How to do everything with two kids?

I’m often asked: “When you all have time with the kids? Share a secret!” Tell you a secret – I don’t have time!

At least, it seemed to me that I don’t have time with the child (or rather, with my three children), as long as friends and acquaintances began to wonder when I all have time? It turns out that from the side it looks very good, even perfect?

Well, dare to talk about their principles, such as time with children, readers of women’s website ““. I would be glad if someone will take something on the note.

The kids have me actually three: the son-the student, the daughter-the schoolgirl of 10 years and a small “button” of 3 years. The husband earns the money and is far away from home. As you know, aid six months there. Grandparents also do not exclude, but not tense, they do, but they are turning for help very rarely.

Then there are friends and neighbors. Here, in General, everything that is given to me.


We have created some image of the perfect mother: if she had two or three children – how to do everything, she needs to know! The children she brought up, to walk with them, she goes, house is clean, always fresh food and plus she have time to work.

2 weeks ago I was in the status of mothers in the decree, so let’s talk about how you can manage with two children. Why two? Because the eldest son is studying in another city and comes home once in two weeks.

So I think my secrets are more suitable for those who have one child or two children. The difference in age they have a great 7 years.

Will first introduce you to my assistants:

  • The Internet. Yes. It. Getting used to the world wide web, I pay all my bills online, buy clothes for my girls, hanging out with friends, find razvivashki for the baby, and most importantly – work! Believe me, it’s a real time saver.
  • Of course, appliances: microwave, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, bread maker, food processor, washing machine is my main helpers in the home.
  • Bike. Live in a small town, so attaching to the trunk of a bike child seat, I save time. But, if I lived in a big city, I think, to ride a bike with a child would not dare. And I’m glad I have such a high-speed assistant.
  • Children’s books. I always read to the kids (even older daughter) before going to sleep at least a little.
  • Here is my assistants who help to make the time to catch everything with two children.

    Assigning cases

    I must say, I’m not trying to do everything perfectly at home since realized that the difference between a job well done and perfect is actually not noticeable.

    Is it possible to plan your day, if in the hands of small unpredictable children? . Try to distribute your business by:

    What can I do when the baby sleeps during the day?

    NAPs my baby takes 2 hours. I can:

    • To work on the article (choose the material, edit, plan);
    • To sleep with my daughter;
    • To do with her older daughter;
    • Crafting;
    • Pamper yourself with beauty treatments;
    • To hula-Hoop, deal with dumbbells, rock press – that is, to exercise.

    I fundamentally do not do at this time?

    • Not prepared to eat;
    • Is not removed;
    • Don’t run to the store;
    • Not my dishes, etc.

    Why? Because I can do it with my daughter when she wakes up.

    What can be done when the children are playing?

    So, second point: what can I do when the children are playing with each other or younger are passionate about some interesting thing for her?

    I have this item called the “15-minute” case. A list of these cases I borrowed from the supporters of the system “the fly lady”, and she wrote it in a notebook and planning work for a week, isolated area in which I will be working this week and that it is advisable to do.

    Note, preferably, but not necessarily! But most of the cases from this list I can accomplish.

    Helps me tune in to work the phrase “15 minutes is a lot!” For 5 — 15 minutes, I manage to do 1 – 2 small things:

    In the kitchen:

    • Wipe the microwave;
    • To wash the dishes;
    • Clean and disassemble the refrigerator;
    • Wipe the tables and the facades of the kitchen, knobs on the doors, sockets and switches etc.

    In the hallway:

    • Wipe the mirror;
    • Disassemble the shelf with the shoes;
    • To go through a box of pins, etc.

    In the nursery:

    • To remove the shelf in the chest;
    • To disassemble the bookshelf, etc.

    That is, 5, 10, 15 minutes available are used to the maximum. Honestly, the list of things to do in the area, really helps to Orient those who want to do everything to do at home with children.

    Immediately say, that my oldest daughter is very restless, for a long time to babysit the younger it will not be because of his temperament, so I have these classes that will help distract my daughter to while I work:

    • Box with all sorts of unnecessary “usefulness”, which I safely give;
    • A large plastic bottle with multi-colored small caps, which take place in the neck of the bottle;
    • Thick junk journals with bookmarks of different thickness. This idea I spied on the Internet. Daughter is happy leafing through the pages or pulling bookmarks. In parallel, learn colors;
    • Plastic cups and plates;
    • Peas, beans are a daughter of sorts;
    • Fridge magnets (letters, shapes, animals, etc.) and many other “games at hand”;
    • Cartoons and presentations for kids etc.

