How to dress a child in kindergarten that he was warm and comfortable?

Fever bones ache. Very often this proverb guided by moms before putting a child in daycare. This is an urgent problem for many parents, the women’s website “” today will share their advice on the subject.

Mom, as you know, very worried that the kid does not freeze and did not zastupilsya. Are blouse a little warmer, but the socks tightly. And be sure hat so that the ears are not purged.

And then time passes and they lament the fact that baby is warmly dressed and did not freeze anywhere, but somehow always sniffs (by the way, our website has already discussed the topic, “Why a sick child in the kindergarten”). And every mother realize that the cause of frequent colds a child may become a regular overheating.

So how do you put the baby in daycare, so it was neither cold nor hot, but rather — comfortable and cozy?

How to dress your child in kindergarten: universal tips

Every mother should know a few tricks about how to dress your baby going in the morning kindergarten. They are common both for boys and for girls, as well as universal for all ages. Knowing them, you will always be able to properly dress your baby according to the season and, with it, to protect it from colds.

The trick first. Linen

Clothing that comes into contact with the body of a child, should be only from natural fabrics, as they absorb moisture well and allow baby’s skin to breathe. Make sure that t-shirts, shirts, panties, tights, and socks was only natural fabrics – in the first place is, of course, cotton.

The trick second. Pants

How to wear child in kindergarten to wear during the day and does not restrict movement? It is advisable to wear overalls or pants with suspenders, because children are very active and constantly on the move, they run, jump, lean, and very often the back turns open, and if the child also sweat, then the cold hand. Games on the street should give preference to the jumpsuits of waterproof fabric and it is better that the leg was down on the elastic band.

The third trick. Blouses and sweaters

How to wear child in kindergarten or three blouses or slim one is very warm? You can argue ad infinitum. But the best option is when the lower blouse lightweight turtleneck. She closes the neck of the baby and reduces the risk that it will blow. So I better not wear a sweater, and a jacket which fastens. Then, if the child is hot, he can just undo it without removing.

The fourth trick. Outerwear

It should be first and foremost easy and convenient. Preferably, of course, jumpsuits and you will always be sure that the child will not open back, but if it is winter time – he’s not crammed snow under the jacket.

Choosing upper clothes, you should give preference to the jackets with a removable lining. It is convenient and practical, because if the child feels hot you can always remove it, but if cold is to be warmed. As for hats, you should choose one good thick warm hat, and in any case not necessary for the child to wear two hats, one on another.

The fifth trick. Shoes

As recommended to put the child to kindergarten, and his readers are almost sorted out and what to put on? Choosing Shoe for your child, you should consider the following aspects.

Shoes should be non-slip outsole with orthopedic footbed made of natural leather to the leg of the child was breathing. You should not choose shoes with laces, if the child does not know how to tie them myself, the best option is Velcro.

Shoes child, make sure that the leg is not sitting too tightly, that is better than thinner socks, but that leg was free. If socks are too thick and the leg sits too tight it restricts the movement of the toes and there is a high probability that the child will quickly freeze his feet.

The sixth trick. How best to dress your baby in the garden – beautiful or comfortable?

You must understand that the garden is not the podium. When choosing your clothing, take care to avoid small parts such as beads, buttons, beads, all kinds of rivets, straziki. The clothing of the child should be first and foremost comfortable, and there is no risk that the toddler decides to taste any bead or button.

The seventh trick. I know your clothes

Sign all the clothes your child. After all, in the garden a lot of kids, and things can get like. You can embroider on the inside of clothing with the initials of your child or simply write on the label, then you will not face the confusion with things and your child will be guaranteed to come home with your clothes.

The eighth trick. Fallback

Make sure that the baby in daycare always had a spare set of clothes, ranging from t-shirts and panties and finishing with a warm jacket. Then, if the child sweats or gets dirty, it can always change and he won’t have to sit damp and dirty.

The ninth trick. Hygiene

Very important this item of clothing, like a handkerchief. Suppose you have developed the habit of putting the child handkerchief in coat pockets, and yet will not be superfluous, if his locker will be a pack of paper handkerchiefs.

Knowing these small tricks, you will never have to puzzle over how to dress your baby going to kindergarten. He will always be dressed comfortably and for the weather. And you will be relaxed.

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