How to do self-massage of the abdomen for weight loss?

Fat belly women – a fairly common phenomenon. Especially often extra inches settle on the waist of the fair half of mankind after the birth.

To get rid of this “acquisition” is not easy, because the fat layers on the stomach are a natural protection of the fetus in the womb, and the body releases these stocks are “in the flow” in the least. To help remove waist extra inches capable special-massage of the abdomen slimming, which is in this article and tell women’s website ““.

In General, any massage is a great method of combating obesity. The result is accelerated metabolism in the body, eliminates stagnant processes, aktiviziruyutsya the bloodstream.

Massaging of the abdomen also allows one to improve intestinal peristalsis, so that the body quickly gets rid of all the excess, and waistline is noticeably shrinking.

To remove fat from the abdomen, many women are turning to professional massage.

Professional abdominal massage for weight loss

Such service is provided in many salons. Is one massage for about 15 to 20 dollars. Lasts about an hour. Visit master massage to lose weight, you need 2-3 times a week. The full course consists of 10-12 sessions.

About abdominal massage for weight loss reviews say that the procedure brings only pleasant feelings and a very noticeable effect.

As a result of visiting the massage parlor melt the extra inches not only the waist but also in other problem areas. Surprisingly, an abdominal massage gives the effect for overall weight loss.

Unfortunately, professional massage services can not afford anyone wishing to lose weight. But to perform self-massage with the same purpose are quite capable of every woman.

Self-massage of the abdomen for weight loss

Unlike a massage session with a professional, self-massaging of the abdomen is recommended to perform 15-20 minutes daily. So the procedure is not very tedious and quite effective.

There are several varieties of home restaurants: plucked, water, canned and honey.

All these techniques have their own features and benefits, but they share common rules that must be followed during each procedure.

  • Not to do self-massage of the skin of the abdomen for weight loss after eating. It is best to do it in the morning on an empty stomach or after 1.5-2 hours after a meal.
  • Before the massage skin it is advisable to prepare. If on specific training in the instructions to the massage says nothing, you can just make a peeling and warm skin stroking movements clockwise.
  • During the massage, you should strain your stomach muscles to the effects on the internal organs was minimal.
  • To begin the massage you need with gentle, gradually increasing the intensity of the movements.
  • It is impossible to massage the stomach too much. This can only harm, but does not speed up the process of weight loss.

To do the right abdominal massage for weight loss, you need to meet with all existing techniques and choose among them one or two for yourself.

Plucked belly massage for weight loss

This form of home massage does not require any additional items or creams. You can run it in accordance with any one of several techniques.

The first option is plucked massage is characterized by its simplicity:

  • Morning or evening you need to stand in front of the mirror, exposing the stomach.
  • Before you start the belly massage to accelerate weight loss you must perform the preparations for it with stroking movements of the hand or fist around the navel.
  • Fingers of both hands begin to intensely to pinch the skin of the abdomen, moving in a spiral from the navel to the sides. With each new round of tingling should be strengthened.
  • To perform the massage should be at least 15 minutes.
  • An important rule of this massage is to maintain an accurate time to completion with acceptable error in 1-2 hours.
  • The second technique clipping massage on the network is described much more often.

  • To perform the procedure you need to take the situation lying down. Belly Stripping. Massage it with light circular strokes, preparing the skin for more intense treatment.
  • Fingers of both hands to start pinching subcutaneous fat layer near the navel, while you need to go from the imaginary line of circumference around the edge of the abdomen to the center. You must first treat the stomach from the edge to the center 15 times, and then run 15 laps in the opposite direction.
  • Seizing with both hands the patch of skin just below the navel, you should make a few rifts in the upward direction to the line of the lower ribs. Then you need to go down the same way. To repeat the movements are recommended 15 times in each direction.
  • Nipping the skin of the abdomen with the hands, to massage the lateral areas of the belly, starting from the line the lower hips. Both hands should in fact operate simultaneously, falling parallel to each other towards the bottom of the abdomen. Repeat the movement should be 10 to 15 times.
  • Water-massage of the abdomen for weight loss

    This kind of self-massage is one of the most enjoyable. To run it you just need to send on the belly of the jet of the shower, led her clockwise around the navel so that the water gently massaged the skin.