    What can I do only with someone’s help?

    Those who are looking for how to get with two or three children at home, it is better to make a list of “difficult” cases in advance and not forget about it when you have the opportunity to leave with someone your kids: going to the doctor, visits to various authorities, an important event at work, etc.

    In the case where things do not require deferral, never hesitate to ask for help from relatives.

    What you can do while walking?

    I have things that I do, walking with children:

    • Trips to the post office (I often buy things through the Internet);
    • Communication by telephone;
    • A visit to the Bank (pick the time of the visit so that it coincided with rush hour)
    • 2 times a week my older daughter lessons in music school end later when it gets dark. These days we plan a walk on a city Playground in the Park near the music school. And the older face to the younger variety.

    What can be done when the child goes to bed at night?

    I was lucky in that the youngest daughter goes to bed early – at 21.00 – 21.30. So tonight I plan on some activity that will take 1 – 2 hours of time. It could be browsing the Internet, crafts, cooking on tomorrow or just rest.

    How to plan for things around the house with two children?

    There are things that repeat every day. Schedule is not necessary.

    Those who want to catch up with the children, it is important to train yourself to exercise daily (to wash, to clean the bed, disassemble the wash, lay the Laundry machine to prepare clothes to school in the evening, go for a walk, etc.)

    In addition to daily Affairs, it is better to think through or write down your plan for the next day in several ways:

    • Plan “maximum”. It will come in handy when the kids are doing great, mood is good, feel fit and full of energy, ready to move mountains. (I so obtained a couple of times a week);
    • The usual plan. Your average day with some scheduled cases;
    • The minimum plan. This plan is for the case when emergencies happen and you around the house actually did not have time to do other than daily duties.

    If you design your business in different ways, you will not have the feeling that once again you do not have time with the kids.
    Once again, I’m not trying to do everything, but plan to the maximum. Besides, doing everything according to the principle of “enough”: home work is done well, but not perfect.


    It is very important not to give the so-called chronopia – “eaters of time” — take your time.

    • For me, it was circulated on social networks. Now I allocate myself a day to do this for 15 – 20 minutes – this is enough to browse the pages of friends in the networks and be aware of the news.
    • The communication of politeness. Now I immediately ask the interviewee how important the conversation, and not afraid to refuse communication if the “just to chat”;
    • Also earlier I did a lot of talking on his cell phone. Now talk only when the children began to play while walking. Or speaking in a mode “hands-free” and in parallel doing something around the house.

    How to prepare to eat with two children?

    Previously, a lot of time spent on food preparation: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Accustomed to all his family. When a third daughter, the pace diminished. On the son’s question: “what is the soup yesterday?”, replied, as in the joke: “I’ll tell you more, he’s still tomorrow.”

    I have to say that now refined culinary creations prepared not often. Cooking pressing I do when the kids are with me.

    Really help advice of Martha Stewart and British chef Jamie Oliver, who have a lot of quick meals in 30 minutes, and the recipe is on our website sympaty from the category “Kitchen”.

    • For Breakfast or dinner, we used to have tea with sandwiches and gruel-updates, which add fruit for Breakfast or a meat dish for supper;
    • First course for lunch, usually prepared for 2 days. If the first day the soup was a piece of bread, on the second day to it to make sandwiches or just throw in soup crackers;
    • For snacking there is always fresh yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt.

    On Saturday or Sunday when he comes for the weekend the eldest son and could spend some time with the sisters, I definitely have something to cook dough: pizza, dumplings, dumplings, cakes, pies or tarts. Of course, this helps me a bread maker as she kneads the dough, I prepare the filling. All turns out faster in 2 times.

    Besides, we can procure “in reserve” a few extra portions, which are invaluable in the day when a “minimum plan”.
    Often make semi-finished products from meat, which is frozen in the chamber. It is also time-saving.

    PS Ah, so it was even 2 weeks ago. Now I’m a working mom. Now the most important task — to pick up my children on my work. I’m looking for new ways, how to do everything with 3 kids, working mom, and already a little addicted to the new pace of life.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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