How to dress in a night club?

This article on the website will be helpful for those girls who do not often attend clubs and discos, and want to know how to dress in a night club stylish and appropriate. But to those who like to sparkle on the dance floor will be interested to learn new ideas of images for a hot party!

What to wear to a nightclub: simple rules!

Let’s start with learning from mistakes (well, if you get these errors – wrong!). After all, you don’t want to the next day after a fun party photos of you in weird and inappropriate outfit circled all the social networks and overgrown with sarcastic remarks?

So remember that you should not wear to nightlife:

  • Evening dresses. Generally dresses below the knee are not included in the classic club dress code. The more absurd evening dresses to the ankles and to the floor. They dance to club music impossible. Exception — in a very expensive, a truly gorgeous place, you can wear an evening dress below the knee if you intend not to dance, and to spend the evening at a separate table (for example, watching a cabaret show or simply with a glass of wine with the Beau).
  • Very elegant, sophisticated casual stuff. Even the cocktail length. Dress for the dance floor must be such that will force to pay attention to you – your its movements, your energy and charm… A design masterpiece, in which it is terrible to move (not that dance in the crowd!) usually characterized by pomposity and misplaced shocking. Inappropriate lush and layered skirts, uncomfortable corsets, the abundance of all frills and ruffles, etc. In the club you should be comfortable – you’re not on the podium you come to relax, have fun and move, but not walk the “dressy dress”! The exception is that themed parties.
  • Very open outfits. Type – mini skirt with a top, barely covering the chest. Try to avoid vulgar and at the same time, infantile and teenage outfits. Dress or girls of a certain profession, attending night clubs with a very specific purpose, or the young teenage girls who have not yet learned to dress sexy but at the same time elegant, decent and stylish.

Of course, dancing in the dark allows in the dress code, much more liberty than the day of the event, but here it is necessary to feel the measure.

For example, if the dress is open in back – front let it be closed, with a small cut. If the top of the neckline then you should wear leggings or jeans and open legs probably already misplaced. Shorts or mini skirt wear with a top, covering the shoulders and chest area.

The right clothes for a disco, the one where you want to dance!

And not only in its convenience (although of course comfort matters – is unlikely to be a good evening with some technopedia strap or threatening to disperse the zipper).

Clothing should give the right mood!

Someone mood for a Rockin ‘ party will give shimmer sequin short dress, and someone feels comfortable in jeans and a plain white top. You know girls, who basically do not like to dance in skirts and dresses, preferring shorts, jeans or leggings.

Club dress code now quite affordable, and between a light missing in the “mainstream party” and personal discomfort — it is better to choose first! Your good mood and “internal incendiary device” will say about you much more than an elaborate but awkward and not pleasing to the soul of the outfit!

What to wear to a nightclub?

Nightlife is quite diverse institutions, and by price range and style… But whatever the conception of a specific club, there is definitely a dance floor – otherwise it is not a nightclub!

“” I’ll tell you what you can wear to a disco in the club to look the place adequately and without problems to pass face control!

  • Club dress. Length – to the knee. Try not to choose a very narrow, close fit – they are difficult to dance in the movement of a narrow skirt will be tightened above and close to the embarrassment… Well look a-line dress from subtle “flowing” fabrics, really cute dress with a short flared skirt that perfectly emphasizes harmony legs. In General, stringent restrictions by the cut there, choose what you like and what is comfortable. If it’s difficult to choose a dress for a night out in the club, put on a little black – can’t go wrong!
  • Tops, blouses, shirts. Here it is, a perfect occasion to wear a tank top with sequins! In General, a good lustrous, silky fabrics that look great in motion! But it is not necessary to aspire to choose the most open “top” instead of shirt on thin spaghetti straps, choose “American” with a closed neck and shoulders, or a blouse with a neckline and sleeves, or sleeveless top with a neckline”cupped”… Nice spacious free “razlicici” and tunics (for example, cut “bat”) – they can be combined with a narrow “hem”.
  • Leggings. Convenient and appropriate in a club thing! Leggings can be colored, shiny, faux-leather is what you like. They fit a variety of options are “top”.
  • Mini-shorts. If you think what to wear to the disco, you pick the shorts, but remember – they don’t have to be athletic (jerseys) or ultrashort beach.
  • Jeans tight-fitting. Jeans are not suitable only for visiting the most expensive, pretentious nightlife, whose concept of glamour.
  • Skirt. Not Maxi, but not a radical mini (popularly referred to as the “skirt-belt”) – to dance in a skirt is problematic, and sitting on a tall bar stool without risking to embarrass, too complicated. Nice skirt, pleated, short skirts, a-line skirts.

Do not wear knits, long skirts and dresses, give up the deliberate layering. Usually on the dance floor is never cold, but if you are afraid to freeze, take a stylish jacket or a fur vest instead of a sweater!

What to wear to a rock club?

Rock clubs, art clubs is to provide in a separate category – there own dress code! These places usually goes the young, there is a democratic, informal atmosphere.

Accordingly, the girl in such a place, you can do without glamorous dresses and “heels”!

Appropriate simple things like the shirt and jeans, leggings and t-shirt, etc. Can be wear comfortable shoes – converse or boots, which is much easier to dance in a crowd in front of the stage!

However, you can put on a dress and heels – but change your style, bring in the image of something from a biker bezumenko!

What to wear to a disco ?

Disco is a bit simpler than a night club. The disco suit of the sea in the summer pavilions, open areas, in different cafes and restaurants with a dance floor, etc. And dress code in this case can be much less strict.

Summer disco you can come in casual summer clothes, only to choose an outfit brighter, more conspicuous!

Don’t know what to wear to a disco — pick of the white thing: they glow under special lighting!

It is worth to talk about shoes. Of course, shoes – appropriate and beautiful version of always. By the way, the club’s dress code is not strict, and it allows you to come to dance in open sandals on a heel!

In the cold season, joining the club, the shoes do not have – you can spend the evening in fancy booties or boots.

In expensive club is unlikely to pass face control in shoes without a heel. But more democratic youth institution is quite loyal to the girls in semi-sports Shoe type “sneakers”, “maranto”, etc.

Handbag is an important accessory. Large, bulky bags and backpacks into the club are not, they can not even miss out on the face control. The best option is clutch.

And of course, the club image will be incomplete without jewelry! Pertinent bright, shiny jewelry. Very interesting stuff with different pendants, wavering in the movement!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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