How to do everything

You twist like a squirrel in a wheel, and the time is still anything missing? How to be, because the everyday rush in the end turns into stress and stress.

To nothing successful lady today I bring the following tips:

Save time

So, is it possible to release and save your time? Possible!!!And how. Judge for yourself:

Try as much as possible to organize his “workplace” at home.
For example: keep a Notepad, pen and phone book near the phone, put pen together with documents, bills for the apartment, postal envelopes, identify and postage stamps.

Make it in a suitable place hooks for scissors and keys.
Thus you will get rid of the endless search for pens, scissors, keys, etc. and save, by conservative estimates, at least one hour of free time a week.

Choose for the child the school, which is located as close as possible to the house.
You don’t have to waste time with long meetings and wires. Furthermore, friends, he will get closer to home.
Double winning time: about six hours a week.

Get in the house a hard and fast rule: every child from the age of 11 years, he cleans up his room and ironed his clothes.
Save time for at least one hour per child!

Short haircut is not only fashionable but also practical, as it gives a week of winning 45 minutes of free time. And it is at least.

Food shopping is best done directly for a week.
In addition, hang a list of products on the friedge door — let the home not only empty, but also replenish it! Two more hours of free time as a result.

If you managed for a week to give up watching TV, you would have saved on average of nineteen hours.
My advice is to save at least half!

Release yourself on the phone conversations for five minutes. Of course, with the exception of those that you really enjoy. Pets will be happy, also, freed up more hours of free time a week.

Try to do some of the work or the important things, even without leaving home.
So you quickly deal with the main part of them.
For example, in advance make an appointment or make a reservation by phone (for example, make an appointment with the hairdresser — then you won’t have to sit half the day in queue), plan to detail an important event or conversation.

Try to plan the evening all the important trips, calls and talks tomorrow. So you save about fifteen hours a week.

The most conservative estimate of the responder (not necessarily electronic), included in important or urgent Affairs, you will save at least one hour a week.

Do not stint on a good cookbook and a book on nutrition.
Win three hours of time saved per week, plus zdoroe.

Strive not!

Do homework not “excellent”, but just “good”. Remember, when was the last time someone from the household praised you for the brilliant kitchen floor? The result is at least another two hours of free time a week.

Marry self-sufficient men.

There is a chance that they can cook, wash and iron.So you will save forever!

In conclusion, I want to remind the rule “THREE is 0” in relation to homework:

1. To leave.
2. To postpone.
3. To discard it (charging).

Give a home to show what they’re capable of, and dedicate, at last, entirely to myself!

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