How to enchant a man: techniques that work!

Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. Your heart is ready to burst out of my chest and torn into thousands of little pieces, and all due to the fact that you saw Him – the man of your dreams…You just want him in love with you. But I don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry. Why men fall in love, we have seen, and today women’s site will advise you how to enchant a man.

It just so happened that if you want to get something, you need to give something in return. Unfortunately, the laws of nature are such that to give accounts much more than get.

In fact, tips on how to enchant a man, this is the money that you have to give him! So, if the “victim” you’ve outlined, let’s start to give!

Be yourself

This is the most important tip! We’re just a little will correct you and your behavior. After all, we don’t want to fall in love with a man not you and fake. Sooner or later your character will break out, and then all the love will vanish like smoke. And all participants of love will feel cheated.

Be beautiful

Before you begin to fall in love with the man of my dreams — priorotise. Men still love eyes. Do not hesitate, within seconds he will have time to examine you from head to toe. So you have to be pretty from head to toe.

But this does not mean that you should run to increase silicone Breasts or lips, sharply, to diet, to buy tons of new clothes.

It is enough to apply honey, necrocide makeup, keep the hair in perfect condition, wear what you really is. Don’t forget the high heels. Proven stud for a long time “stuck” in the heart of the elect.

Listen, listen, listen

Oh, how men love to be listened to. They believe that you’re perfect, if you are interested in what they say. Let him guide the conversation, but of course, don’t forget to participate in it, and that your beloved will think you’re uninteresting.


Flirting is an ancient way of conquering men. Casually lean back a lock of her beautiful hair, look at him from under slightly lowered eyelashes and smile mysteriously. This trick definitely works, I can see how you fell in love with the man you wish to acquire!

Don’t be boring

In my humble experience, men like girls with cheerful, Sunny mood. Throw away pessimism and tediousness. Let your beloved happy, looking at you. After all, happy mood is very infectious!


Yes, Yes, more of flattery and praise. It works even when you’re already married, what can we say about the time of acquaintance! Oh, how he is brave, strong, intelligent, interesting, sexy…

By the way, often ask for his help. Let him show his strength for such a fragile, defenseless woman. You can see how starts to fall in love with you a desirable man?

Physical contact

Lightly touch his arm when you laugh together at a joke, or when you want to say something important. Playfully Pat him on the knee, the shoulder. All this will make you closer. Men generally like being touched. Almost like when they touch…

But more on that later!


Tell you an interesting “piece” — mirror effect is called. This repetition of gestures, facial expressions, intonations of the interviewee. Repeat his hand movements or gestures after a few seconds, as he made them. It is a gorgeous method of location of a partner. Creates the illusion of spiritual intimacy with the interlocutor.

I hope you’re hungry!

Be interesting

“How to enchant a man?” — still you ask. Your goal is to stand out from the crowd of women. Let him see what you’re interested in personality, witty and charming. Talk to him about the news in the world.

Or better show him that you like him, love football/hockey/chess/fishing/beer. Men begin to respect and appreciate women who share their interests. And even if you hate football, and without it he can’t figure it out what “goal”, “goalkeeper”, “winger”. (By the way, already wrote about how to live with a football fan.)

Well, where do without humor!

There is nothing more unifying than a laugh. Laugh at his jokes, and he’ll think you’re charming. But here carefully if you’re going to laugh over absolutely everything he says, it will significantly lower your rating. You will look at least silly.

Give him “tasty”

As it is said: “the way to a man’s heart…”. So construct a culinary masterpiece!

As soon as delicious food will be in stomach our “victim”, he’ll think you’re amazing and lovely host. Well, in mind will give you fat plus.

How to enchant a man if you don’t know how to cook? Just skip this paragraph! Or if you are already prepared something unintelligible instead of a masterpiece, heed the advice in the previous paragraph.

Make him nervous

He’s looking for you. Just don’t take long up the phone, even when holding the phone in my hand waiting for this call for several hours. Not agree on one of the dates. Let him think that you’re too busy that your world is not only he that he is just a nice addition to you.

Your task is to turn the situation so that he sought meetings with you, and not you.

Give him the freedom

Show that you respect his interests, his time with friends and so on. Let’s not even dare to think that you’re hitting on the most precious thing he has – freedom. Here’s how to fall in love with a desirable man.

Be reliable

Show that you can be trusted. Don’t tell your girlfriends some of his personal stories of how you spent time with intimate details. At some point he can learn about your stories and trust… Even worse for him to tell the secrets of their friends. Let him know that you’re not a talker, not a gossip.

And the last tip

Pull the sweet moment of intimacy. No, no, I’m not old-fashioned. But I will tell you a great secret that men in the vast majority lose interest in a woman, which has already had sex.

But we do need time to be able to use all the tricks how to enchant a man. Of course, it is not an axiom, especially if you’re in love after sensual moments with him.

I also want to say that though these tips and told you how to love your man, love does not recognize the rules and do not obey the laws. But to try to “legitimize” your relationship!

Tuk. Tuk. Tuk. His heart ready to burst out of my chest and torn into thousands of little pieces, and all because of the fact that he saw You – the woman of his dreams…He desperately wants you to fall in love with him. And did not realize that the reason for this desire – you who acted in accordance with the plan of how to enchant a man.

The author – Elena Klimenko, site

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