How to do day makeup

Look amazing every woman wants. It is important to “shock”, which you call its beauty, it was with the plus sign, and this every detail of appearance must be appropriate. hopes that you never come to mind be on a weekday in the office in a chic evening dress. The same applies to “clothes for the face” – makeup. Its relevance is always in good taste women and it is important to understand the differences between make-up evening and day. About how to do day makeup will be discussed.

In the article we have included some videos the easy daily make-up. If you read the description for you tiring, you will see how leading make-up artists are good with their faces and understand everything ?

The correct day makeup: features

In daylight, the face must look natural. Deliberately thick arrows, too thick shadows, bright blush and other too sharp accents that can look great in dim evening light, the day will look roughly and deliberately. Not to be mistaken with the selection of cosmetics, remember what is right to do daytime make-up is only possible in this light, in which you will “wear” – ie in daylight.

Choice of colors

Important in daytime make-up is moderation. When applied, give preference to tones close to natural. Foundation – same shade as your skin; the shade – pastel, muted, more like a hint of color haze; blush – pale tones of peach color – a win-win.


In the daytime makeup pay attention to either the eyes or lips. If you choose the latter, you can use red lipstick, but not flashy colors, while more muted, berry or wine shades. If you want to emphasize the eyes, for eyeliner, choose a pencil: his line is not as bright and clear as liquid funds or Aligner, it is possible to blend and make more natural. The black color of the arrows leave for an evening out. Use a calm tone liner: black, brown, gray-blue. The ink is also better than similar shades.

How to apply day makeup

Before applying the cosmetic products be sure to clean your face. In the morning, by the way, to do so as certainly as night.

Before you do a daily makeup, moisturize the skin to Foundation laid down evenly, and then proceed to toning. It is better to apply tone with a damp sponge or wide brush to makeup. Don’t forget to pay special attention to the growth zone of the hair and the neck – border of the Foundation should not be noticeable.

In the under eye area, apply concealer, a little correct face shape for a tone darker than your natural skin color. Do not forget to carefully shade border. If necessary, use a concealer to mask visible imperfections.

Secure Foundation loose powder. When applying use a soft round brush, in any case, not a sponge. Powder must create an almost weightless veil.

Pay attention to eyebrows, they make expressive face, and draw attention to the eyes. Little freshen up their color, use mascara or pencil, the appropriate shade of your hair or if you are light blonde – one or two tones darker. If the color of your eyebrows does not need correction, you can use a transparent mascara and then comb your eyebrows with the brush – this would give them a neat, well-groomed appearance.

Don’t get too carried away with the eyeliner. Arrow needs to look more as a hint than as a sharp line. You can apply a delicate line on the upper eyelid and the lower only slightly to accentuate the outer corner of the eye. Using a pencil, don’t forget about shading.

If you want to do an easy daytime eye makeup, a good option would be the arrows marked shadows. Lightly spray a very thin flat brush, dip it in shadow and draw a line on the eyelid. will tell you how to make a beautiful day makeup using white color. Put a bright dot in the inner corner of the eye and carefully blend. You can bring a white pencil and the lower eyelid, causing a line over the lash – this will make the eyes look more open and bright, visually enhances the eyes and gives the image of freshness.

Shade for day release is better to use natural colors: light beige, milky white, natural pink. Emphasize the outer corner of the eye with a darker tone: brown, gray. If you want to add color, let it be only a hint of it.

Gently coat the lashes with mascara, making sure to avoid lumps and matted hair in the daylight they are especially noticeable.

If the shape of your lips and the color you want, you can use a gloss or chapstick with a hint of toning. If correction is still needed, apply the liner a tone darker than the lipstick. To create a natural daytime makeup, choose a lipstick natural color. She will go smoother and be more stable, if before applying a little makeup for the lips.

Be sure to use blush: they will give your face a fresh healthy appearance. Peach blush applied to the apples of the cheeks and bronze – all cheekbones. To the boundary of the blush was not noticeable, apply them in the direction from the scalp toward the center of the face, and not Vice versa.

It is believed that the perfect day makeup should look like no and around, looking at you should think: “How nice she looks!”, not “As interesting and brightly painted”. Rate your image in the mirror: if it smells fresh, if the look does not stop too bright colors – so you did the right thing!

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