How to dress pregnant in summer – comfortable and stylish options

This summer is special for you, if you are expecting a baby! And the website “” will help you pick out a summer wardrobe. Lots of options – how to dress pregnant in summer! Read on!

What summer dresses to wear expectant mothers?

Dresses and tunics – the obvious solution to the question how to dress pregnant in summer.

The traditional style of dress for pregnant women – of course, Empire.

And rightly so! You should definitely have a few sundresses that casual (for example, Maxi and knee length). Empire style long dress is a great option if you will visit the Grand event!

But short dresses Empire are already causing issues. First, they visually enlarge the stomach, and secondly- open legs, and legs remained slender, and compared to the belly look a little weird! Although, if you’re like myself in that dress – why not?

However, it should not be limited to one Empire. A good way how to dress pregnant in summer – knit.

And the knit dress you can still wear “from zaberemennet of life” — they do not require any of the features cut for pregnant women. Or you can buy knitted dress a couple of sizes bigger than your original. Suitable models – long straight dress”gut”, the dress is knee-length or even mini.

Another convenient style of dress or sundress – with elastic or a belt at the hips, loose at the top. These are dresses of any length, but looks best Maxi!

A good model dresses for pregnant women with very big belly – line.

Summer skirts for pregnant women

As for wearing skirts during pregnancy, you will have to temporarily reject the model at the waist (except for the small duration of such experiments still ride!).

Because the stomach to pinch there are all sorts of gum-belts is undesirable, then you have a choice between skirts on the hips and high-waisted skirts that cover the stomach. However, high skirts, too, will have to wait for a longer period when the tummy pokerplay seriously.

All models of Maxi-skirts on the hips and a MIDI length.

Mini is not a very good version of how to dress pregnant: because the legs compared to the stomach in the mini look quite “match”, and the heel pregnant women to wear not recommended, but ballet flats and sandals is a mini and so is not all!

“Pencils” can be worn, for example, with wide blouses, trousers, “razlicitim”. In General, look good loose skirts of light fabric, flared, pleated, with wedges, etc.

“Pregnant” pants and pants in the summer

I think we all realise that classic pants at the waist or slightly below during pregnancy is not worn.

And then begins the familiar parous women problem is what pants to wear pregnant in the summer: knitted sports pants comfortable, but they can hardly carry “and in the feast and in the world”, because it’s still sports-home clothes.

Of course there are special models “pregnant” summer trousers and even jeans with a wide elastic band on the belly. However, I know many women who considered such a model is quite unsightly, and impractical – because after childbirth the thing to wear will not work!

What can you do?

Fine help leggings can be lowered at the hips as low as comfortable for your tummy and wear with tunics, spacious “pregnant” t-shirts, t-shirts-razlicitim etc.

Another super-comfy and megachilinae thing – Oriental pants-“Aladdin”.

They are sewn on top of either a wide elastic band, or tie with a drawstring that makes them dimensionless. I advise to pay attention on the Indian and Nepalese “Aladdin” — as a rule, there they are sewn from natural cotton!

Another advantage of these pants – they balance the figure by its width, the legs do not look “matches” compared to the abdomen. Wear them with tunics or t-shirts, and for the bravest moms in hot weather it is appropriate to the combination of short top – tummy remains on view!

And another good option for how to dress pregnant in summer, summer Romper! He looks good with shoes to go low and even allows you to hide the tummy for a short period!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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