How to earn to the child, possible work Teens

Today discuss controversial topic: how and why to make the child? Some parents are still with the word “jobs” issued a categorical “no!” while others would be happy if their roaming the yards child finally started and stopped to beg for pocket money! The website “” can understand those and others, but in this article I want to put in a word for a part-time job for Teens!

And why did the child earn?

On this issue many parents are willing to absolutely unwavering opinion: the child to earn no need! This distracts from learning, takes time, and indeed, child labor – Ages some! The finances of the family are all well, give a teenager pocket money and buy everything you need, so urgent need for funds is also not justified!

That vision part time for teenagers is typical for us, the adult population of post-Soviet space. We have been taught that the rejection of child labour is a great achievement and the perfect life – a kindergarten, school, Institute, and only then – the first employment.

And 20 years ago it was the first experience of paid work the person usually received only at 22-23. To work during vacation “Ahh, they have family problems, that accounts for the poor…”. To send your own child to make – so that you, the parents, in your mind?!

What ended the history of the Soviet Union, unable to withstand millions regularly sitting on your thumbs and disinterested in the results of their work people, I hope, they know everything.

Know, but do not get tired to scold “through kommerzialisierung” America: imagine the people there can live in a two story cottage in the suburbs of Los Angeles and have three cars per family, and the child they have pizza posts!

Yes, carries. And not because dad is a businessman can not provide it with all necessary!

But because daddy (as he was passing itself over 30 years ago), understands that the experience of different jobs, ability to find common language with clients and employers, the desire for independence is no less important in life than “crust” and a set of academic knowledge!

The same 22-23 years, when our “chick” timidly looks into the eyes of the first employer, a young American already has a clear picture of what work means, what he wants to accomplish in his career how to beat competitors in the labour market, etc. and so by age 50, it is also certain to be a three car family and a cottage in the suburbs of Los Angeles!

Allow the child to earn is also because it is good disciplinarum (employer is not a mother: take care of their parents – do not pay!), and own money teach savings, the proper allocation of the budget and provide an understanding that money does not fall from the sky!

Certainly, the teenager will not spend them on chocolates and chewing gum, as issued to the parents pocket money!

What kind of job can a teenager find?

What can a teenager doto earn?

Standard options – promoter (advertising material distribution), the courier (spacing press offices or mailboxes), the layer ad…

But you can think with your child over the more creative options of investment!

She enjoys making jewelry with his own hands, all the bridesmaids are already walking, bedecked in jewelry copyright? Go to a store that sells hand-made things, and offer products your needlewoman! Maybe place an ad to sell these things online?

Great if earnings child familiar people – for example, the elderly neighbor who needs daily to bring groceries from the store or walking her dog… by the Way, with alert friends and should start looking for part-time work – maybe someone would say something immediately, and don’t have to scour the ads and going to meetings with employers?

How to protect the work activities of teenager?

To let the child go in the “big and evil world” is scary – how is it he himself, without mom/dad/teacher/caregiver? Deceived, hurt, and generally he’s still a child!

The website can calm – child labour is carefully guarded by various provisions of the legislation, and international declarations!

To 14 years the child has no right to obtain employment, and to 16 this requires written parental consent. Therefore, at the first meeting with potential employers is to go with the child.

Work book not a minor issue, but is a contract of employment – if the employer refuses to execute such a document, it is an occasion guard! Sometimes employers, not wanting to communicate with “youngster”, I ask the parent to execute a contract on him, not on the child.

Don’t agree, but it is better not mess with this organization – with a”fake” contract to shill to prove the fact of violation of laws as a teenager, in which case, it will be much harder!

There are, of course, variants of earnings for a teenager, when on the contract it is not – for example, if part-time (a couple of hours to sign quite a number of leaflets).

There is a risk, but one time is one time: deceived – for a teenager it will also be a “school of life”!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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