How to dye your hair with henna?

The history of cosmetics goes back centuries. People have always tried to improve and change their appearance using a huge number of natural dyes. Many of them are successfully used nowadays.

To speak on this subject can be long and hard, but in this article we will touch upon only one issue: how to dye hair with henna.

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Coloring with henna is not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic.

Henna has long been used in the East for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases. In ancient Persian and Indian miniatures, you can see the red-bearded men, women with henna-dyed hands and feet. Henna cures dandruff, gives hair volume, Shine and softness, strengthens them and helps their growth.

So, natural dye — henna. Talk about how to dye your hair with henna at home.

Henna is Iranian, Indian and Moroccan. Iranian henna color range is wider if it is mixed with various additional components, you can get many shades.

Is a rare type of henna that lightens hair. But the usual types of ink henna gives hair red or copper colour.

The simplest way is to dye the hair with henna red.

Natural henna with no chemical additives should be green or moss green. And smells like grass. If the henna is brown, it means it got corrupted.

Henna powder is diluted in glass, porcelain, ceramic or even plastic container, but not metal! And dissolve iron powder with a spoon too.

Pour the henna with water (and green tea) temperature 75 — 90°C, not boiling water! From boiling water henna is brewed. It henna pour the water and not pour the powder into the water, otherwise it is poorly stirred, can result in clumps and hair will not be stained.

For greater brightness in the diluted powder add: lemon juice, yogurt, Apple cider vinegar, dry wine.

Apply the paste, you should be careful and make sure that mass lay down evenly, otherwise there will be poorly colored. The mixture should be warm, so it is better absorbed. Top wear a shower cap or package and tie with a towel. To keep from 15 minutes to 2 4 hours. Thin blonde hair henna falls almost instantly. And if you don’t want to orange color, rinse in a few minutes.

If you add in henna, chamomile, 50: 50, the hair will be Golden-brown. If diluted with water henna to add the yogurt (which is especially useful for dry hair) – also received the chestnut color, but a slightly different shade.

How to take henna for colouring hair

  • 30 — 50 grams – very short hair
  • 100 grams hair long neck
  • 150 grams – shoulder length hair
  • 200 — 250 grams — up belt

Henna is painted badly, so use gloves and cover your shoulders and make sure no spots on the face. But in fact, henna is useful for skin and for nails, so if you can afford to walk around with orange hands, it is possible gloves and not to use it.

If you have not used all the pasta when painting, put it in the fridge. There it is possible to store almost a month.

Hair after dyeing rinse not hot, warm water and without detergent. With wash it is advisable not to overdo it because the paint still not fixed and it could be all at once and rinse.

But if the color was too bright and you are not satisfied, simply wash the head several times. And now definitely with shampoo.

To dye the hair with henna in black color instead of warm water you add to the henna powder diluted with water and coffee.

You can get the color “mahogany”. To do this, mix henna with cocoa powder, 3-4 tablespoons to a bag of henna. For the reddish tones add hibiscus tea and even beet juice.

What to do if I see gray hair, how to dye with henna gray hair? The answers are different, sometimes diametrically opposed. All depends on the structure of the hair, and the amount of gray hair.

But, most likely, only one you henna gray hair doesn’t get filled in, especially the first time. Not all gray hair can be easily dyed well with henna, and the color may be uneven. For grey coverage is better suitable for dark shades, such shades get, mixing henna with Basma.

Is there any harm from henna?

Medical contra-indications henna does, however, is idiosyncrasy. Therefore, pre-test for sensitivity. As with any other paint.

But the damage to hair can be brought, even using natural dyes, if you do it immoderate. Too frequent use of henna can dry up the hair, especially if they are already dry. To avoid this, add to dilute the powder a bit of yogurt or burdock oil.

If you have sensitive skin, use moisturizing and nourishing masks, and suitable oils. You can add them directly to the diluted henna powder or use immediately after dyeing.

Also allergic reactions can cause added to natural henna powder chemical dyes. Carefully read the composition! And in General, chemical dye and henna mixes is bad, it is better not to mix.

How to dye your hair with henna and Basma

Just want to warn you: by itself, Basma, combined, gives the green color! So when you mix it with henna, it should be done very carefully to avoid lumps. Because from experience I can say that when uneven stirring lumps Basma gave individual strands amazing shade of swamp algae.

And worst of all – the color is not washed off and does not paint chemical paint! Just had to cut off.

Henna and Basma can be directly mixed together. Can I dye my hair with henna, and then Basma. The more Basma in the paint, the darker will be the hair. But Basma should not be too much, otherwise it will give hair a green tint.

But if the hair after dyeing with henna with Basma turned out to be too red, again paint only Basma.

To dye the hair with henna in a chocolate color, henna take a third to two thirds of the Basma.

But, if you’ve never used henna or Basma, the first time may not get the desired shade. These dyes accumulate in the hair, and the color becomes more intense after several procedures staining.

Besides, the end result affects the structure of the hair, and the amount of gray hair, and individual sensitivity. In General, the ratio of henna with Basma, the addition of other ingredients, the exposure colours are all selected individually.

Henna not only colors, but also treats the hair. Henna will make your hair healthier and protects from harmful environmental influences. And cure the scalp. Henna is indispensable if you are allergic to chemical dyes. Use the natural wealth and stay healthy and beautiful.

Author – Alain Venison, site

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