How to dress on a first date, what way to choose?

“Meet on clothes” — a platitude, of course, but this banality can be very useful to remember if you have to decide how to dress on a first date! Start in such cases frantically to pull from the far corners of the wardrobe and try on all potential outfits, while calling her friends: “Ahh! Me Vaska finally out invited – what to wear?!”? If so – your friend “” will always tell you what is suited for a first date!

First date: the General principles of creation of the image

Which goals do you pursue when deciding how to dress on a first date? Of course to please a man!

So, what kind of clothes is sure to attract men’s attention and create you need a positive image?

  • Modest. Imagine! Yes, I know it’s not the 19th century, the sexual revolution took place, to be able to blush heavily and cover with fan optional! But… the Man still nice to think that he not the 123rd in the list of don Juan, and you’re all of a decent, cultured and see in it not an entertainment in the evening, and Mr. Ideal! So it is quite possible to dress on a first date without the alluring slits in the skirt, sheer inserts on the blouse, etc. in addition, fashion-impaired men rarely understand the beauty of big tacky jewelry, “dimensionless” bags, “flashy” color combinations, etc.
  • The one that suits you, which you as close as possible in style. If you choose what to wear on a first date, and fluctuate between a new blouse, which is well, quite a bit is not combined with the shoes and is barely noticeable look fat, and three years ago a dress that suits you as a “second skin” — choose “native” dress! In the end, the man does not know what are you trendy new dress or a thing from your basic wardrobe, but you’ll feel comfortable and cozy!
  • Feminine. Yes, men are not shy away from women in trousers, and even the ability to appreciate all the charm of the figure with a fitted jeans… but Skirts and dresses imperceptibly and involuntarily give to the girls in the eyes of men of mystery, the charm and femininity… the Scientific explanation for this is not, however, a fact!
  • Kind of. Yes, men don’t leaf through glossy magazines and watching fashion Weeks. But a faded t-shirt from the stylish dresses they feature! Moreover, if the town has the second summer season in a row is, for example, a peach pleated Maxi-skirt, the man can do is to remember to think that you do too want to “be like everyone”, or do not have their own tastes and preferences. But look attentive men can please ggarmonichnoe combination of colors in your outfit, correct silhouette, creative approach to selection of clothing and accessories!

How to dress on a first date, if you don’t know where you go and what you do?

Well, if you know in advance that, for example, invited to a show or concert – dress adopted for these events the dress code, and order! But if the gentleman mysteriously said, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow at the monument to Lenin”, without giving any hints of further cultural program?

Our advice to you – do not invent anything festive and solemn.

If a man did not deign to warn you about intended plans, it is not necessary to look like rely solely on the Michelin restaurant or a premiere at the Bolshoi theatre!

Wear what you exactly is.

When you think about this so, that you in this clothes it was comfortable to walk – a walk in the Park that way for an hour and a half is still considered to be quite a realistic scenario for a first date. And will be unhappy if you spend the half-hour, barely hobbling on 12-inch heels, freezing, or Vice versa, dripping sweat!

Make your casual style, but revive the image, such as interesting color accents, or “catchy” look accessory jewelry – so that it is clear that something solemn you do not expect, but to interest a man want!

How to ruin a first date with clothes?

Say at once – perhaps you will not spoil relations to draw on your horizon knight once and for all! Perhaps he would say nothing, hoping that on second and subsequent visits you will come into some more understandable to the male eye, and your charm and intelligence will make a mistake with the outfit at all irrelevant nonsense!

But still, listen to the site “” and do not commit the following errors:

  • Shocking. Even if you’re very, very-very go crimson leggings and leopard print top close-fitting, shock this man is not immediately necessary. Maybe he will start thinking that behind the intricate external appearance hides… uh… a very weird person. Or nothing at all is hidden — but the strangeness of the outfit makes up for the lack of interesting thoughts in my head.
  • Very elegant dress. After receiving an invitation for a first date, the problem of “how to dress” should not be solved with the help of stunning gowns with sequins, which was last worn by, say, your best friend’s wedding. Because the man will be clear: the date for you is a very rare event, of such importance that right surprising, you in a wedding-that didn’t come?!
  • The excessive sexuality of the image. I think you understand what range of emotions you will experience man, seeing you on the first date dressed in something ultra-short and SuperBlade! If you want this rendezvous to something else besides bed adventures, it is best to choose an outfit more modest.
  • The “immaturity” of the image. The style “a La the little girl” there is a very relevant website he wrote about it in article “the Image of Lolita.” But! Men rarely understand the squeaks, cries and whispers fashion! If you come on a first date in a pink dress with a white collar and a bow in the hair, it is unlikely he will understand that this is only one of hundreds of your images, and think that this “childishness” you mentally close and as accurately as possible reflects your inner world…
  • Clothes not on age. If you’re 20, don’t need to dress for a first date in a strict business suit. Even if you have it, leave the suit on the defense of the thesis, and on a first date wear, for example, light speckled dress or a bright top with bright pants. If the 40 – knit mini dress he must wait, for example, meetings with friends – they will be jealous of your slimness, but the man better be in the elegant jacket combined with pencil skirt!

I hope the question “how to dress on a first date” thanks to the website was solved much easier?

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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