How to dress stylishly in the winter?

Today women’s site “” will tell you how to stay fashionable in the cold. With the onset of the frosty months, we have to make a serious choice: warm or to dress stylishly in the winter. On the one hand, you do not want to risk health, on the other – no one wants to be like insulated, but too voluminous and shapeless creature. Applying some of the techniques and correctly approaching the selection of clothes can add to his attractiveness even in the coldest cold.

Choice of winter materials

Not to freeze in sub-freezing weather, stylish and versatile dress in the winter and yet not be like a cabbage, you should choose warm clothes. From synthetic during the cold weather it is better to refuse (her hair is electrified).

The best material for things that are directly adjacent to the body, will cotton and fine wool.

Be sure to pay attention to the underwear – you’ll be able to afford a more interesting winter images. As for the other things, then pick crisp suiting, wool, tweed, knit, thin knit things.

The heart of the winter of femininity – dress

Warm dress is the easiest way stylish, warm and feminine dress in winter. Of course, unlike the summer version, it might not be as elegant, but makes the image a gentle and allows you to stand out favorably from the denim-and-sweater crowd. recommends that you have in the wardrobe of a few dresses in different colors, different textures, with sleeves and without sleeves and you’re sure you won’t suffer from the monotony of the images.

Especially now that fashion offers quite an original solution and in large quantity knitted dresses, cashmere, mohair, leather and even fur. Combine this set with other parts of the wardrobe and accessories are almost endless.

Proper layering – good reception stylish and unusual dress in winter

A few items of clothing (or rather, a lot) in one Luka has long ceased to be associated with bad taste, and in the winter it is more relevant than ever (“” have already told our readers how to dress layered and stylish).

Catwalk models manage to combine in the same way a dress or a skirt, blouse, fur vest and knitted cardigan. They are also allowed to wear a skirt over trousers, two knitted cardigan or leather jacket over coats.

Such extravagance, of course, better left for the runways.

But the combination turtleneck-dress-cardigan or thin sweater-skirt-fur vest will be a good solution for cold days.

With Golf you can safely wear a favorite necklace, but the “long” accessories in the ensemble with the cardigan perfectly slim figure.

How stylish and layered to dress up in winter a few “case studies”

  • cotton shirt, thin sweater, pant suits of wool or cashmere
  • shirt, woolen top, long vest knit
  • thin sweater or turtleneck, dress with short sleeve cardigan
  • pencil skirt, blouse, cardigan or a long vest sleeveless
  • pants, blouse, cardigan, on top of which is wearing a short vest

Tights, over which is worn a cashmere or wool shorts – also from region to layer. Add here high boots, a blouse and fur vest. Experiment with the dress worn over trousers or leggings, ankle boots, over which flaunt voluminous leg warmers, suitable color and texture.

For winter image, choose boots with a wedge heel that will keep your feet warm.

The Golden rule of layering is to use no more than three layers of clothing at the same time.

To dress stylish in cold winter, try to combine things of different textures and make sure every top thing was denser than the previous one. It’ll allow you to diversify a standard set of sweaters and jeans, which to avoid in the winter is difficult. If you used to wear in winter trousers tucked into boots, make a choice in favor of warm breeches – it is beneficial to diversify the way.

Beneficial look jeans tucked into boots with a wide shaft.

How to dress stylish and original winter: the choice of outerwear

Clothes from the top of the warm and elegant at the same time the choice will, of course, a fur coat from natural fur. If this option is not acceptable (in price or environmental reasons), choose a warm coat or down jacket with colored inserts, belt, fur.

Knitted, cashmere or wool scarf will keep laying and favorably distinguish you from the crowd of those who chose headdress fairly narrow winter range.

In the cold season in fashion mass includes a black color, but if you want to dress stylishly in the winter, add colors to your image!

Especially pay attention to winter accessories – gloves, hats, scarves, and colored tights. Bright colors will warm not only you, but everyone around you.

Experiment and let winter be stylish!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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