How to do everything and live life to the fullest?

Sounds pretty fabulous, right? But to bring your life such that you would consider “full”, it is possible. How to do everything and live life to the fullest – tell original women’s website ““.

To live a full life like this?

Many of us utter this phrase — “to live a full life.” But if you ask each person what he means by “fullness of life”, you can get a variety of answers! For example:

  • Have more time for fun and entertainment. By the way, the concept of “fun and entertainment” (i.e. rest) is also interpreted quite differently by different people: someone would like to travel more, some to attend different events and institutions, someone in your life really miss a quiet home and hanging out (for example, for needlework), etc.
  • Do not limit yourself to spending (and, again, one wants to eat tasty restaurants, and the other to buy something for family, child, the third would be spent on travel, etc.).
  • To do more useful things (for example, around the house or for children).
  • More and more productive to work, to have interesting and fulfilling work.
  • Many people, especially women, is often linked to the fullness of life with a particular family position and success in your personal life – for example, to have a guy (preferably my husband) to be able to have a baby.

Actually, of course, all these dreams have a right to be enforced, and probably life, in which all or most of the above can be called complete.

But there is one trap into which fall many ambitious and active people: they’re trying everything to live a full life – that it is in their personal view.

One is taken from much, in all walks of life trying to be active and successful, and… sooner or later fatigue. We are all different – not everyone’s strength may be enough to saturate your days with action.

For example, after a period of frequent trips to the person may want to stay home and stay for some time more settled, after of workaholism on work – work as little as possible, after a period of free life, rich with entertainment – shock to work, etc.

Of course, it’s okay! But the problem is that people can begin to torment himself with reproaches of conscience – what with the rejection of any activity of his life supposedly becomes “incomplete”, he himself feels lazy, etc.

How to find that line – between the fullness of life and fatigue? In General, everything is simple – if you start to dream about a different lifestyle, then so is your current real need!

To live a full life – not to catch it, and then to enjoy what you are doing! A full life involves the turnover of activities, exercise and rest, refocus attention with personal needs on a more altruistic activities for the good of others (and Vice versa – socially useful things for the pleasant to you personally), etc.

You are not obliged to explain why you want or do not want to do anything (even if it is part of a General for many, the idea of “full of life”) – in the end, an extra hundred years of life for “good behavior” to reward you, no one can not.

Is it possible to catch it?

Live life to the fullest means doing what you want. But you probably know the state when a desire, it seems, simply have no time to do it! Where to get extra time?

The website can give you some useful tips:

  • Control of “time sinks”: the TV, the Internet (especially social networks) and computer games. To abandon those things not necessary, but it should be a time to honestly measure how much time you have spent on it to see important updates in the social network, to exchange messages, reply to emails? It’s usually not so much – within half an hour a day. Enough to stay up to date with the latest news and maintain contact with the right people. Of course, if necessary, you can sit in front of the computer longer, but try not to fill the “virtual reality” all the available minutes and hours. An ordinary modern man may free up 2-3 hours a day through Internet or TV.
  • Don’t become a servant in his own family. Even if you are the mother of the family, it is possible to redistribute the housework to be done-a little of everything, and you are not alone.
  • More and work together more effectively – that is good advice, but only if the work itself is very interesting, combined with your hobby, etc. Is a rarity – not everyone is lucky to have a job. Yet if you do not happy about what I do for a life… try to work less! For example, look similar to your job where they pay more (piece or hourly), but not nagrebaja a large amount of work! Although money can make my life a lot of opportunities, it is not necessary to drive yourself in a situation where you have no time to spend earned money!
  • Highlight for themselves the main thing: what you want to do in any deadlines be sure, but from what can be waived? The rejection of non-priority cases – one of the secrets of how to make it.

And some advice for how to live life to the fullest

  • Use successful cases somewhere to go and something to see. Invite the guests to another city – why not? Name of the event – why not in favor of sitting at home?..
  • Find yourself a hobby. And don’t say you don’t like what you “normal people”, “just a housewife”, etc. – most likely, you are just a little than tried to do. Looking for – something for everyone will not fail to appear, if you so wish!
  • Do what has never been done before. Buy fancy things for you, try new recipes, visit new places etc.
  • You may find it useful to revise your budget. Someone should learn to set aside funds for travel, entertainment, or training, for someone important to stop being greedy and start buying a beautiful and high quality stuff… so many fail “out of pocket” expenses – the little things spend the amount that you could afford the dream. For example – together four hot dogs in a week you could attend an interesting coffee shop with a friend, etc.
  • Get enough sleep. If you go all day with lack of sleep, you are unlikely to enjoy this day!

How to do everything and live life to the fullest – not so secret! The key is to learn not to be afraid to try something new, and time to abandon social stereotypes!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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