How to dye your hair by natural means?

Spring is a time of transformation and change in nature. Let’s talk about the Transfiguration — a favorite in the spring. How to do it with the help of natural remedies will tell female site

We already wrote a lot about hair coloring, focus again on how to dye your hair is by natural means. This is especially true in late winter and early spring, because hair deteriorate from long wearing of headgear, from too dry air in the room, not to mention chemicals.

Natural care and hair coloring

They are good because not only color, but also heal and even restore damaged hair. Besides, natural means for hair coloring help you avoid this common in our time allergies.

You will get rid of harmful effects of chemicals not only on hair but also on the entire body.

Good barbers warn clients that not every day is hair dye.

For example, for some inopportune time – critical days, the paint may be hard to go. But during and after illness chemical dyes definitely will not a healthy.

But with natural remedies you do this is no problem. In addition, many of these “colors” are always at your fingertips, although you may have not even imagined. So, let’s order.

Natural dyes can be divided into several groups:

  • leaf — herbal — tea (black, green, hibiscus, henna, Basma, rhubarb, peel onions, birch leaves, cinnamon, saffron, lavender, etc.
  • floral — Jasmine, rose, Daisy, Aster, etc.
  • fruit — walnut, lemon.
  • And then there are natural brighteners in the form of a mask of yogurt or sour milk, vinegar.

    How to dye your hair with natural dyes

    First of all, it is worth noting that almost all natural dyes color the hair in dark tones. So if you have dark hair, be a bright blonde without the aid of chemicals will be problematic.

    So you’ve decided to give the hair a darker shade. Take this with a simple product – black tea. Not from a bag, of course, and natural sheet.

    To get a chestnut color, mix about 30 grams of tea and 400 ml of water, boil for 30-40 minutes. The mixture was reduced in volume. Apply it on clean hair and massage into the scalp, do not rinse.

    To “paint” is better absorbed, cover your head with a plastic bag and wrap the top with something warm. Repeat the procedure at least every day.

    Keep in mind, natural paint immediately does not lie: in order to achieve the desired effect, should be performed constantly. Besides, natural dyes are washed away faster — it is also acknowledge.

    If you want to get a copper colour, add to tea of walnut leaves. The tea leaves need to take equally and be based on your hair length, one tablespoon of the mixture for long hair may not be enough. The broth is prepared as previously described, and hold the dye on the hair to achieve desired color.

    To obtain a Golden-copper hue, you can add tea decoction of onion peel.

    Natural hair coloring in a light tone

    Pour the chamomile and saffron with boiling water and insist about half an hour. Chamomile flowers should be two tablespoons, and less of saffron, a pinch. Then to the mixture we must add the juice of one lemon and a few drops of lavender oil.

    Keep in mind, for dry hair lemon juice is not very useful, it is more suitable for oily hair (dry hair is more suitable yogurt mask).

    The paint on the hair keep half an hour, then wash off. Rinse with natural paint need hot water and no shampoo, or you’ll be washed away!

    A more efficient vehicle: the rhubarb with the vinegar. Vinegar can take Apple or grape, and best of all homemade. Calculate the proportions themselves, the rhubarb in the pan just needs to be covered with vinegar. The rhubarb is cooked for 15 minutes. Filter the brew and apply on clean hair.

    The result will be noticeable immediately, but in two weeks.

    Natural coloring of gray hair

    When coloring grey hair or hair with streaks of gray, you should consider several factors: thickness, density of hair, amount of gray, etc. it is Clear that for long and thick hair the dye will go more.

    Besides, gray hair is often colored unevenly, so be prepared. Maybe the procedure must be repeated immediately in order to avoid unsightly color spots.

    Small gray well head decoction of chamomile. Also suitable decoction of onion peel, more for dark hair streaked with gray. Glass husk pour a glass of water 15-20 minutes. Dark broth. We let it brew, strain and wet hair daily to obtain the desired color.

    Tea is also good disguises grey hair, also paints well the gray hair rhubarb — see recipe above.

    Lightening dyed hair with folk remedies

    Probably the most simple recipe – lighten hair with kefir, sour milk or yogurt. Applied the mask should be kept for a long time, up to several hours, wrapped the head in the first film, then a warm towel.

    For more drastic lightening in the yogurt add a little brandy (or vodka) and 50 grams of kefir — 2 tablespoons of cognac, one egg yolk, juice of 1 lemon and a little shampoo. The whole mass mix well and whisk, put it on clean hair.

    Another tip for those who want to dye her hair folk remedies: in addition to warming the head, it is necessary to strengthen the blood circulation that will help the paint to “take”. This is good to drink any hot drink: coffee, tea or a little brandy.

    Let all these tips will help you to be healthy and beautiful always!

    Author – Alain Venison, site

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