How to dress for the exam, how to choose clothes for the exam?

Exam session is a test not only your memory, intelligence and erudition! It is also a test of the ability to present yourself, create an external image. The women’s website “” is taken to help you dress for the exam!

Exam dress code

I remember when your humble servant had the defense of the diploma thesis, the Dean of our faculty said a wonderful phrase about how to dress for this important exam: “Girls, don’t just come with a sweetheart neckline, and Professor N-sky is you did not listen!”. ?

So how to dress for the exam?

By far – the clothes should be quite strict. Uncalled — mini, notorious neckline, sheer blouses, etc. are Also excluded things sporty, romantic, feminine dresses in flowered completely out of place are evening or cocktail dresses, etc.

What remains? Remains a classic business dress code – suits, skirts with blouses and jackets, strict dresses (e.g. “boxes”).

However, students still are not office workers, so you can somewhat dilute and freshen up this classic look. For example, in addition black-white-gray-brown scales, you can take a combination of white with pastel or some other vivid colors. With dark jackets and skirts will be combined not only white blouses and shirts, and colored.

Even a classic skirt or pants suit looks fresh and is a youth, if he is pure light shade.

You can also play with the details – accessories, costume jewelry… some cute hair clip bow, headband for hair, necklace, collar, etc. is quite appropriate for a young girl. The website “” already wrote about the style of “Bon ton” — you can look for ideas of images in this style!

Clothing for the exam should not be expressed sexually, but business relaxed femininity is not forbidden! For example, if you seem boring skirts”pencil”, you can choose a Tulip skirt or pleated skirt. Or even a little black dress!

In addition, the exams are of varying degrees of seriousness – if on the exam it is better to keep all the strictness of the dress code, then the member offset is quite possible to come in jeans with a blouse and jacket for example.

Does the appearance and clothing on the perception of the teacher?

Of course! This is the case when “meet on clothes, escorted by the mind”! Even if you memorize by heart all the tickets, inappropriate, improper clothing can affect the grade in the record book…

Therefore, choosing clothes for the exam, you need to know not only the rules of the dress code, but also psychology!

  • Eliminate bright, flashy colors, especially the warm part of the spectrum – red, orange, crimson, yellow. First, they distract the teacher from your answer, and second, subconsciously such flashy colors are perceived as a challenge posed by their host aggression! If you really really want to wear something bright, give preference to a cold blue-purple tones or the color of tranquility and green!
  • Get dressed for your age. It is inappropriate here to look too teenage, especially infantile “girly” — casing and thingies (as well as teen t-shirts with jeans) plus will not be for you, the teacher will be hard to see in you serious man with a serious attitude for the exam.
  • Don’t be too beautiful and elegant. I know it’s hard! ? But nevertheless – if the teacher is a woman, especially a middle-aged, then subconsciously she will see you as a rival – the young, beautiful, fashionable, self-confident… In the end veiled jealousy can lead to harassment and hostility of the teacher. But if the teacher is male, there may be two options: either you’ll get lucky and score in the record book charming the students will be exposed without any problems, or… If the male teacher middle-aged, insecure, etc., it might work setting: “I beauty like you can not get it, so it has nothing then the feathers dissolve, it’s better to suffer on the additional questions!”.
  • Be still elegant. The contradiction with the previous Council? Yes, but you need to find a balance between a strict uniform for exam, appropriate school, and solemnity. Teachers still pleased that students believe the exam is an extraordinary event and emphasize it in its appearance!

How to put shoes on for the exam?

The above dress code, of course, assumes classic shoes – dress shoes, ankle boots or boots in season. However, we should not strive for such a trivial event shod in any stiletto an incredible with the platform is completely useless, much more appropriate classic mid heel – 5-7 cm

And yet it is quite suitable flat shoes – ballet flats, moccasins, loafers, “a La men” shoes, etc.! In the end, going to aksamentova the table, it is not necessary to clink studs in the disturbing silence of the audience! ?

Now you know how to dress for the exam! No fluff, no pen!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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