How to dress to the theater, how to choose the right clothes for going to the theater

A night at the theater – double pleasure: first, to see a play or Opera, and, secondly, to dress up and show off your good taste! But how to choose the right dress for going to the theater (and be sure whether it should be a dress?), than its Supplement, what are the options of dress code for different theatres? Says original female site!

How to dress for the Opera?

The most solemn occasion to dress up in the theatre – a visit to the Opera or ballet. However, don’t be surprised if you come to the Opera in evening gown and heirloom diamonds, perhaps at you with amazement vostitsa the audience in jeans and sweaters! So how do you find the line between modern realities and rigors of classical theatre dress code?

More beautiful, bigger and more colorful the building itself and the interior of the theater – the more dressy clothes for going to the theater! It would be best to make a decision, guided by this classification:

  • Floor-length dress off the shoulder, jewel, perhaps, gloves. So to be dressed in a theatre on the occasion of the premiere, as well as for theatres “by name” — in the capital cities, for example. Most often, dress in the Opera house, but it’s acceptable for the dramatic – as in special occasions.
  • Dress, ankle-length, with sleeves of any length or no sleeves, jewelry or good jewelry, no gloves. In principle, it is possible to go to any Opera or ballet in any theater – max, you’re more decorative than most, but it will not be excessive.
  • Dress is cocktail length, no open shoulders, with sleeves. Again, absolutely versatile option for Opera. Jewelry to this dress it is better to wear graceful, modest, and to wear good jewelry (e.g. pearls or semi-precious stones).
  • Skirt and blouse (maybe with a jacket). Not every Opera house, but if this is not the La Scala premiere and not the Big one then why not! It is desirable that things was quite elegant and complete with beautiful jewelry.

Advice from “Successful”: do not “walk” to the theater of the dress with intricate designs, flashy colors, with Hoop skirts (you have to sit in a narrow chair spectator, remember!). Better prefer a simple elegant cut, good fabric elegant and noble colors.

What to go to the theatre?

Traditionally , people visit the theatre in less elegant thing than the Opera – it happened in the old days when Opera was the entertainment for the elite, and performances were staged for everyone and everywhere – the common people could also attend a presentation afford.

What is appropriate to wear to the theatre now? Quite acceptable and versatile for any performance cocktail dress or dress to the ankles. No need to open the shoulders, and it is better to do without neck – let your face speaks of intelligence and modesty of the present Actresses!

A valid combination of skirts and blouses (of course, if not a mini skirt) and the skirt suit (not too dark).

Is it acceptable to wear to the theater pants?

Classic dress code imposes on them stringent taboo, but… it is violated everywhere. So if you really really want, you can wear pants (not jeans!) combined with a beautiful blouse or dressy jacket. Of course, in this case, if the performance is not too Grand.

How to dress for informal performances, which are held in a recreation center, a variety of cafes, plays, a concert, etc.? This is the case, when you can relax and forget about the taboo! Get dressed as you like – not too dull and gray!

Something to add to a dress for going to the theater?

Deciding what to wear in theatre, it is necessary to consider what accessories to complement the dress or set of clothes. This account also has a special rule!

Going to the theatre is unthinkable without a small dressy handbag, called theatrical! Alternatively, it can be a beautiful clutch, but not necessarily!

Evening bags are special “genre”: they are definitely small and definitely made of elegant materials, often decorated with a rich decor: sequins, beading or lurex, lace, etc., often Worn on a long chain, but sometimes it is just in the hands.

A subject that is quite pertinent in the theater (especially in the most solemn options, dress code) – fan. Sometimes in the auditorium is stuffy, and this accessory comes in handy for utilitarian purpose. Depending on the garment, selected the design and material of the fan – cloth, carved wooden or bone plates, paper, and the most dressy evening option – feather fan.

Allowed in the theatre and evening hats. This can be a model of any style that you more goes, including small decorative veil or a “false cap” on the Hoop or hairpin. But remember that during the performance of this accessory is better off not to obscure the review sitting in the back people!

About the decorations we mentioned above, but we will remind what to wear to the theater once all the contents of the boxes is too much! After all, people come to the theatre to watch a play and not be jealous of your wealth! If you wear jewelry – limited to one or two. Prefer jewelry – please, if it is good enough, not elegant and makes an elegant lady in a Christmas tree!

Shoes theatre shoes.

If it happens in the cold season, it is better to take them with you and change shoes because to visit the theater in boots – bad! The heel may not be the most stunning, and an average of 5-7 cm In some cases, we can and do wear flats — for example, if your dress has a train that clung to sharp heels and prevented this movement.

What not to wear to the theater?

You already know what to go to the theater, but it is necessary to remember also the list of outfits-“taboo”:

  • Pants, especially jeans, and a categorical “no” — shorts. Unless it’s some very informal performance jam session or performance in the provincial DC.
  • Radical mini. This is not a club — open legs look inappropriate!
  • Fishnet tights or lace. It is too off clothes for going to the theater involves beauty and elegance, but not blatant sexuality!
  • Sweater, t-shirt. Too casually (again, except for informal performances).
  • The abundance of crystals, sequins, shiny fabrics… Not the style!
  • Boots, Slippers, sandals, sneakers.

I think that’s all there is to know about clothes for going to the theater!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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