How to do a Greek hairstyle?

Many women with hair below the shoulders, admiring the beautiful hairstyles in the Greek style, but don’t know how to do a Greek hairstyle, considering that it is very difficult to reproduce something similar can only be in the salon. Today the site “” represents a master class – how to do a Greek hairstyle just five minutes before leaving the house!

Classic “Greek roller”

The simplest and most well-known Greek hairstyle.

It is necessary for Greek headband. The bandage you just need to put on over my hair while in the front it can be placed in the middle of the forehead, or (as in our model) just above the hairline. If you have bangs, then a headband could be bangs or growth lines bangs on top.

Next you need to separate the front-side average thickness of a strand and begin to wind it on the bandage.

Similarly to do the other side. It is not necessary to tighten until the end of each thin strand of hair separately, your task is to all of the hair concentrated in the neck, under the bandage.

Then catch all the hair and wrap them inside the cushion. If they stuck out any your hair, shove them in a roll, not twirling in addition to the bandage.

You can secure the hair lacquer.

Hair roller curls

For this hairstyle it is best to advance slightly curl bulk hair below the ears with curls or light waves. This is a very nice option for owners of long hair! First, as for the previous hairstyle, put on the blindfold and to separate the strands around the ears under the headband – but this time thinner!

Twirl the strands on each side around the bandage. The bulk of the hair remains free.

Then in the nape, separate small sections of hair under the bandage. This hair will need to create a cushion.

Further – separated hair wrapped around the bandage, the ends hide inside the cushion. If you want to get a perfectly flat platen, the upper strands of which it is formed, it is better not to curl.

But very interesting option is the “deliberate negligence” — light bumps cushion, maybe something a little out of the strands: in combination with the wavy hair from the bottom it looks like the hair of a forest nymph!

Also the “roughness” can be beat in another version of this hairstyle, which you can do via the website ““!

Hairstyle with roller and oblique

Is done on the basis of the previous hairstyle. Do all of the above operations, leaving the cushion and the loose hair under it. However, the curl here is no longer needed.

Loose braid hair from the bottom on the “reverse” braid (in contrast to the traditional version, each strand is passed under the other two, etc.).

If you are a happy owner of magnificent hair (and, accordingly, the thick braids), you can assume the hairstyle is completed. If the braid is reminiscent of the “mouse tail”, it needs to be fluff! Gently, starting from the bottom braid, pull each segment of the netting. Braid will become wide and flat.

How rubber band to do a Greek hairstyle?

Finally, the simplest, you can say instant way to do a Greek hairstyle!

The hair collected in a ponytail on the neck, tightened with a small soft eraser. Elastic band just moves away from the base of the tail. On the gum with your fingers divide the hair into two parts so as to form a small “hole”. This “hole” put a tail! In fact, the hair wrapped around the elastic. You can do this procedure twice. It turns out the low ponytail with the “Greek” roller.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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