How to enchant a man: psychological techniques

Is it possible to fall in love with a man? …
But you can try!

Here you can learn about how by using some psychological techniques to influence his emotions and to bind more to himself. Because often we forget these simple rules and wonder, how a man may behave passively and supinely from a beautiful and talented woman.

Be in the society of many men: but, however, not available for all of them

The more men see you in the company of other men, the more attractive you look to them. So says David Lieberman, an expert on the psychology of human behavior. And he’s right.

Studies indicate that emotional attachment can cause almost any person (of course, in that case, if a priori we like). Because as soon as you met with a pleasant for you man, looking for good occasions to spend time with him until, until he begins to get used to it.

And then begin to act! Once you are convinced that he sympathizes with you and wants to develop relations, now you can play hide and seek….
Boldly continue to hide until, until he will stop to see you and hear at all. We all know this is the eternal rule: people want what they can’t have. The fact that you will constantly be in firing range for men, the less value it will submit your fellowship with him.

If every day on your way was a large bunch of diamonds, which you would have had to cross, hardly would you think of a diamonds value. Only the possibility of losing something gives it value.

Stay close and then run away, and men will sympathize with you and want you.

Why should we accept gifts from men

If you do something good for someone, it brings you double the fun. First, are you satisfied from what made a pleasant person, and increased sympathy for him. In order to justify our efforts that we put into making something good, we often have the habit to overestimate the dignity of this man. And as a result, the one who make nice, we like more!

When somebody does nice for us, we definitely feel pleasure. But besides fun we are also experiencing many other emotions, not all of them to be positive. Sometimes we may feel even depressed.
Why? Because we begin to feel some responsibility for the fact that we were found worthy of the gift, and we should continue to satisfy this test, not to mention the fact that the person who makes the gift, also expect certain benefits and impact of what he did.

More trouble arises when the gift we receive from that person that we like, but we’re still not sure about his candidacy.

You catch the meaning? When we love man, we instinctively want to do stuff like that for him. But it is much better when you give him the opportunity to do good to you.

Watch the man carefully

Harvard psychologist Zeke Rubin tried to figure the scientific method possible degree of love to another person, and still managed to get some interesting results: it turns out, the degree of love can be estimated using the amount of time, when the lover looks at the object of his interest.

He determined that couples look at each other 75% of the time for a conversation! In addition, the lovers are less distracted from the process of monitoring each other when they the third person.

During a normal conversation people look at each other somewhere in the 30-60% of the time. This method of measurement of love is called gradation Rubin: rate at least approximate the amount of time during which you are seen during the conversation, and so you will be able to assess the degree of interest you. Some psychologists use the ruby gradation in order to understand how a pair of harmonious and reciprocal in their relationship.

But also this method helps if you want someone to fall in love with. And here’s why: try to look at the person that you like about 75% of the time your conversation. A man’s brain will react instantly, in that case, if he likes you, too. The fact that a human brain has the ability to respond to the gaze of the opposite sex respectively, we start ourselves to believe that we’re in love, our brain begins to actively secrete this enzyme is feniletilamin.

Phenylethylamine is a chemical brother of amphetamines and secreted by the nervous system when we are very passionate about the other person. This enzyme causes our heart to beat faster, worry and blush when we see it. Of course, it is impossible to motivate someone by using a gradation of ruby, if you see that you absolutely do not like the man, but the technique can be applied in the case of the cord you want to strengthen the already evident interest to you.

Try to check yourself! The results you will be very happy. Let the person that you like, feeling that you’re in love with him, look at him, and it will be much easier to accept that he loves you, too!

Don’t look anywhere else!

In addition, there is another conclusion that follows from the research of Mr. ruby: couples not so quickly look away towards the third man, who joins the conversation.

Again, if you apply the technique to someone that you do not (yet) in love, his brain begins to allocate feniletilamin, and he quickly realizes that he is in love! You just keep looking into your partner’s eyes even when you are done talking or you joined somebody else. And look allot from a person that you like, slowly and reluctantly.

If you are too shy to look straight in the eye, you can then use the Bouncing look. For example, you can observe the third interlocutor, but the end of every sentence said to them, throw short glances at whoever you like, he will notice it.

It’s like a control gesture — you’re checking the partner’s response to what he says a third source, and these make it clear that you are interested in it.

Science about our pupils

We all know HOW we look when experiencing physical desire. This requires only one condition: the pupils should be dilated. You can’t consciously control your pupils (this is one reason why people say that eyes never lie). But you can create the right conditions to make your pupils dilated.

First, it is necessary to reduce the lighting in the room. Pupils instantly dilate when light becomes smaller. This is one reason why in restaurants where couples meet for romantic dinners as often light candles or stripes with a light, not bright lighting. Because it not only makes our face more attractive, but also the pupils become wider.

Scientists experimented and showed two sets of pictures one woman men. All the photos were identical, but the pupils have women on one group of photos was enlarged with the help of editing software for photos. Of course, men came to the conclusion that a woman on another group of photos looked a lot more attractive. The same experiment was repeated with photographs of men who were shown to women. The experiment gave the same results.

Our pupils automatically dilate when we look at someone we like.

Again, this can be proven through photographs. And this time the researchers gave a group of men different pictures, and among them was one on which was depicted a naked woman. Without exception, all male pupils dilate at the sight of it.

Whenever you like a person, when you look at it — you have your pupils dilate.

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