How to encourage husband to earn more?

Many women complain that their husbands are passive and do not strive for good earnings or business activities. They can talk for hours about the business, make plans and head in the clouds, but never taken. And all the financial problems fall on the shoulders of women, which in Russia is known and a galloping horse and a burning house.

Women’s website “” not just helping you out in difficult situations. Today we will show you how to encourage husband to make more money. Have patience, tenacity and all her female wisdom, and get ready for the big work on myself and my husband.

How to arouse in men the desire to make more money

If you want to get your husband off the couch, he stirred and began to make more money, stop him to talk about it! Stop nagging, crying and complainingthat, well, the other husbands on holiday abroad earn, and he can’t give his wife money for new boots.

When you are sawing, the man becomes mentally ill, and he wished only to find an excuse or move away from you – friends vodka or mistress.

It is necessary to develop in men a desire to want to earn money and live well. And this should teach him to be independent. We themselves spoil their husbands, bragging to their good earnings, decide all important questions of life – from the purchase of apartments and repair to writing statements on behalf of their husbands in various instances!

The man HIMSELF must make a decision. He’s a man. Let not that confident as we would have liked but the confidence is produced with time!

For example, your and his earnings are barely enough to pay utility bills and rent for the apartment. Do not take additional work and to spin like a squirrel in a wheel, considering that her husband still will not achieve anything! Once the money is not enough, you need to create husband the conditions of discomfort. Start it with a meal. Instead of the usual meat feed him vegetable soup and buckwheat, so it is cheaper! If you ask why, the answer is that all the money goes to the communal, and we can’t afford to eat meat every day. Also often mention that the children need new clothes, bike, books to school, walk to the Park for rides, etc. at least for the sake of the children, the man must stir, and start to think how to earn more.

In General, show discomfort and complain to him, and the man he solves all the problems. But don’t forget then to admire his intelligence and masculinity ?

Want husband started a business?

The man became a businessman? Give him the book, discuss emerging ideas, support of a spouse. Become a colleague in his business, and perhaps even a business partner. Help him in some minor issues, to say podtalkivaet him to make the right decisions, but so that the man created the illusion that HE HIMSELF is a business, you only advised.

If you understand the business of her husband, you will always have something to talk about, and the family unit will only grow stronger, and will not have to fear that the richer man will leave his family for a young mistress. And for this most need not to be lazy, and to develop, along with her husband.

Supported his desire to achieve success, raise self-esteem, help my husband to believe in their own strength. Together learn, read and meet with the right people.

And what do most wives? Sawing or spouse every day, or really create a home cosiness, tasty food, take care of him and pleasuring in sex, but continue to casually hint that he could earn more. And this is, though soft, but the pressure on her husband, which he seeks to avoid.

To summarize the above: if the husband feels master of the situation, that the affluence and well-being depend on him, that he is responsible for his family, he will strive to give his family a better life. But with the support of his wife.

How to encourage husband to earn more? Women’s tricks

There are a few feminine wiles that we women are successfully used. They can be used when we want the husband earned more. What should I do?

Trick the first: Sad

First, if your relations are all well, and most of the time you’re nice and funny, can be sad. Husband see it go, because the difference in mood is striking. You always smiled and joked, sad and superfluous words will not say. The main condition of this method – before you all were happy and always nice.

He will ask what happened. And you answer: “I’m sorry, I see you and the family doing stuff. And I saw in the store a gold bracelet, about which dreamed all his life. It’s probably just my whim, because I understand that there are things more important than this. Never mind….”

And continue to be sad for a day or two. The man will certainly try to find money (and hence money!) on satisfaction of your desires just to see you again in a good mood. Just don’t be sad for longer than two days, otherwise the man will be bored to see your sour face. If he doesn’t understand the first time, in a week or two again. But getting the desired show your enthusiasm, make it enjoyable, and do not repeat this trick too often, otherwise the man will figure you out.

Trick two: Required

The second woman’s trick of insistence. There is such a pattern that the more demand from the husband, the more he will earn. That is, no need to settle for less! From the very beginning of the relationship accustom him to the fact that you always need something: every season new clothes, a summer – holiday birthdays – elegant gifts, and in a year or two of living together you’re waiting for him in the gift car. Do not be reconciled with the fact that the husband earns is not enough. Do not save. Happy to equip your home for the husband earned the money, but don’t forget to praise and thank.

How else can you encourage her husband to earn more? Not to criticize. Do not compare with a neighbor Bob, whose hands are gold, so they buy the second apartment. Husband better than anyone not to compare, or to compare only in favour of himself: “Look, you’re the most successful among his friends. This is not surprising because you’re a natural leader and lucky. I do believe that you could do in life!”

If the husband is making some attempts to better jobs, praise him for it. Words and sincerely. Praise immediately, not after a day or two, otherwise the whole effect will be lost. If the husband will know that he appreciates and respects his wife, he will strive to do more good and bring home more money to see the sincere joy of his beloved wife.

And the last female above. Refuse additional work. Of course, have at first a bit hard without the extra money, but the only way to get a man to make more money. Explain that the condition is no longer able to work. For credibility, unable to visit a doctor. Poor vision, increased nervous excitability, varicose veins, low back pain, or even a thousand reasons to refuse the additional work! Now the woman will not be able to pull all by yourself, and that means the man should be a man ?

Important details

Probably not all men are able to become ambitious in terms of earnings. Try to pay attention to the following important items, which depends on the desire of your husband to make more money:

  • Who is the head of his family? Who is more active and earns more? Maybe his family runs a mom, so you and he is waiting for clear direction?
  • Friends with who is your husband? Successful does he have friends, is it possible to take with them an example? Or his friends are passive and live like everyone else? What conversations dominate your company? Whining and complaining at each other or talk about the aspirations, goals and a good life?
  • Inherent in whether your husband is such a trait as persistence and perseverance? Whether he is able after defeat and failed attempts to draw conclusions and move on?
  • Does male it started to end or throws into postponed? If he committed to a particular result, or he amuses himself with the thought that busy “very important”, and the purpose gets lost in the daily details?

Husband still doesn’t want to make more money? Well, what to do if you are faced with a pathological idler is up to you. We look forward to a successful finale of your story “How I contributed to the big earnings of the husband” ?

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