How to dress for the corporate woman?

Corporate events are a common norm in most companies today. Fortunately, corporate events rarely take place in the format of “round the back”, and increasingly represent a beautiful gala event! And this requires a corresponding attitude of the staff – and, of course, appropriate dress code attire! How to dress for the corporate party – will tell the site ““.

How to dress for the corporate woman?

Corporate events with colleagues, superiors and subordinates are different from any other festivities that, what would be a fun and relaxed atmosphere there is not reigned you in any case can not lose sight of the fact that you are still at work! Your behavior and appearance at corporate can both improve and damage your business reputation. So, alas, you can’t always dress the way you want and like! It is important to remember the following rules:

  • Emphasizethat the corporate for you is an important event, you remembered him in advance and prepared. Therefore, clothing for corporate, ought to be more elegant and more expensive than your everyday! The height of bad manners to come to such an event in everyday clothing, especially if it’s not even an office classic, and free youth “casual”! You can understand so that you are unimportant to the collective activities, you do not particularly respect those who have organized corporate and advocated for its implementation, as well as those who came solemnly dressed and in high spirits. Simply put: if you want everyone to think you do not care about colleagues and your workplace – go to events in jeans!
  • Don’t forget that you are at work. Yes, you are in the performance of job duties, but you must impersonate that person where you want to be perceived by colleagues and superiors is a good employee and a successful person. That is: if you’re a Manager, you need to look festive-dressed Manager and not become suddenly frivolous coquette! Because all such transformation for a long time remember!

  • If the woman is the ceremony without a companion (husband, the “official” fiance), it means that she can’t afford causing excessive and sexy dresses! Corporate party strife –in the evening in the Banquet hall of the officers can invite with their husbands (even if they are not employees of the firm), but the day sitting in a cafe or in the home office, of course, do without extraneous. So if you know that going to the office party without a date, choose an outfit without unnecessary liberties (especially married women!).
  • If the corporate is dedicated to any eventwhere there are “main characters” and “audience” (for example – someone’s anniversary, rewarding of any of the employees, joining someone in a leadership position, etc.) – shouldn’t be dressed more brightly than the one in whose honor the celebration! If you assume that this person is unlikely to dress up really fancy, alas, and you have to give up holiday outfits! Can only slightly change something in your appearance, to show attention to the event – a little brighter to put on makeup, wear a more noticeable jewelry, instead of a shirt under the jacket – color blouse, etc.
  • Choose a way depending on the kind of corporate holiday!

    What to wear to a party, depends on the format of the event. “The website” has prepared a cheat sheet for those who always have doubts – how dressy to dress for the party?

    • Feast or tea at the office, in the daytime, maybe on a lunch break or immediately after the end of the day. It doesn’t require any special dress code – just dress slightly smarter and brighter than usual! For example – if you wear jackets and suits, wear larger jewelry (not jewelry!), blouse or top bright colors make a more intense makeup, podate curls or make a beautiful styling – it’s enough for a festive atmosphere!
    • A solemn meeting in the auditorium, without any treats during the day. Also you should not dress too festively enough items, minimum elegant accents in the way!
    • The Banquet or lunch at a café in the daytime. Instead of a suit would be appropriate a simple dress or skirt with a nice blouse. Although it is possible for such cases to be more elegant set skirt + jacket: light or even vivid colors, less restrictive cut than you usually wear. Will not fit jeans, unwanted even classic pants.

    • Informal party after work, in the narrow circle of colleagues. If you do have a friendly relationship with colleagues and perhaps casual fun, you can dress more freely, in a style which is closer to you – maybe it will be the bright dress, maybe even jeans with a stylish blouse and flashy jewelry! But still, do not overdo it with the frivolity of the outfit!
    • “Cocktail” — evening (not night!) event in a restaurant or club, without a meal (“snack” buffet dinner and drinks on trays). Your choice in this case, a cocktail dress, but elegant, not in the style of “star disco”!

    • Late dinner or Banquet in a restaurant or club, possibly with a concert and entertainment program – that is, the corporate party, which can end after midnight. In this case you need an evening gown – though not in the floor, if you are not very comfortable, but just below the knee!
    • Late evening-night corporate event format, involving dancing (e.g. at the club). There is a solemn evening dress is not very appropriate, but elegant cocktail – just right!

    What to wear to a Christmas party?

    New year parties should discuss the most – usually they are celebrated the most noisy and fun. So you can wear on the occasion of the New Year something more frivolous and flamboyant than in all other cases – usually all belong to this holiday with a bit of humor and lightheartedness, you will forgive and neckline, and the sequins on the dress – after all, New Year! On this occasion inappropriate dark and black dresses let you be elegant, but not harsh! Perhaps you and your colleagues will agree in advance to arrange a mini-presentation with a humorous costumed scenes – then you just do not to a strict dress code!

    Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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