How to decorate apartment for birthday?

Birthday is a special day, no matter how many years old birthday. Children and adults traditionally expect from this day of magic, and therefore the task of the family is to at least partially, but to bring this magic to life.

And an important point when preparing for a birthday celebration is the decoration of the room. Don’t know how to decorate apartment for birthday?

You will be surprised, but with the most simple details the apartment can be transformed beyond recognition. And the website “” I’ll tell you what it takes.


The simplest and most common way to decorate an apartment, not only for birthday but also for any other occasion, perhaps, are the balloons. Since childhood balloons cause us positive feelings and uplifting.

If you wish, you can enjoy the whole composition of the balloons, however, you have to advance to find an appropriate professional.

And you can just inflate them and scatter on the floor. By the way, very good-looking balloons filled with helium that hang under the ceiling, dangling down with colored ribbons.

Decorations out of paper

Wondering how to decorate your apartment on the day of birth, note the different decorations out of paper. Vivid and lush, they are able to refresh almost any room, filling it with a festive atmosphere.

To make such jewelry you can own, if you have the time and desire, can charge this to your children, but you can buy them in the appropriate store decor.

Place decorations out of paper in those areas that you want to draw the attention of guests — for example, on a birthday newspaper or table with sweets.

Stretch marks and inscriptions

Here is another way how to decorate an apartment easily and quickly on the day of birth. They are made just, look festive and are thus quite inexpensive.

Even a huge poster, which occupies almost the entire wall, you will easily be able to produce with their household for one evening. All you need is only paper, scissors and a set of colored markers.

Garlands and pendants

For some reason we used to use garland only during new year celebrations. But they come in handy and as decoration of the apartment on the day of birth.

Material making garlands can be very different, and the style, shape and colors — and even more so. And therefore to choose the best for your garland event you do not make absolutely no difficulty.


Good idea, how to decorate an apartment, birthday, birthday, may be the use of photos.

If it is a birthday of the baby, show the images, how he has changed and matured for months. If a holiday in an adult, the photos will be a great way to show how full of emotions and different events were for him the past year.

Pictures can be hung on a special stand or decorate with them the wall.


As a tip for apartment decoration for the birthday celebration may be the age of the birthday boy. The corresponding number can be made of beads, flowers, paper and even bits of photos.

To pin a decoration on the wall or on a tile, made for example of expanded polystyrene.

A good idea is to surround the figure of the piñata. Easily penetrated cardboard, it can hide in the candy and other pleasant things-gifts.

Themed decor

In celebration of your apartment can be a city in Japan, a magical forest or a pirate ship. Here you have another idea how to decorate apartment for birthday.

Appropriate elements of decoration will not think so difficult.

For example, for the celebration in the magical forest will be useful for the bunches of leaves and flowers, placed throughout the apartment, and instead of a table you can use a blanket, spread out on the floor. Party in the Japanese style handy air lanterns, fans and, of course, sushi. The theme of the holiday can be different — it can be assumed from a movie, cartoon, historical period, fairytale and not only.

Sweet scenery

What is a celebration without sweets? They, incidentally, will help to decorate your apartment on the day of birth.

Sweet decoration is suitable not only for children, but for adults.

In addition, they are extremely easy to manufacture and quite costly. You can make yourself a garland of chocolates or order something more serious — for example, a bunch of sweets.

Regardless of the size and spent on its production efforts, this decoration will bring the birthday child a lot of joy.

To make the occasion special and unforgettable is not so difficult. Sometimes all it takes is a little desire. And, of course, a couple actual ideas.

The website sincerely hopes that the above tips on how to decorate the apartment on the day of birth, will be useful for you and you will be able to please your family a truly festive atmosphere.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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