How to do makeup in the style of pin-up?

The website “” continues to tell about the pin-up style: the style of bright beauties! Our female readers may already have an idea about clothing and hairstyles in the style of pin-up. You only have to know what make-up to complement the tasty way!

Philosophy makeup in pin up style

Girl in pin-up style – definitely a beautiful, bright, loves to flirt and have some fun! She is feminine and sexy, and she’s alive, worldly, glowing with health and youth!

How this image is created with the help of makeup?

  • In pin-up makeup are certainly present in bright colors. Often the accent color is a juicy sponge, but sometimes possible and focus on the eyes – color eyeliner, for example.
  • Clear lines and contours. Contribute lips, draw neat arrows.
  • Clean and fresh skin tone of the face is very important: bright and intense makeup looks bad on dim and prone to rash the skin, with “bruises” under eyes… before you paint something panovskoe typically, need to deal with the skin.

And not welcome in the pin up:

  • “Aristocratic paleness”, natural, pastel color, “colorless” person. Of course, there are daytime and evening makeup options in pin-up style, but even during the day the makeup is used heavily color – it is not a “natural”!
  • Gloom, a dark “dirty” colors. Not useful dark color lipstick, it’s rare to see a dark “Smokey eyes” for centuries.
  • Multicolored. Yes, the color is used, but accent color is usually one, he just reconciled! Pin-up makeup does not involve all colors of the rainbow in the eyes or variegated type “crimson lips, blue eyelids, red cheeks”.

Lips pin-up makeup

Plump yummy lips – an indispensable item of make-up in this style. How to achieve this effect?

  • Use lipstick, not gloss. Lipstick gives a rich even tone, and if you want to achieve the effect of wet lips, then apply the glossy gloss on top (transparent or the same color as the lipstick). Generally in pin-up make-up often used options matte lipstick.
  • Ocert the contour lip pencil, before applying a bright lipstick or gloss. The older a woman is, the more relevant this advice is, because a lipstick or a gloss tends to “spread” mikromashina lips and the contour does not allow this to happen. For visual lip augmentation need to take the path to the darker tone of lipstick, if the lips themselves are plump and you don’t want to visually change their shape, then take the outline the same color as the lipstick.
  • The shape of the lips is natural. If you think your own lips narrow, it is better to take the lower path to the millimeter below the real edge of the lips, but don’t draw the “bow” as in 20 years!
  • Colors – bright! Pick up the red lipstick of the shade which fits the color type and the clothes you plan to wear with pin-up makeup. In addition to red, can be deep crimson, coral, pink or peach lips, depending on the outfit and accessories, of course.

In General, the lip is there in 99% of cases are the main focus. Light, muted and natural shades are very rare.

Eye makeup

A distinctive feature of the eye makeup in this style – open shining eyes. How this is achieved will tell website

  • First- thick and long lashes, which are definitely slightly twisted. For a daytime appropriate option a good black mascara with some mascara on the brush, and on special occasion you can even think about building.
  • Second – hands. Classic pinowska arrow is drawn so on the upper eyelid with the line as close to the lash line. From the outer corner of the eye to the edge of the eyebrow mentally (only mentally!) the line (it should be inclined at an angle of about 45%). This line is drawn and the arrow (of course, not leading right up to the eyebrows!). Hands – neat, slim, but not too long. On the lower eyelid arrow can not draw, if it is “heavier” look.
  • The only such arrows to draw liner, eyeliner. Most often they are black, rarely grey or brown.

    How to apply the shadows?

    Under the clear arrow to the makeover of the century needs to be light enough arrow stood out. You can apply a light beige shade with a white “flare” at the inner corner of the eyes (this look will Shine).

    Instead of beige can be pale blue, grayish-pearly shades, but in any case – makeup “graphic” arrows should not be strong dimming and multi-color iridescence of colors (don’t forget the bright lips!).

    Day make-up girls in the pin-up style is to not use shadows.

    Apply a light concealer under the eyes and in the inner corner of the eye, to avoid “shadows” and “black”, draw a neat arrow on the lower eyelid can hold the line the mucosa is a special light blue or a white pencil, it gives amazingly clean and clear look!

    And makeup in the style of pin-up suggests the possibility of applying the blush. Blush plotted on the line of the cheekbones with a fluffy brush “Kabuki”. The shade depends on the lipstick – perfect blush if I repeat the color of lipstick, only to repeatedly feathered and pale!

    The second shade of blush, brown, no redness, you can apply under the cheekbones (the areas that outline, if you involve the cheeks). This can be done, if not like myself with chubby cheeks (although it is in pin up welcome!).

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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