How to determine pregnancy without a test?

Now to determine a woman’s pregnant or not, is not as difficult as it was before: went to the pharmacy, bought a test, or was tested for HCG and wait for the response. But the tests appeared relatively recently.

Personally, I’m still in the early 90s I heard about the tests, but did not see them in the free market, and to early to learn about her pregnancy, took a urine sample to a private lab. Then it was considered cool… and expensive!

Interestingly, as previously defined the pregnancy without tests and laboratories? Is it possible to use these methods today? We will talk about this on the women’s website ““.

Signs of pregnancy has not been canceled

Of course, don’t forget about the early signs of pregnancy: delay, new sensations in the chest, nausea and change in taste preferences, irritability, etc. we won’t tell in detail.

Talk, how to know about pregnancy without test using methods, where you should see the result – pregnant woman or not.

Some of the ways you will smile (at best), some openly laugh, and there are those that will surprise or cause confusion. In any case, learning about the different ways to determine pregnancy without a test at home, many of us purely out of curiosity begin to test the methods for yourself.

Basal temperature

Let’s start with the more or less truthful and serious way of determining pregnancy in early pregnancy without a test. This will help the thermometer, with which you will need to measure the basal temperature. But this method is only for those who previously followed the basal temperature (for example, determined ovulation).

So, a woman can be considered pregnant if she enhanced basal temperature (37-37,2) lasts more than 3 days compared to the previous cycle in posleoperazionny phase (those who follow the ovulation and menstrual cycle, he will understand, about what speech).

For example, if you have posleoperazionny phase lasted 12 days, and now you can see that the temperature is kept for 15 to 16 days, the probability of pregnancy is very high.

As you can see, not so easy to know early pregnancy without a test in this way. You will need a system. But if within 18 days basal temperature will be elevated (37 – 37,2), it indicates pregnancy.


Most often in the traditional methods in order to determine pregnancy without a test before the delay, need pee. There are several popular ways, as it can help to learn about the interesting position.

  • Rate the color of urine. In the early stages it becomes more concentrated, darker shade.
  • In the urine of a pregnant woman increases the level of HCG, which has a positive effect on plant growth. I advise you to collect all urine and night to water her flowers. If the flowering plants will improve for 3-4 day, then you are pregnant. If the flowers will prevent, then no.
  • However, this method of determining pregnancy without a test at home is not so meaningless. In Ancient Egypt used for these purposes wheat and barley. The woman had to urinate on the grains. If they sprouted, then a woman is expecting a baby. And if the barley sprouted, it’s a boy and if the wheat, the woman will become the mother of the girl. If germination was not believed that a woman is not pregnant.

In our time, was carried out this experiment with the grain. 70% was confirmed.

  • For those who pity to spoil the flowers and the corn in the urine, you can verify pregnancy in the early stages without a test differently. Collect the urine and boil it. Immediately after it boils, pour into a transparent container. If you see sediment in the form of flakes, then the pregnancy is. Most interesting is that this method is quite seriously discussed in many forums. Strange, really, girls don’t know that at high temperatures the protein coagulates and precipitates. Where is the logic?
  • Another way to find out about pregnancy without a test. It is necessary in equal proportions to combine morning urine with wine. Non-pregnant women, the urine is turbid, even can form flakes, but in pregnant women the fluid is transparent.
  • In the morning urine, you can pour a spoon of soda. If it settles to the bottom, it means you are pregnant, and if it bubbles (fizzes), then no.


The most popular method, which is discussed many women on the forums – definition of pregnancy test at home without using iodine.

  • They say that in the urine, you need to drop a drop of iodine. If that breaks, then the woman is not pregnant. If the drop will hold, it says pregnancy.
  • There is another option of determining whether there is a pregnancy. Take a piece of paper. Drop it in the urine. Drips on top of the soaked sheet iodine. Became urine on leaf purple you are pregnant. Blue is not pregnant.


In order to verify the pregnancy, you need to the vagina at night to place the raw peeled onion. If in the morning you will feel the breath smells of onions, so pregnant.

Yeah… Why not come up with. Say the pungent smell of onions, if a woman is pregnant, will move to the mouth freely, and if the uterus is closed, the smell will not be distributed. Nonsense, of course…

Continue on Luke.

  • If you have time to wait, you can put 2 bulbs. When planting, think about which one will be the bulb, heralding the pregnancy, and what – not. What faster glass will sprout feathers from a height of 4 cm, this is the answer.

As did Hippocrates?

Hippocrates himself could identify the eyes, pregnant woman or not. He assured that the iris on the edges of a pregnant woman darkens and their patients were advised to check pregnancy with this method:

  • The woman on the night given honey with anise or honey wine. If a woman in the night worried about the pain in the navel area, then it is in position.

Define a pregnancy with the “paraphernalia”

  • Need to pull head of hair and attach it to the ring. Lie down on your stomach. Ring hair lower above the navel. If the ring is stationary, you are not pregnant. If spinning in a circle or a pendulum, perhaps you are pregnant.
  • If a pregnant woman walk barefoot through the tall grass, then left a deep impression. If a trace is not, and the grass will rise, then pregnancy is not.
  • They say that to determine pregnancy without a test in the early stages can, feeling the pulse below the navel. You need to lie on your back and putting your hand below 6-7 cm from the navel. If you feel a pulsation, it means the pregnancy is. Although another source saying the opposite, the absence of a pulse suggests that you are pregnant. Here they are unreliable, traditional methods of determining pregnancy without a test.
  • In Ancient China master of acupuncture could accurately determine pregnancy pulse of the woman.
  • And in Ancient Rus to the woman neck tie woolen thread for the day. If at the end of the day the thread started to push, the woman was considered pregnant. The reason is that during pregnancy increases the thyroid gland. So the method is not entirely unfounded.
  • Also the pregnancy check is still this way. Give the woman to drink breast milk of lactating women who recently gave birth to a boy. (And why only boys? What they girls didn’t hit?) If the breast milk will cause a gag spasm or vomiting, it means that the woman is pregnant.

“Pregnant” dreams

Dreams have always attached special importance in determining pregnancy.

  • Often says about pregnancy sleep, where appears the fish. Especially if the fish you caught or bought. But if the fish swims away from you or you let go, you are not pregnant or the pregnancy will fail.
  • There is an omen associated with seeing fish in a dream: if you dream of a carp fish (grouper) – to the boy, and pike, shark, herring – to the girl.
  • Associated with pregnancy and dreams about swimming. If you dream you swim in clean water – this pregnancy.
  • Dreamt of a watermelon – also, they say, to pregnancy.

Here about some people’s methods of determining pregnancy we found out. And their authenticity, we will not argue. In today’s world it is much easier to determine pregnancy in the early stages, without a test or other diagnostic methods too, can do… In any case, to hide the pregnancy for a long time will not work.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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