out how to decorate a room at Christmas with their hands, it’s easy. The main thing to start to do something independently, drawing ideas from modern catalogs, which presents innovative design ideas and solutions. If desired, you can decorate the living room very cheap and very beautiful.

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