How to develop a child according to the methods Tyuleneva?

Almost every modern parent wants his child to grow up successful, so many moms and dads before the advent of the baby born carefully examine the various methods of early development of children.

One of the most famous educational systems is the method Tyuleneva, which today women’s site “” and will introduce its readers.

I must say that he is Pavel Tyulenev is a very colorful person. It is represented by the President of the Academy of education, social and economic development, which he founded.

Their techniques of early development of P. V. Tyulenev presents not just as a new educational technology, and as the basis for the education of a particular generation of children who, due to their high intelligence, will make Russia a superpower.

Undoubtedly, the idea that the future of the country depends on the education level of its citizens, was reasonable, so the theory Tyuleneva deserves careful consideration.

The method Tyuleneva “to Read before she could walk”

According to the theory Tyuleneva, the early development of children is divided into three phases:

  • From birth to 1.5 years – the period of early development.
  • 1.5 to 2 years – average early development.
  • 2 to 3 years later on early development.
  • Teacher-innovator believes that a child who in 3 years has not been able to read is educationally neglected. By the way, Pavel Viktorovich children older than 3 years who are not his pupils, not interested. His whole methodology is focused solely on kids, which recently came to light.

    Tyulenev is sure that all children can be geniuses, if parents in time to begin with them to do. The success of these lessons depends on the compliance with the principal rules of the method:

  • The child should be an idol for your parents.
  • Every single waking moment of the kid to use for his intellectual development.
  • Parents should become the child’s first teachers, or to start to learn from him.
  • For any successes and achievements of the kid, you need to praise and reward.
  • Strictly take away AIDS and toys for children, for a child to create a special educational environment, using the cards with the reference images (letters, numbers, notes, characters, animals, etc.), which are included in each training set methods P. V. Tyulenev “MYRRH”. The cards must show the baby, place them on the walls of the crib, on the wall of the nursery, on the door — in General, wherever the baby will be convenient to consider them.
  • All that the child sees that parents need to voice.
  • The child should be only developing. Regular games not bearing the training of the grain, the technique of early development Tyuleneva does not accept.
  • Parents who want to raise a genius, teacher-innovator provides some important recommendations that relate to the safety of children. P. V. Tyulenev calls to ban the crumbs to pull in a mouth various subjects, and kids who already know how to crawl, not to allow to touch a hot iron or other heated surface. The methodology is Pavel Tyulenev and other taboos:

  • Not to engage in other educational technologies.
  • Do not allow baby to walk too early and not to encourage his attempts to move independently.
  • Forbid the kid to use other people’s Cutlery.
  • Securely close the baby access to the lower drawers, dressers, cabinets and other furniture.
  • Make safe for crumbs sharp corners, door handles, etc.
  • Not to keep in the apartment where the kid lives, Pets.
  • After bathing, be sure to watch that in the ears of the baby didn’t have much water.
  • Isolated from kid’s clothes, shoes, money, that is, items that most often come into contact with the external environment outside of the apartment.
  • To prevent the baby knocked over a heavy chair or a stool.
  • In any case, before lunch was not to play music.
  • Not include baby is emotional or transfer at least 16 hours of the day.
  • How do I find the website program system MIRR also provides recommendations for types of work with the baby in a particular period of his life.

    Pavel Tyulenev “the Technique of early development”: programme

    To start working with a child, the author of this innovative technique offers more in the perinatal period, beginning with the 4th month of pregnancy. It encourages the expectant mother to develop a program in which she will deal with the baby, using the material system of the WORLD.

    You can, for example, every day to voice 2 to 10 words that the child will meet in the first months after birth.

    But after the birth of a baby Tyuleneva technique gives more precise recommendations for working with it in a particular age.

    • With the birth of the child should be taught the letters of the special alphabet “ARAMIR”. Card with letters, pictures and figures should be placed on the wall of the crib. The baby will look at them and remember. A two-month crumbs parents should sing the syllables. Kids after 5 months of developing methods Tyuleneva offers to teach in a more active form, allowing it to independently consider and sort through cards and magnetic ABC.
    • When the baby learns to move independently (about 8-9 months), it is possible to play the game “Get a letter” offering to bring parents a card with a certain letter. In the same period seals offers to start familiarizing crumbs with syllables. To study the syllables the teacher recommends the use of a special table, cards and dice.
    • According to the methodology of early development Tyuleneva, at the age of 9-10 months with the baby, good to play “Journalist”, asking him to show syllable or bring a card with a certain word.
    • Two years children should learn to type on the computer, first syllables, then words and even whole sentences.

    As claimed by the P. V. Tyulenev, his early development method allows you to teach children up to 3 years not only to read but to believe and to teach him the basics of natural Sciences. Due to this, in the age of 4-5 years the child already can independently learn the primary school curriculum, and in the 12 years to finish high school and go to College.

    Such big promises, the sensible parents cause some distrust. And yet those who have tried the technology confirm that it has certain advantages.

    Advantages of the methods of Pavel Tyulenev

    The main advantage of MIRR is that it offers to teach kids from birth and even in the perinatal period. Today, no one would argue that babies begin to explore the world, while still in the womb. Methods have other advantages:

    • The rejection of the theory of genetic predisposition. P. V. Tyulenev considers the genius of all children and argues that the result of their education depends on parents ‘ behavior.
    • Reverent attitude to the child’s age.
    • No need for special knowledge or skills from their parents.

    Cons theories also abound.

    Disadvantages of methods of Pavel Tyulenev

    Program mysterious theory can not be called clear, its recommendations are rather General in nature. The disadvantages of MIRR may also include:

    • The methodology is dominated by intellectual development, emotions in it almost has no place. Physical education practically seals denies.
    • The requirements of the MIRR hard enough. In particular, the author stops to turn to other educational technologies.
    • To understand the program MIRR quite difficult. Seals gives to it a very confusing and abstract explanation.

    The question whether to order a technique Tyuleneva, worries many progressive parents. But actually much more important problem is whether to strive to make their child a genius. After all, genius doesn’t guarantee a baby of happiness.

    On the contrary, high intelligence often can cause loneliness of the child, his isolation from society.

    Of course, the child needs to develop and to train — but within reason, not trying to realize their own ambitions at the expense of your baby. And those parents who understand this, some ideas of methods Tyuleneva quite useful.

    But moms and dads who have already got the idea to make your baby a genius, our website recommends to think about it…

    Author – Pelageja, site

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