How to decorate an office?

Women’s website “” will help you complete the office to the work it was not only convenient, but nice.

It’s one thing if you’re on already established all the rules of the workplace. Another is if you become what is called part of the company, and you and your colleagues want to arrange the workspace to your liking. To the office left the business and functional, but also cozy and comfortable, listen to our advice.

If the office includes visits to customers, its design should thematically correspond to the professional field of your company. The office must be an area to receive visitors, so they were not forced to sit next to the table employees on the “extra chair”.

How to decorate the wall in the office

Once appeared in the office furniture and computers, the important task is the manifestation of the creativity and design of the walls, so they did not seem naked.

What can be placed on the walls of the working space:

  • Diplomas, awards, certificates, licenses. Of course, not all at once, but two or three evidence of high qualifications of employees required.
  • Photos from happy customers (well, if it’s famous people).
  • Photos from teambuilding trainings. Remember that it is in any case not talking about personal photos, items of Hobbies, and so forth. One personal photo can be exclusively in your workplace.
  • A shelf of books by the method of beech crossing to each employee (and maybe even the client) could bring an interesting book that he read, and take another.
  • The Board, on which staff will write the ads for their colleagues, reminders, or funny phrases, uniting the collective and uplifting. It is not only original, but also very convenient. Use colored crayons.
  • Avoid hackneyed motivational-type pictures with a target and the inscription “Bang your head here”.

    How to design office colors advises to turn the office into a greenhouse even if your team consists entirely of avid gardeners. And here’s a couple of pretty vases with typical office colors (spatifillum, dracaena, dieffenbachia, ficus) would be welcome.

    Large outdoor flower best placed in the empty corner next to the recreation area or the clients. Flowers on the windowsill, a shelf, your desktop.

    How to apply for job in office

    • on the wall beside it should be a calendar, for example, “calendar of deadlines” (when every day tear off one leaf, and the remaining displays the number of days remaining until the delivery of the project)
    • use original the office, which will inspire (art books, quality notebooks, folders)
    • grab the next dream which will motivate the work will be fruitful
    • position near the work place something inspiring, for example, a quote or a motivator (change occasionally, depending on the change of priorities), a favorite figurine, a glass jar with colored beads to please the eye and distract from routine.

    How to decorate office Feng Shui

    If you want your company went well, the office was peace and harmony, use the principles of Eastern philosophy. Great role playing color: blue, red, orange – these colors stimulate the working energy, promote a strong memory. Work folders always choose red or blue colors.

    The office must be a source of water, for example, a small decorative fountain will suit even the screensaver on the desktop in the form of a waterfall – this will dissipate negative energy and reduce stress.

    To create beautiful and Feng Shui designed office, you should avoid flowers with thorns and spikes, so the cactus in the office, it is better not to keep. The leaves are the “right” colors should be round or oval, so perfect money tree.

    It is necessary to carefully monitor the condition of the flowers, and immediately replace the dead, so they do not become a source of bad energy. Flower pots it is better to choose the clay, to permit the air to the roots.

    Energy balance the little office will help the paintings, which depict the ocean or the blooming valley.

    To make the office his own hands, pick landscapes, particularly images of the current of a river or road receding into the distance – they attract positive energy. If your company has been a misunderstanding between staff or with the boss, pick the image of the mountains. Desert landscapes, which depicts a lonely tree, do not place in the office.

    The cables and wires are best to hide away from the eyes, they contribute to the outflow of money. Employees should not sit with your back to the door.

    If you have the opportunity to choose a working place, choose such that during operation you looked North or South East – you will be provided with career. Behind you should be a wall but not a window where “fly” your positive energy.

    Employees should not sit opposite each other, it can lead to confrontation between them.

    Remember, to execute the office successfully only if at all to keep a sense of proportion. In this case, during operation you will come with creative ideas, and customers will be pleasantly surprised.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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