How to determine if a father is a man?

Choosing a husband, the woman selects the father of the future joint children. This issue will be of little help “rose colored glasses” romantic love and wild passion! How to understand in advance what kind of father will be the man – tell a website ““.

How to know whether a man likes children?

It would seem that the question is very simple – either he loves them or not. Just ask him about it – probably the answer would be honest!

Well, you can still watch – like a guy messing around with kids (brothers, nephews, neighborhood kids, etc.)?

However, it is not so simple.

  • First, you must consider the age of the man! Let’s face it — in 20 years very few men sincerely touched by the kids and enjoy spending time with them! But in 35 the same man, maybe just to enjoy children and dream itself to quickly become a dad! For this reason, it is not necessary to speak about the guy, that he is a bad father if he doesn’t like children at 18+… Some men are ripe for fatherhood at a young age, but many children become interesting in 30, 35, 40 and then these men become conscious great dads!
  • Second, there is a point (not very clear to women, but it is typical for men) – many men don’t like babies and very small children. Men’s attitude to children — not cuscatln-touching, and silly in a wheelchair can cause a guy indifference or even negative reviews: disgusted screams, lots of hassle, etc. If a female dreams about a baby usually present the way to touching crumbs, men usually represent the child more conscious of age – which you will be able to teach him how to spend time with him, how to communicate etc. So you should observe the emotions of the guy in the wheelchair with the baby, but at the sight of kids chasing a football, for example!
  • Thirdly, it often happens that men are completely indifferent to other people’s kids but love their when they become dads.
  • What should I do? There are indirect signs by which we can judge whether a man with love to treat future children.

    • The man loves animals. Can be, all cute animals, or just dogs, or is this specific, your dog (but – as a mother, as a family member!). Pets – the prototype of the future family. If a man has an attachment to someone living, who are smaller and weaker, if he responsibly care for them, if it basically feels sympathy for the sweet little creatures – probably problems with the awakening paternal feelings will not be!
    • Men have younger brothers, sisters or nephews – that is, he knows what a family with children, for it is usual and understandable. As a rule, people who grew up in large families (this applies to both men and women) used to give birth to their own children, and often become parents themselves.
    • The attitude to the woman – also in a sense a “litmus test”. Watch and see how he treats you when you’re tired, sick, need help – that is in situations when he can in some way become a “paternal” attitude towards the partner? How he cares, how those moments difficult?..

    Is it possible to understand in advance how it will raise their children?

    But being a good father means not only to love the child, but also the right to educate him! Of course, every woman wants to have her views on child rearing coincides with the point of view of the potential father of the baby!

    On what grounds can determine what kind of father will a man, what model of education he will implement?

    The best way to observe the relationship of a man with his own parents, and try to understand how to raise him. These educational methods certainly apply it to my own children!

    Interestingly this is true even in cases when a man realizes that he was brought up wrong, that parents make a lot of pedagogical mistakes… But get on some other way is incredibly difficult, and involuntarily a man does with his child the same as his father with him…

    Also some conclusions can be drawn looking at the man in situations where he takes on the role of leader and Manager. For example – if he is the boss at work, what is it with employees?..

    Family for men is a team where he is the chief and is responsible for coordinated activity. Most likely, he will use the same methods at “managing” a family and children that in other situations, where he manages adults.

    Look closely – is he prone to authoritarianism, as relates to the initiatives of subordinates how to behave in conflict situations? Something similar will emerge in the relationship with the child!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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