How to do makeup in the technique of Straubing?

Creating a natural makeup in just a few minutes by using a minimum of cosmetics is the dream of all girls! And now it has come true – thanks to a new technique of makeup called “Straubing”. The website “” with pleasure will teach you how to do this trendy make-up, even if you are the perfect “tea” in the art of makeup!

What is the technique of makeup Straubing?

Perfect make-up is not all rainbow colors on eyelids and a ton of “plaster” on the skin. The smartest Macapa is one in which to apply a few layers of makeup on the skin, but this achieves the effect of “flashing” of certain areas of the face.

In the end highlights the most harmonious features of the appearance, the face looks fresh.

How to do it? Before mostly obscured some places powder, creams, etc. It had to be done very well, the slightest mistake looked like a slick, unnatural darkening or “depression” in the wrong place.

But now makeup artists came up with a simple and elegant solution, available to any girl – not to darken and lighten! This would require a single cosmetic product — highlighter.

As you know, the highlighter is a tool that lightens the skin. Accordingly, it is applied to areas that should be lighter. This is the technique in Straubing.

Video-on-Straubing, fairly intelligible, despite the fact that it is in English.

How to prepare your face for application of highlighter?

Before applying this cosmetic product, the person must align. You will need a regular makeup base.

Next, apply Foundation – the most suitable shade to your face. If you are absolutely sure in their skin, it is possible to do only one base for makeup, but in practice this can afford very few women, most of us skin requires “alignment” in tone and hue.

Attention – if your skin tends to be oily and quickly begins to Shine, the Foundation is better to use a mattifying primer!

By itself, the Straubing – makeup “transparent”. It does not mask obvious defects of the skin, severe redness, under eye circles, etc. All the problem areas, if any, need to cover with concealer or Foundation.

Concealer is applied after Foundation, but before the highlighter.

Instructions for use of highlighter in Straubing

On which zones to apply highlighter?

Before applying the highlighter, it is necessary to choose the right under your skin type. If the skin is normal or prone to dryness – it will be convenient highlighter creamy texture. However, when it comes to oily skin, then take a highlighter and a dry texture, to avoid the effect of lubricity on the face.

Can also experiment using two types of shimmers / highlighters in the makeup “Straubing” on the forehead and nose is applied dry and the rest the following places cream.

And then start to “conjure”! Apply highlighter to the following:

  • The cheekbones and under the eyes
  • Point in the middle of the upper lip (so the lips will look a little chubbier)
  • The middle of the forehead
  • The middle of the chin
  • The nose (that is, the longitudinal line from the nose to the tip of the nose).
  • The area under the eyebrow — but not the eyelid! Absolutely no need to cover with a highlighter everything, right up to the folds of the eyelids.

You only need a little eccentic in the area of the curve of the eyebrow.

Arrows indicate where to add lights

The advice from the website – if your skin is shiny, and you will not be able to adjust the makeup a few hours later, it did not initially apply highlighter on T-zone (forehead and nose – these places become shiny faster just). Stick to the cheekbones, chin, under the brow and above the lip.

The important point is to blend the highlighter. In any case it is impossible to remedy clogged pores, also should not be visible clear boundary tone. For the shading you will need a wide brush for makeup (for example, “Kabuki”).

If you’re used to blush, you can apply a little blush under the cheekbones and work them hard to blend.

That’s all! Makeup art Straubing can be combined with various shades of lipstick and gloss, various Macapa eyes is a perfect basis for creating different looks!

Even if you just applied a clear gloss and black mascara on the lashes – this makeup will be perfect for any day!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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