How to do hairstyles in Greek style with a bandage?

Greek headband in her hair – a stylish accessory that can be used with almost any length of hair. Today the site “” tell what hairstyle in Greek style with a bandage you can make. Nothing complicated – they are based on well-known hairstyles!

Hairstyles in Greek style with a headband: options

The website have offered readers attention a small master class showing how to do a Greek hairstyle by yourself. So here we will not consider the most popular hairstyle with a headband – Greek “roller”, produced by wrapping the strands around the bandage.

But we need to know how to update bandage familiar your hair! For example:

  • Loose braid on one side. If you have long hair, you can braid easy braid, not pulling hair at the base, then top to put on a bandage! Simple and stylish hairstyle!
  • A high ponytail or a bun. Do yourself a ponytail or classical beam somewhere between the top and back of his head, a bandage, of course, held back underneath. The main thing – to follow, whether combined elastic band for the tail and headband in color and style.
  • Low knot from braid to mask the bandage back. Done – on top of the hair, put on a bandage. The hair on both sides going behind the ears, weave in two braids. Then braids cleave hairpins in a bun on the back over the bandage.
  • Hairstyle Princess with a bandage. Armband worn just above the hairline. Behind the ears take two thin strands wrapped several times around the bandage on both sides, at the back fastened with a small elastic or hair pins. By the way, the variation of this hairstyles is possible even on a short square — side strands wrap around the bandage only once, around the ears.

How to put Greek dressing on flowing hair?

Very feminine type of hairstyle in Greek style with a bandage – bandage, worn on loose hair. Will look especially beautiful if you style it light waves to give the hair volume! Although long hair, a lined pad, also look interesting with a bandage!

It remains only to choose how to wear the blindfold?

  • Across the forehead, hippie style. However, it is associated with the antique hairstyles, and even with the old Slavonic! Usually this option is used if there is bangs.
  • The line of hair growth. This is a convenient option when you want to remove hair from the face.
  • Departing 2-4 cm from the hairline (as a tiara). Beyond bandages is the front part of hair is to use, for example, if the strands of haircut shorter front main body of the hair, or they want to emphasize the curls of a person, etc.
  • If you have bangs, wear a headband at the growth lines bangs on top. Although wide thick bangs sometimes “squeeze” a bandage passing through the middle of the forehead.
  • With your hair back like a headband. So often carry a bandage, if it has any decor – for example, three-dimensional flowers (a La the wreath).

And to the bandage, which is put on flowing hair, really great to strengthen all sorts of pendants with feathers, beads, chains…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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