How to determine your color type?

On the women’s website “” today, we will discuss the proper selection of colors in clothing and makeup. It just so happened that “their colors” every representative of the fairer sex sets experimentally, according to their own taste. This path is quite tortuous and fraught with many incorrect turns.

So today “” will tell you how to determine your color type, in order to choose the right color or combination of colors of clothes that are profitable to shade the face, or the tone of the make-up that makes him stronger and more advantageous features.

There are only 4 color type, romantic distributed across the seasons.


A characteristic representative of the type of winter – brunette or very dark brown hair with grey, blue translucent, gray-green or black-brown eyes, skin white, milky color or brownish-olive shade.

This is one of the most clearly defined types of appearances.

Dita von Teese


Color clothes women winter cold as the winter. It is muted shades of blue: turquoise, cobalt, light blue, purple and dark purple. And frosted pink and celadon.

Girls of this type would look really good in turtlenecks or blouses in white, and also grey steel colours relating to the cold.

It’s the only color type, which is unconditionally suitable black-and-white palette.

Winter type should avoid gold, orange, red-brown, warm brown, peach and pastel green tones.

Courteney Cox


Eyeshadow: dark blue, dark grey, cyclamen, Aqua, light blue, silvery, dark purple.

Eyeliner black or dark brown.

Lipstick pink, Bordeaux, red for a festive evening out. How to perfectly apply red lipstick, you can read on the website


How to determine your color type, if you have thin, sensitive skin, slightly reddish or peach hues, and the color of eyes blue, yellowish-green, Golden-brown, amber?

Are you a representative of spring type. As a rule, girls and women, this type hair is fine, downy, light brown, Golden ash brown, reddish color. Hair always have a Golden sheen.

Maria Sharapova


The advantages of this type emphasize the delicate colours of spring: lilac, pink, yellow, the color of young greens. As well as Golden-brown, beige, apricot, pale blue, camel, cornflower blue. From the shades of red scale of the orange, coral and poppy color.

The white color usually is not.

Alyssa Milano


Very lightweight, only enhances the natural colour.

Eyeshadow Sunny yellow, pale turquoise, lilac, pale green, light blue, peach, gold and apricot.

Eyeliner brown, green.

Lipstick natural shades, peachy-pink, caramel, rose-lilac and pinkish-beige. You need to avoid a sharp, distinct eyeliner lip.

The festive variant over the base color with Golden sheen.

The spring type is the only one who can fearlessly experiment with colored mascara. Mascara for every day brown and dark brown.

To exit, depending on eye colour and life events.


Despite the fact that summer is the hot season, this color type is cold. Girls of summer type are easily recognized by delicate white porcelain or slightly pink, translucent skin, sometimes with freckles. Hair can have different colors, from blonde to dark ash.

Women summer regardless of the color their hair a shade of ash always cold.

Natalia Vodianova

How to identify summer color type appearance of the eyes? Eye color is dominated by grey with different shades: gray-blue, gray-green, gray-olive, and light brown. Often the iris of the eye has a dark brown rim.


Color women summer type – soft, cool, fuzzy, slightly covered. Suitable smoky blue, light turquoise, pale lilac, cool lilac. Rose scales are good colors: pale purple, light and dark pink, dark purple (plum) and gray-purple.

Unwanted black color and also orange, gold and yellow-green. Instead of a dazzling white it is better to wear a blouse milky color or ivory.

Kirsten Dunst


For summer makeup you can use any paint. Importantly, it was a cold tone. The shadows of different pastel colours, pink, plum blue, violet, pale lilac.

Pencil, grey and brown colors. Blue, purple and lilac — for the evening.

Lipstick all shades of pink from bright to pale. Evening option – the color of watermelon.


Fairly easy to tell autumn color type appearance. This type of skin is often freckled, peach or red-brown, bronze shades. Hair thick, red, copper, chestnut and dark brown, but with a red or a red tint.

Eyes can have different colors, but with a clearly defined rim of brown iris.

Julianne Moore


Dressed in the color type is dominated by autumn colours: all shades of brown and copper, yellow, gold, khaki, pale green. Warm red gamma: juicy apricot to bright orange, brick and rust-colored. Fair-skinned women of this type will suit warm shades of brown, dusky pink and moss-green.

All the fall colors are very harmoniously combined with each other, it is convenient in the selection of clothing.

Julia Roberts


How to choose makeup if you have identified your color type as “autumn”? You will approach the shadows only of warm colors — brown, eggplant, terracotta, olive, lilac, brick, and champagne color.

Eyeliner can be a rich, dark hue, but then you have to observe the rule of one accent – either eyes or lips. Otherwise, the appearance will be screaming.

Lipstick colors terracotta, salmon pink, red-orange, carrot, plum, dark raspberry, Golden brown.

On the way out – lipstick with pearl or gold particles.

Finally, we recall: to determine the color type appearance, you need to do it during the day and under natural light.

Author Marina Panaeva, site

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