How to do hairstyles in pin-up style?

The website “” I began to tell about the pin-up style, which owns the thoughts of fashionistas for more than half a century! Today we are talking about hairstyles.

Perhaps most importantly, what’s different hairstyles in pin-up style is the neatness of their work: there are no spontaneously disheveled hair, any styling is done “hair to hair” and it is obligatory styling products.

Styling with curls in the style of pin-up

Curls and waves is an integral part of hairstyles this style.

Almost none of the styling is not done with straight hair, curls can frame the front part, as if laying with loose hair, they definitely wavy!

The standard length for haircuts, based on which to create hairstyles pin-up style – from just below the ears to the length below the shoulder blades. Girls 50s has not raised the spit, but multicompatible short haircuts in this feminine style didn’t fit. Ideal – a graceful female head with exciting locks.

You can see a neat “spiral” created by using Curling irons, and “waves” — you can get them, if you use curlers of different caliber.

Short hair curl a little ends inside to get the volume. Also be sure to very much tighten up your bangs, if any, and is often specifically grown long bangs below the eyes to make it large curl-curl, making the hair above the forehead…

Interesting accent, kind of styling can be asymmetrical parting (in some cases the parting above the ear, when most of the hair laid on one side).

It is also possible with the help of hairpins to pin the hair from the front sides above the ears. If you plan a bright summer image, you can stab the hair an artificial flower.

Hairstyle with a headband – the card pin-up style!

When you say “pin-up” — just a girl on the head which flaunts a Flirty bandage from sticking with the tips! This is really a special accessory, which introduced this style.

First American girls they tied so the hair handkerchief with purely practical purposes – at work, the hair do not fall on the eyes. But very quickly it became a fashion!

The easiest option is to curl the hair, tie a bandage so as to cover the upper part of the ears and the forehead left a couple of inches from the hairline.

The second variation – curled hair are chopped off at the nape in a soft beam that fits over the headband, under which, on the face certainly falls a few curls!

Dressings are special, with stitched back band, but you can use braided in a plait scarf or a thin scarf. Also in pin-up style fit headbands for hair in the appropriate style – polka dot or plaid, flowers, etc.

Fleece, curls, and rollers pin-up hairstyles

The most extravagant hairstyles this style – with the bulk elements – cushions, large cool curled curls and bouffant.

Of course, this is not the 60s, when no high fleece there was not a single ladies ‘ hair, but some of the harbingers that have already appeared. So, hair was sometimes necesitates and pinned from behind and below the left soft curls.

Another interesting and almost forgotten element of retro-hair – rollers. The cushion is twisted and pinned hair. Generally, rollers were doing the back over the neck, sometimes the forehead cushion or two above the ears.

Most interesting know-how pin APA – stabbed curls of hair. The strand from which to curl little twist (soft harness), and put the spiral in the right place, fixing invisible, while in the final sprayed varnish. Typical pin-up hairstyle – two of the curl over the forehead, formed from hair over the ears (back hairstyles – curls or a bun).

Typical facial decoration – clear very curly curls (multiple small coils or a bigger one which can be constructed with the regrown bangs).

And if you think that updo style pin-up on samples of 50 years outdated and difficult to match with modern clothing, in order to break this stereotype, pay attention to famous women, “icons of style”: Gwen Stefani, Dita von Teese, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera…

They use all the pin-up stuff, and look perfect – for example, extravagant Rihanna loves to be tied up curls bandage-bandana with protruding ends and makes the hair to t-shirts, shorts and sneakers, blond Christy looks great with wavy curls – no matter wearing an evening dress or jeans, always elegant Dita may appear with pinned curls as on stage, and somewhere in the airport…

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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