How to do age makeup?

If a young makeup are mostly in order to slightly adjust some irregular features and brighter to Express their individuality, the age of elegance, he performs a different task: to make a person younger, and the way fresh.

What should be the age make-up, I’ll tell you now ““.

Features age make up

Mature beauty there is no need to assert themselves. A woman of elegant age carries herself with dignity and consciousness of self-worth, and hence shouting tones in her makeup should not be.

Nothing too much, nothing in excess, only the natural beauty and freshness are the main characteristics of the age make-up.

Will focus on the basic principles of applying makeup for more Mature ladies.


Correct facial toning is the key to any makeup, but for the age make-up he plays a special role. Just how skillfully and carefully it is done, depends on how young and fresh it will look woman.

Before applying colors you need to prepare the face. For example, apply the serum with lifting effect.

Really spoil the image of superfluous hairs on the face, which with age have many women, so they should be required to remove.

Makeup for aging skin requires the use of light tonal resources with a strong moisturizing effect.

When applying the colors is better to get the funds in two flavours: one matching in color the basic tone of the skin, and the other a little lighter. If you lighten the area above the cheekbones, nasolabial folds and wrinkles, resulting in the sagging of cheeks on both sides of the mouth, you can visually align these areas and make flaws less visible.

With age, the color of the skin, unfortunately, loses its homogeneity: there are brown spots, birthmarks become more noticeable.

Therefore, the use of a corrector is necessary, when you make-up Mature person. Applied concealer to the problem areas and carefully shade.

No need to abandon blush, they will make the face fresher and younger. It is better to use bold blush in natural colors. If you choose a peachy tone, it certainly will not lose.

Applied blush on the apples of the cheeks and carefully shade.

The powder must be used very carefully, light thin, not to “score” the lines. On the side of the cheekbones and forehead you can add a little bronzers.


The main task at this stage is to make the eyes look more open and slightly add to it’s brightness. To properly perform age eye makeup, you need to decide what were the obstacles look to be as clear as in youth.

Unfortunately, the overhanging eyelid is one of the most common defects that occur with age. recommends to use the technique of shadow mapping, which allows this drawback to be corrected.

Age makeup for the impending century performed by the shadows of two colors:

  • The whole area of the century is superimposed a light tone. It is important to determine the location of the bone above the upper eyelid and apply the shadow to its border.
  • On the outer corner of the eye, where the eyelid hangs, apply the shadows the darker tones and carefully shade them. It is important to achieve a soft, smooth and natural transition.
  • Line the top lash to emphasize a thin arrow that also needs to be carefully shaded. Maybe a little highlight with a pencil and line the lower lash, causing a soft line at the outer corner of the lower eyelid for about 1/3 its length.

As for the choice of shades, you should consider some nuances:

  • Makeup for aging women should not be too bright, so replace all the clean bright colors of shadows on tone transitional: black with grey or dark brown, white, ivory, bright purple – dark purple. The same rule applies to color ink and arrows.
  • Arrow is best applied with a pencil. The line should not be too contrasting, it is carefully shaded, making muted. In addition, liquid eyeliner emphasizes the wrinkles and bumps on the upper eyelid.
  • Even if your color type involves the use of warm colors, in adulthood, they are best avoided and replaced with cold. Red and yellow pigments in shades of warm colors can make your eyes tired and sore, at the same time adding a couple of years. But we want to achieve the opposite effect! Remember that cool shades young!
  • Glitter eye shadow for the age makeup will not work. They are applied only to the area under the eyebrow, as a rule, it remains smooth with age. On other sections of the century mother of pearl will only emphasize wrinkles.


The extent to which they maintained that their shape depends largely on whether the woman look younger.

Unfortunately, with age, eyebrows can thin and lose its natural color. Neat strokes that mimic the hairs and give the brows a little more expressiveness, using a soft pencil, and then brush brush.

If, on the other hand, eyebrows with the years began to grow too densely, form correction required.


To visually make the eyes look more open, slightly lift up lashes by special tweezers, and then apply the mascara. The age makeup of the eyelashes involves the use of not too contrasting colors: eggplant or brown and black can be reserved for an evening out.

However, it all depends on the appearance of the woman.

Mascara should not be too large so as not to cilia sticks. It is better to take the one that perfectly separates and lengthens.


If makeup young girls, the rule: “the accent either on the lips or in the eye,” Mature ladies just have to move from it. Making age makeup, lips can not be ignored: their color is not bright, they become thinner and if not to try to distinguish the lips on the face, they can not be lost.

  • Be sure to use the contour but not too sharp and contrast.
  • Apply to lips tinted balm in a natural shade, good moisturizing the skin.
  • If you use lipstick, choose matte natural tone and use a makeup brush – the lipstick should cover the lips with a thin layer.

Evening and day age makeup

In later years the differences between evening and daytime makeup is minimal: and application technique, and used tones remain the same for day and for evening.

But if you have a celebration, the lady wants to be a little brighter – it’s natural! So age evening makeup can be a little more intense than his full version. It is important to remember that the key word is “almost.”

So how do you give an evening look a little more brightness?

  • A little touch up bottom lashes at the corners of his eyes.
  • Choose a pencil eyeliner and dark eyeshadow a little more intense tone. Thus the lines should be soft, and the colors – matte – rule, which is followed by a daytime age makeup remains unchanged. It is not forbidden light pearlescent shade under the brow.
  • Slightly enhance the color of the lips with a lipstick for a more pronounced hue, for example, berry.
  • A little bit of blush to add, but this needs to be very careful.

That’s all: you ready for a night out!

When applying makeup on a Mature face, follow the rule: “Better a little less than a little more.” Moderation, restraint and the consciousness of his Mature appeal – that’s the main thing for women in the age of elegance.

The author – Elena Matusak (Lanberri), site –

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