    During the procedure the force of water pressure and temperature needs to be changed. The contrast of temperature will enhance the effect of massage.

    Duration of one session should be 10 to 15 minutes.

    By daily applying to this massage for several weeks of body fat in the abdominal region will decrease, and the work of the digestive tract will improve.

    Abdominal massage for weight loss banks

    Unlike water massage this procedure is very unpleasant. Nevertheless, this type of massage is considered to be one of the most effective in the fight against excess centimeters.

    Cupping-massage of the abdomen for weight loss do in a horizontal position.

  • The skin of the abdomen is cleaned with a lotion or water-alcohol solution. It is applied to cellulite oil (it can be made at home by adding fat-based essential oils of grapefruit, mint and geranium).
  • Of the cans with a burning torch oxygen and remove and fix them on the body. At the same time see that the height of the skin inside the banks did not exceed the level of 1.5 cm.
  • Attached zigzag banks moved over the abdomen for 5 or slightly more minutes.
  • Clearing banks, the belly covered with a towel.
  • After a session of cupping massage is recommended to lie down for a quarter of an hour. At first, the procedure can leave the skin bruised. But gradually this side effect will disappear, and the main will begin to manifest.

    Honey-massage of the abdomen for weight loss

    This procedure is good because it allows you to not only remove fat, but also make the skin of the abdomen more toned. Needs to use only natural honey.

    This massage is performed thus:

  • Preparing a special mixture of honey (tablespoon) and essential oils of grapefruit, peppermint, rosemary, almond, bergamot and jojoba oil (10 drops of one of the following).
  • Palms, smeared in honey mixture, run a light Pat on the belly for 15-20 minutes.
  • Pat necessarily alternate with stroking to the abdomen began to experience excessive load.
  • After the session you should take a warm shower. You can further lubricate the skin of the abdomen Apple cider vinegar: it is considered an excellent remedy against cellulite.
  • Do honey massage better through the day for months.
  • Any type of massage can give a wonderful effect, and proof of this website considers the experiences of those who have managed to lose weight thanks to this procedure.

    Self-massage of the abdomen for weight loss: reviews of the results

    • My cousin, whom I hadn’t seen in six months, came to visit me and surprised our whole family, fluffy girl turned into a slim young lady. I asked what helped her to lose weight, and sister told me about stringed abdominal massage for weight loss, which has become part of her daily regimen about two months ago. I decided to follow its example and also began to use this technique. Angelina
    • Bought bottles at night make massage affordable anti cellulite cream for 15 minutes. The first time had bruises. But now the skin is used to. The massage from the waist took 3 cm per month. I’m happy with. Lyudmila
    • Massage is very helpful. Doing twice a day with anti-cellulite cream, combine it with exercises on a press. For the month waist removed 4 see Julia
    • I decided to try to reduce the belly plucking massage. Did the procedure in the morning for 15 minutes, kneaded the skin in a clockwise direction, starting at the navel. After the first session felt bowel started to work harder. After 3 days it seemed to me that belly got smaller (probably because the intestines began to be emptied twice a day). Decided to measure the waist. Was – 1 cm left. Interestingly, with hips an extra inch of also left. Elena

    Negative feedback about the self-massage of the abdomen for weight loss in a network is not found. However, this procedure still cannot be considered harmless and completely safe. She has a number of contraindications.

    Massage and self-massage of the abdomen for weight loss: when you can not do

    During the massage the abdomen in any case, the impact on the abdominal and partly pelvic. If in the gastrointestinal tract or in the urogenital organs have some problems, massaging the abdomen can.

    The contraindications to abdominal massage are:

    • Pregnancy and lactation.
    • Menstruation.
    • The presence of the skin of any foci of inflammation, rashes.
    • Varicose disease.
    • Hernia.
    • Diarrhea.
    • A high body temperature.
    • Fungal diseases.

    Many experts in the field of cosmetology, generally insist that a stomach massage for weight loss yourself without consulting a medic should not do.

    But those who have received the permission of the doctor in such a procedure, it is possible without any fear to be taken for a sculpture of your body through massage. Surely after the first few sessions the result of their extremely surprise and delight.

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