How to disassemble the wardrobe?

Analysis of the wardrobe – season event, a vivid example of how to combine business with pleasure. But this process does not become a “dumped everything out of the closet, tried on, put back,” all you need to do with the mind. How to disassemble closet — prompt

Analysis of the wardrobe should begin with a solemn falling in a mess all of the closet. Not only because it’s funny and so in the movies, but because otherwise you will be uncomfortable to conduct a full audit of things, something will be forgotten, something you just don’t care in the end “garbage” as he was in the closet, so there will be.

Another good advice is: do everything decided at once.

Decided to give to someone? Just call, ask and make an appointment. Decided to redo? Bring it directly to the Studio, or take themselves for a pair of scissors, thread and a needle. Decided to buy something new for a lonely old jacket? Go as soon as possible, even if no money, just select.

Why you need to do everything at once? Because the experience, all is forgotten. Decided to give, and things lying on the chair a week, two… Well, you know.

All pulled out of the closet? Go! Be determination and choose a method of analysis of wardrobe, which you like more.

How to disassemble closet: tips from

  • All the stuff you need to divide into three groups: “Definitely Yes”, “Sure” and “Definitely not”. Accordingly, the first group remains the third group is discarded, given to, sold – in General more is not listed as something that “I already have”. And the second is placed in the Cabinet and subject to revision: what is it you can wear (found something, returned to the first group or gave herself to pick up something for this thing), it is possible to redo it (immediately rushes into the Atelier/embroidered /redesigns, and is not even a month), is it possible to walk around the house (instead of the street; if you can – in a pile of homemade things).
  • Try on each item with the question: “whether it is me?”. Saying Sarah Jessica Parker is the method by which it is necessary to ask: “And is decorated with me?”. Closet is what you should paint, should work to lighten the mood. If the thing is just lies or you wear it with hatred, why? Things are not what are supposed to spoil the mood. Nothing expected, but still bad must minimize. Threw the hated shirt and, as he said Grishkovets, the mood has improved!
  • For strong! Examining the closet, divide things into 2 categories: definitely Yes and definitely not. Ruthlessly hang on to what is already strongly worn out, not fit your size or style (for example, you completely ceased to wear pants). Do not persuade yourself that you will lose weight or it can be worn at the cottage. This will not happen. The maximum that is possible for itself to allow, if a thing is good quality, the right size, just now you are not close, it can be left to put aside in a separate box. You’ve likely not grow, so if a good thing, it can sometime useful to you, because the story develops in a spiral, they say. But this case is an exception. Experience – with many things (and people, that here…) need to leave forever!


  • Arrange things in piles depending on the spheres of life and objectives: sport, work, out, for walks, etc. (depending on your life). Only – attention! – play as it should be, not as you wear. If you and feast the world in sweat pants (because nothing more convenient not), then it is not normal sportswear suitable for sports and when-ever in store/to walk the dog, etc. now look closely at these handful of what have you the most, what is missing? Covers if your closet needs? Draw your own conclusions. Of course, all piles all the old, worn, uncomfortable, wrong in size thrown/given. After all this, it is better to make a list of things you need.
  • Make a box of “checking” (by the way, the method is also suitable for General cleaning of the house) and put there things you have not worn for at least 2 seasons. If next season you can easily do without them and not even think about them, then carton wanders to another place – or in the trash or in other hands.

Even if you are going to clean, assemble and disassemble your wardrobe finally!

They say that new things come into our lives only when disassembled the old rubble. And clothing it’s easy to check: even if your wardrobe is overloaded with clothes, you can be have nothing to wear because everything is old, doesn’t suit you or don’t like.

But full of wardrobe creates a sense that “all is”. Really having examined the closet, you free up space for a few new things!

Author – Love Segalove, site

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