How to draw a man towards fatherhood

“Good day, female site Advise how to bring the man to the birth of children? How to prepare him to justice, but not to scare? How to make, that he wanted children? Thank You, Lida.”

Lida, this topic is sensitive and complex, but perhaps the most important. Therefore, all our intersexual relationship, love, if not for the fact that we had kids :)? And I, as one who is also “long” was going to be a parent, something I can advise ? Although I admit: every case is very individual.

First exploration

As in any business, which it is impossible to calculate on all hundred, You should first conduct reconnaissance. Just not one that precedes the battle – it is not necessary so seriously ?

On the contrary – no excessive expectations. Let this be an easy game. Like a child. After all, man is for woman in the home often plays the role of the “big” child.

And intelligence is just analysis as it relates to children, what he thinks about his potential fatherhood. If “shrugs” struggling, hard case, but still not hopeless ? No such between us. You just need to be very careful. And to move towards the goal slowly ?

Appreciating his attitude to this question, You will estimate how strong and high city walls, which You (hopefully) destined to take ?

A lot of kids around You

What would someone want something, you need to show that “something” from others. And although children is not a fur coat or an expensive car, which their neighbours have, but You have no ? , but with children this rule can work.

If You have a friend or family with a small child, great. If not – try to get similar a couple of friends to occasionally look to them. Just don’t overdo it. Everything should be in moderation.

If only briefly intersect with the family, where a young child, chances are that the emotions Your betrothed shall remain positive. Not “overload” his domestic problems associated with children, it can repel. Better show him the pros and cons, do not hesitate, hide ?

Another good move is to take the child (if You trust) for a few hours and walk a Threesome: You, him and baby. And the baby is less distressed, the better. While you’re out, try under a good pretext to leave at least five minutes, leaving her spouse alone with the baby. It will be useful ?

When you return to the child’s parents several times casually say to the man as well when there are little kids, right?

The trump card

I hope You act carefully, but naturally. That is, You once found yourself chosen probably want to have his baby. Simple, strong, normal, natural desire.

So tell him about it, what you want to have his baby. Tell times (not a hundred times a day ? ). Don’t hesitate to give vent to emotions.

To tell the man that want his child is Your most important leverage. But! Don’t insist! Let them know that only when Your betrothed himself to agree to this, You decide to get pregnant. Not before.

Lida to path Your man to the fatherhood was quick and cloudless ? from me to You talisman:

You’re an angel, who did not want to wait for me in Heaven, and therefore descended on Earth!

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