How to enhance stress resistance?

Women’s website “” today will help you to increase the stress and make your life more happy. Stress mobilizes the body’s resources and helps to adapt better to the changing conditions of modern life.

But prolonged emotional stress seriously affects the health, depletes the protective resources of the body. How to learn how to safely treat the irritating things and to survive a stressful situation without harm to the body?

High stress – the key to a deep, full sleep. And this is an important component of good health, youth and prevention of a whole list of diseases.

Talking about stress – and even more so to fight with him – only started in the last few decades. Had not considered that tension can lead to any serious consequences.

The question of how to increase stress resistance, psychological advice will help with existing breakdown or other consequences of stress.

To avoid this, you should raise your stress.

For sure the confrontation stress the importance of some factors:

  • effective planning time (as we recently told on the website ““)
  • the optimism bias
  • the ability to relax
  • understanding their emotions

Self-control and a positive attitude

Should not be taken to stressful situations mindlessly and unconsciously. To understand how to increase stress resistance, do this exercise.

As soon as you feel tension, consider its state and try to bring him back to normal: slow heartbeat, to establish normal breathing, to direct the flow of thoughts in a rational direction. This training will reduce the stress and learn to confront it.

As possible imagine yourself in the negative development of events in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. On the contrary – I can imagine how all is over, with the best result for you.

The inner core

This phrase perhaps best describes such a thing as stress. Therefore, among all the exercises that increase the stress tolerance of the personality, recommends that the visualization of this inner core.

During meditation I can imagine how neither strong wind nor rain nor hail can’t force you to stop and bend under the influence of the weather. You keep going to the goal, and the storm gradually ends without causing you harm.

Managing emotions

Learn to control anger or irritation. At the beginning of the conflict situation, try to recognize the flash of anger during the “extinguish it.”

Can do it mentally: imagine how your emotion flares up in the form of fire, and you poured on the fire a Cup of water. This exercise, increasing the stress resistance of the organism and personality, will help to counter emotional stress.

Don’t forget timely “let off steam” if the negativity took over you. After the day it is better to go all out at practice or on the way to go to the gym for a Boxing lesson.

The alternative is a Comedy that makes you be funny or a company with someone who can cheer you up.

How to increase stress resistance

  • Always remember that you can cope with any difficulties.
  • Blurts problems, check with friends or relatives, let them tell you how difficult the situation looks from the outside.
  • In difficult circumstances, take control over what is happening in your hands, not limp watch developments. Educate the sense of personal control over their own lives, take more responsibility for what is happening.
  • Do increase self-esteem and self-worth. An adequate assessment of their capabilities is the Foundation for higher stress resistance. If you’re happy with yourself, no stress can’t affect your condition.
  • Plan a time. The question is how quickly to increase stress resistance, the advice of psychologists and coaches in time-management are the same: there is no time pressure – no stress.
  • Make sure the past didn’t bother you. The old “unhealed wounds” significantly reduce the stress and make you susceptible to the influence not only of the past and the present.
  • Fight fear, get rid of them. Unconscious phobias escalate into a feeling of constant anxiety, and this is almost permanent stress.
  • Learn lessons from their mistakes and failures, analyze what went wrong and what to do next time.
  • To solve problems as they arrive. To worry today about how tomorrow will be your big meeting – a longer time to expose yourself to stress.
  • Rationality

    Still, the best way to increase your stress resistance, effectively solve the problems, no. Break a big problem into several smaller and make a plan to address them.

    Practicing thus, you can quickly and efficiently find ways out of difficult situations, and thus will reduce the amount of stress. It is important to learn to cope with problems, and not worry about them and do nothing.

    Proper nutrition and activity

    The set of measures “to increase stress resistance” includes not only exercises but also a healthy lifestyle. To withstand stress to a large extent helps the vitamin D. This antioxidant allows to neutralize the effects of stress, and thus makes us less prone to following nervous tension. The best way to saturate the body with this vitamin is to take a sun bath.

    In the winter is to eat more fatty fish – tuna, mackerel, salmon.

    Physical exercise increases the level in the body of norepinefrina – a substance that helps us to withstand stress. But the level of cortisol – the “stress hormone” – grow from excessive consumption of white flour and refined sugar, that is, industrial sweets.

    To increase stress resistance, often look inside yourself, meditate at least 15 minutes a day, learn to breathe correctly and stress will be difficult to get to you!

    Author — Ekaterina Maximova, site

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