How to do quick and easy hairstyles for dirty hair?

The website “” knows how big the problem can sometimes become messy hair. Surely every modern girl caught in a situation when you need to go to an important meeting, and time to wash the head does not remain absolutely.

The only thing that can help in this situation — hairstyles for dirty hair.

Rules for creating hairstyles for dirty hair

Have hair, can even on greasy hair look charming, is not so difficult. And it is carried out in just a few steps:

  • Degrease the hair. Perfect for that special dry shampoo (we talked about it here). But in its absence you can use the ordinary dust, baby powder, starch, flour for hair and mustard powder for dark. The powder should be rubbed closer to the scalp and then comb my hair.
  • Give your hair volume. For this you will need hairspray and a simple flat comb. Alternately lift each comb out strands and spray lacquer on the hair roots.
  • Directly laying. It is better to choose the hairstyle that is most suitable for your hair type. Don’t be afraid to use various accessories — hair clips, headbands, scarves and not only.
  • Basic hairstyles for dirty hair

    Hairstyles for dirty hair can be very different. The website offers you to get acquainted with the most popular and easiest of them.

    The beam

    If you need a quick hairstyle for dirty hair, the classic bundle will be just the perfect option. What is important, important to look it will be in the office and at the party. In addition, this hairstyle is done in literally two minutes. You need to collect hair in a pony tail, and then its end spinning into a bundle and wrap around the base. When you create this hairstyle does not need to strive for accuracy — the individual stray strands will look attractive rather than sloppy.


    Another great hairstyle to hide greasy hair. You can do a traditional braid, and more versatile ear.

    The only rule — the dirtier your hair, the less free should be a pigtail. Well this hairstyle is perfect for owners of thin hair.


    The fleece can be used both for short and long hair. For example, short hair enough to comb and blow-dried in the usual way. Long nasasyvat at the roots, after which they can be removed in a neat shell. As the hair starts to garnet just at the roots, this hairstyle will not only hide the lack of them, but would not allow them to get dirty so quickly.

    Double shell

    Difficult to come up with a hairstyle that would hide the dirty condition of the hair more successfully. How to make a classic shell, knows each of us.

    Double shell is obtained, if the pre-divide the hair into equal halves. Both of the shells rotate in the direction to each other.


    Beautiful hairstyle for dirty hair long. Moreover, it is performed simply. Divide the hair by parting into two halves. Then each of them will screw in the roll from his temple to the nape, pull the two strands with an elastic and wrap into a roll. Various pins and Bobby pins will help the hairstyle to stay longer.

    What hairstyle is not suitable for dirty hair?

    Most often, to hide the messy hair, we just sucesive them back and put them in a traditional pony tail. But, unfortunately, this hairstyle only emphasizes the stale appearance of your hair. And therefore it is desirable to avoid.

    Also, oily hair is not necessary neither to cheat nor to straighten with a straightening iron. Such a blow will not last long, as eventually the hair will seem even more dirty than before.

    If possible, brush less prone to greasy hair and do not touch them with your hands. The fact that the result of combing fat secreted by the sebaceous glands, go below the hair that they quickly become dirty.

    Don’t worry if you have no time to bring their hair in order, because hairstyles for dirty and oily hair are able to easily save any situation. The most important thing — the right approach to their implementation, and to believe in their own irresistibility.

    The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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