How to do a selfie?

The photography itself has long been a fashionable entertainment, and social networks are filled with millions of selfie users. Unfortunately, most selfies are very similar, and, to be honest, nothing beautiful about them. But still, to make an interesting photo yourself it is possible!

How to do a selfie? You will help Council of the original female site!

How to do selfie girls?

Of course, like it or not – self does not belong to the genres of photo art. It’s just a way to capture themselves at some point in their life, to show friends what an interesting and beautiful place you visited, to showcase a new outfit or makeup, etc. Your task is to take a selfie as the original, but to take care that the face turned out as successfully as possible.

A few tips from the “Beautiful and Successful” how to do a selfie properly:

  • Invent the idea of each photo. Pathetic posing with the phone in hand in front of the mirror has long been all tired and is almost a sign of bad taste. Much more interesting, if you’ll come to a selfie with a bit of humor – for example, “I sleep on a mountain of textbooks before the exam,” “I try on a stupid hat her boyfriend”, “me and my cat sniffing the meatball on a fork”, etc. Usually such a cheerful “live” photos attract much more attention!
  • Choose interesting places for photographing. It can be a beautiful interior or a landscape, a place near some unusual object, monument, etc.
  • If you do a selfie in order to show what a cool place you visited, the maximum distance the camera from your face to frame got to see more of the landscape that you are delighted!
  • How to do a selfie properly – favored photographing under natural daylight. The simpler your photographic equipment, the more difficult it is to get a photo of relatively good quality in the electric light, in twilight, in twilight, etc.
  • Most people obtained on the self successfully, if the camera lens is at eye level, and one does not need to tilt or lift the head. Try to avoid look askance!
  • When taking a selfie three or more people, you need to raise your hand with your phone or camera slightly above eye level and photograph a little down.
  • If you plan to make a “portrait” selfie, and for this apply the makeup, give up shiny and pearlescent cosmetics: eye shadow, shining lip gloss, shimmer, etc. to take Pictures like this make Amateur camera very problematic – in the photo the face will look like in a Shine will appear unnecessary glare… And that bright matte lipstick and clear lip gloss is quite appropriate!
  • To correctly take a selfie, look carefully which items fall into the frame! This is especially true of photographing the house: even a perfect makeup, hairstyle and dress will be simply ridiculous, if on the background of the photo will be scattered things, grandma’s carpet, grimacing younger brother, etc.

How to do selfie girls: poses

Of course, when photographing myself on a wide variety of postures is not necessary. But still, every girl experimentally can pick up some universal provisions, which it does best at a selfie.

As a rule, most people is a small head tilt in the photo. If you’re holding a camera or smartphone with one hand, you can slightly divert her outstretched arm to the side and head slightly turning to look at the camera – the rotation of the head usually looks good.

Another good option for self – holding the camera with two hands outstretched.

Not worth it for self belay elbows to the side and put his free hand – because of this the shoulders in the shot will look wider. On the contrary, the arm (one or both – if you are photographing your face with a little distance) it should be pressed to the body, and the shoulders slightly rotate forward, that is to satalite. The result is your bust for a selfie will look a little more appetizing!

If you want a selfie to hold an object, then bend your arm at the elbow, not leaving the side, and hold this object in front of the chest or around the opposite shoulder. So you can be photographed with a flower, with a glass of champagne, with “Oscar”…

How to take a selfie in the mirror?

As for photographing myself in the mirrors, here are two important tips on how to take a selfie properly. To observe them is easy!

  • Don’t crowd your face in the camera. Convenient to hold your smartphone or camera at chest level.
  • Don’t look at the camera at the time of shooting – but only in the eyes of his reflection in the mirror. As you can see in the mirror exactly what the viewer sees in the photo – so worth watching right!
  • Selfie etiquette: how to do a selfie properly and culturally?

    No matter how great your love of self, it is necessary to observe some rules in order not to look stupid and not disturb others.

    • Never take photos in toilets, bathrooms and near sinks. No matter how luxurious nor was the interior of these rooms! Is bad, ridiculed in many jokes and anecdotes.
    • Try to resist a selfie in a crowd of strangers: perhaps not everyone is willing to get into the frame from others ‘ photos, and your attempts to find a good view and turn around comfortably can interfere. Think about it at the concert, theatre, etc.
    • There are places where taking selfies is simply unethical and contrary to accepted cultural norms. For example, in Church, at funerals and memorial services, etc.
    • Wanna take a selfie on a visit – ask the owners permission to be photographed in their interior. Perhaps you should clarify what you self, do you intend to publish it in social networks or to show it to anyone.
    • If you’re in the company of friends or acquaintances and you want to make your “solo” selfie, be polite first offer to be photographed together. And after that to do a selfie.

    In General, it is all important recommendations on how to get an interesting photo of yourself. And don’t think too seriously about how to do self correctly – it is much more interesting, creative, original and witty photos than thousands of similar “right” selfie!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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