How to do a home chemical peel?

Self-care is important for every woman, because the women’s pages of the website “” often there are recipes that help to stay in shape. This time we talk about home chemical peels.

This procedure allows to remove dead cells that prevent your skin to breathe and regenerate. Want to become an owner of a beautiful, young and healthy skin, then read our tips.

Home chemical peel and its features

Already from the name itself it is clear that the rejuvenation process will involve chemicals, namely, acid. Fear them not worth it, we’ll show you how to properly apply them in order not to harm yourself.

The essence of the method is that acid due to its properties, starts the process of regeneration, during which the old skin with all its defects are gradually removed. Depending on what will be the concentration of the acid will vary and the level at which it will penetrate under the skin.

It is not necessary to resort to strong acids.

Chemical peeling at home is advisable in cases of presence of cosmetic defects, loss of skin elasticity, first signs of aging.

Before the procedure you must do the test.

This tool should be applied to the inside of your arm (elbow). Wait about five minutes if there is no redness or pain, you can use peeling.

The procedure should be carried out on cloudy days. Spring and summer for this bad fit, indeed, to avoid ultraviolet radiation will not be easy, and he after peeling will be your main enemy.

Be careful with the eye area. Within three days after the procedure, you need to avoid touching your face.

Chemical peels at home: types

Pretty easy to make the chemical peel home remedies, but it is important to know what type of the procedure you need.

There are three:

  • surface;
  • medium;
  • deep;

Each species has its own indications, which we will discuss further.

Superficial peels

To achieve the peeling of the top layer of the epidermis easier. For this is quite simple masks.

Most often it is prescribed as a prevention of various defects and also to improve the appearance of skin and conceal age-related changes. It is used when you need to:

  • to whiten the skin;
  • to get rid of skin pigmentation;
  • to improve problem skin;
  • restore skin elasticity.

How to make a superficial peeling at home? Here are a few recipes from note.

  • Calcium chloride

Making home chemical peel for face for the first time, take a five per cent solution of chloride of calcium. Before the procedure, lubricate the face nourishing milk, and after it is completely absorbed with a sponge apply calcium chloride. Apply the substance you need in several layers. The first session would require four applications, and subsequently their number can be increased to eight.

Apply a new layer you need, when you feel that the previous one is dry. At the end of the session you can roll the resulting mask. To do this, lather your fingers with soap with mild properties and remove the mask.

Then Pat and brush it with cream. To the procedure had the best effect, you can use a ten percent solution, but first need to make sure your skin is ready for it. To check this better not be on the face and on the body.

  • The following recipe contains several ingredients that can be mixed in a glass container.
  • Camphor alcohol – 30 ml;
  • Glycerin – 30 ml;
  • Boric acid -10 g;
  • 10% ammonia, 10 ml%;
  • Hydrogen peroxide -30 ml.
  • The latter ingredient can be replaced by two tablets gidroperita.

    The mixture must be finely grate baby soap, each Supplement of cereals should be accompanied by constant stirring. The result is a creamy substance that should be stored in the refrigerator.

    Questions about how to do chemical peels at home, you will not have — it is enough to apply this cream on your face, wait until it dries, rinse with warm water and blot the face dry with a napkin.

    Median peeling

    The average chemical peel at home you can spend if you use salicylic acid. This method is widely spread, because this substance is credited with almost magical properties.

    And although usually medium peels are carried out by experts in the cosmetology, sometimes resorted to it at home. Readings may include the following:

    • age-related pigmentation;
    • ichthyosis;
    • acne;
    • frequent redness;
    • keratosis;
    • scars after acne;
    • average wrinkles.

    Carefully observe the dosage indicated in the prescription, otherwise, you can get a chemical burn.

    Three tablets of acetylsalicylic acid must be mixed with 0.5 teaspoon of the basics. It can be yogurt, milk, juice, or plain water. The mixture should be left on for five minutes, and then Supplement it with honey (1 tsp).

    Clean your face lotion, wait until it dries, and only then proceed with the peeling procedure. You may feel a slight tingling sensation — this is normal. The need to keep the face 15 minutes. The tool is washed off with warm water.

    Deep peeling

    Home chemical peel for face with a deep action is a myth. Such a radical method requires observation of a specialist and the procedure is performed under anesthesia.

    Resort to it when you need to completely remove the old layer of skin. Widespread found phenol peeling, a popular use of trichloroacetic acid.

    Deep peeling to cope with:

    • deep wrinkles;
    • scars;
    • stretch marks;
    • scars.

    For it use solutions of the active acids, creams, composed of fruit acids.

    Chemical peel home remedies.

    To do a chemical peel is not recommended for:

    • the presence of open wounds;
    • menstruation;
    • the presence of the aggravated acne;
    • sensitive skin, which may be a mesh of vessels;
    • viral diseases, for example, herpes;
    • cold and high temperature;

    A very important contraindication is diseases of the thyroid. It is necessary to abandon peeling during lactation and in the period of carrying a child.

    Modern skin care is difficult without conducting a chemical peel. After a few treatments you will notice that skin is much younger, has become more elastic.

    In the pursuit of beauty is very easy to lose it, so do not forget about safety and do the procedure in listening to the advice

    Author – Lydia Karant, site

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