How to end the relationship

Hello, Olga!
Please answer, how to end a relationship with a man, which I’m totally disappointed, even though we’ve been Dating for 6 years. He is a tyrant. I’m afraid of him. I wish he quietly left me alone. Long I will not explain, but the situation is complex. To live with him I can not!!! But he stuck to me and “drink the blood”.

Dear Vladislav, let us look at Your situation.
Do you keep a relationship with a man who You long ago tired of. It’s been 6 years. Are you afraid to end the relationship because you’re afraid of this man.

It seems to be logical. However, let’s look at the other side.

Here already for 6 years, You can’t live the life you want. The whole 6 years You have murdered in vain to Your tyrant was happy with You. Tell the truth: you prefer to live than it is to go into conflict.

And yet there is a shifting of responsibility for the relationship on someone else, in this case on this man.
While you were in the “comfort zone”, You have suffered. But now Your patience is over (I think, not without reason), and You want everything to change.

Start to prepare for changes in your life. Close your eyes and dream on “when I’m free.” Imagine how Your life will change. Promise yourself to change haircut, dye your hair and buy a new wardrobe after breaking up with Your “tyrant”. Imagine your perfect life partner – how You meet him, how will he treat You like You will be all right.

Look at the situation from Your “tyrant”. He thinks You are nice and convenient, of course, if You hinted otherwise. Most importantly, HE is very well and CONVENIENTLY. He has no reason to change anything in the relationship.

Since You have no family, no children (thank God!) one way out: remove it from the “comfort zone” (that is, do everything you can to him with You it was awkward and uncomfortable), and he will find as You go. I assure you: this would be Oh how difficult!

A few tips on how to make a man’s life unbearable:

  • The main rule: the best defense is a good offense.
  • Always and everywhere find the negative. He does everything wrong. Especially works well if the negative will find in the middle of something good. For example, upreknut him that he does not give You flowers. Immediately after that, go on the offensive: he does not like or found another one? If it is the next day (even a week) will bring flowers, say that You reminded him, and he would have guessed. Make resentful look.
  • Constantly talking about his more successful friendshow much they earn, where the rest. Necessarily at the same time sad sigh. And his work? And what a job! This sucks, here have a neighbor who has a Lexus, it would be work, wife and neighbor promises to buy an expensive fur coat. For a hundred. It doesn’t matter.
  • Never not admire its qualities. On the contrary, constantly emphasize the flaws. Let it be constantly insecure.Often ask if he loves You? Men hate that!
    Loves, but how? Strong or not? As well, why? And off we go… if I could cry (really), sex is spoiled.
    Especially works well to sex. Most importantly, ask that every time. Then he formed a reflex when laying in bed: now must begin to cut.
  • Great hearing his favorite music, buying his favorite color (clap your innocent eyes: “good, but the shirt I liked it so much!”), damage his things (“how was I to know that this sweater will stain your white shirt!”), criticism of his relatives, a radical change of image (“at the Barber messed up – messed up the paint, cut off too much”) and so on.

Vladislav, get creative, surely You will find something else that will work to Your tyrant. You do him so well, I’ve learned these past 6 years!
Just do not start to invade his “comfort zone” too sharply, otherwise the result could be disastrous.

Good sign – he will start spending less time.

So, to summarize:

1. Take charge of your life.

2. Often dream about “when I’ll be free.”

3. Start gradually to evict the “tyrant” of his life. Make it with you was uncomfortable, and he left.

Olga Gryzlova,
the author of the site about Beauty and Success

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